Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chennai is the warrast?

There is something that I have to ask you. One of my friends says, “Chennai is the warrast (worst) city in India”. Do you agree? My friend has not made that statement without reasons. There are a few reasons he has listed out and he is more than willing to give “hundreds… no thousands of reasons” to prove his point. He was also curious to know what the others are feeling and in fact, insisted that I write about it on my blog. Please do go through the reasons he had mentioned (and pardon my language, support projects do make your communication so formal that you end up talking like the E! news guys who talk about celebrities’ hook-ups and break-ups like it is the most important news)

Reason #1: Chennai climate – it is the warrast climate. It is so damn hot.

My thought: I have got to agree with him on this one. Chennai is hot; but I liked the heat and he didn’t.

Reason #2: Chennai people don’t know how to behave. They are harsh and rude.

My thought: Ada paavi makka, Chennai makkal are the warmest (well, not as respectful as Coimbatore makkal) and very friendly. They are a little conservative, but that is the best part about it. It is a modern city with traditional values.

Reason #3: Chennai’s dirtiness and ugliness.

My thought: Well, I am still contemplating what he meant by ‘ugliness’; and if he expects any city to be ‘clean’ by his standards, he would have to travel to Singapore, I guess)

Reason #4: Chennai’s drainage system – big open drainage lines running all over the city (in front of major IT parks too)

My thought: The other Indian cities are no better, Krishna! Chennai is a city with one of the best infrastructures in the country.

Reason #5: Chennai people can’t speak any other language – not even Hindi/English.

My thought: Babu, when YOU visit a city, YOU should learn the local language and NOT crib about the people there. And do NOT expect the locals to learn a new tongue in their own city. Also, Tamil is a simple and beautiful language, try learning that! When God gives you an opportunity to learn a new language, grab it. If you get an onsite opportunity and go to France or Netherlands to Spain wouldn’t you learn French or Dutch or Spanish? Or will you forgo the opportunity and demand that your client learns Hindi/English? If you can adjust in a phoren country, why not do it in your OWN country?

Reason #6: Non-Tamil movies (by this he means Hindi movies) don’t release in Chennai. If they do they are released in very few theatres and they don’t last for more than a week’s time.

My thought: Really? This point proves how little you know about Chennai. During my stay there, I watched almost all the Hindi movies that were released. From Hit to Flop, I saw everything there.

Reason #7: Auto-walahs are very rude. There is no meter system.

My thought: I agree there is no meter system. But not all auto-walahs are rude. They respond depending on the tone and attitude with which you ask them. Give respect, take respect! :-D

Reason #8: I went to Ponnusamy hotel. I had chicken, mutton, and everything and I ended up vomiting. Chennai’s food is bad.

My thought: I couldn’t stop laughing at this one. Nadakaradhu, odaradhu, parakaradhu, neendharadhu ellathayum ore time-la vettina, vomit varama? Sinna pulla thanamala irukku? Team lunch-na ippidiya kattradhu? Oru limit venaam? Oru self-control venaam? But anyways, it is just not acceptable that Chennai is the warrast city because Ponnuswamy hotel provides bad food.

Reason #9: Chennai (Marina) beach is the warrast beach (compared to RK beach in Vizag)

My thought: Payapulla, compare panradha vuda maatiya? May be Marina is not as clean, but I am sure the life in Marina is something incomparable. The kids, the kites, the sundal, the wind, the under-the-boat-lovers – it is just out of the world. Instead of enjoying all that, if you choose to concentrate on the cleanliness aspect of it, you are the loser.

Indha maadhiri palappala reasons sonnar avar! I think that you should enjoy whichever city you visit as long as you are there. Try learning the local language, use public transportation to explore the city and I am sure you will have a nice time. What say people?


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    1. You are a stupid. I know very much of Chennai. I know that it is no less than Bihar!!! ha ha. Chennai is the worst city byt his ways -
      1. Its climate is the worst. You can survive in Rajasthan but definately not in Chennai. Bangalore has the best climate ever. So you are a an IDIOT!! UR point is INVALID.
      2.Chennai people are so harsh. Yes ,they are!! Very rude!! I want Chennai to be washed away by Tsunamis. God too hates Chennai!
      3.BAD BUSINESSS -they charge double the amount as the MRP.

      cHENNAI IS the worst city ever and it is not even 10% of bANGALORE. wORST CITY EVER!!!

    2. Satish, you are a regionalist moron..

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    6. Not only regional he is a freak i think

  3. Ok!! aaa abaayi okka manchi candidatuuuuu... :-P

    Chennai idayum marakkum mannikum!! :-)

    Chennai chala Beshhhhtuuuuuuu andiiiii

  4. @Satish N

    Well u seem to be doing to bangalore what the said person is trying to do to Chennai. and why do compare it only with Bangalore... arent there any other cities in India??

    You are counselling him to go to a psychiatrist..but did u even read what u just posted?? what makes u think the same advice might not be valid for u??

    Did u try to think why the person might be passing such a judgement( which is very wrong, i accept) he/she might have lived all their life elsewhere and learned to love that city/town.. just the way u profess your love for Chennai.. the sudden change in scenario
    might have caused some inconvenience.. hence the wrong judgement..

    And why do you make such an uncalled for comments about Kannadigas?? Well i don't know you..but if such a mindset continues with other people in India.. and by the look of it,.. it is... God save our country.. !!

    All we do is compare/judge/criticise.. North vs South, Bangalore vs Chennai,Locals vs Immigrants, Traditional Girls vs Modern Girls, Political Party A vs Political Party B and so

    I dont know what is going to happen to this country.. it saddens me to no end..

    You say bangalore is a shit-hole, are you trying to do anything to improve it??you stay there from six years isn't it?? But you are happy to blame the kannadigas, auto-wallahs, politicians, IT industry and the friggin' climate.. but have you done something apart from cribbing??

    My sincere request to each and every Indian is stop fighting among yourselves!! You are the ones who are bound to lose.. nobody else cares about what happens to India.. so please start atleast now.. India needs your help!!

    p.s: I'm neither from Chennai nor Bangalore.. I'm an Indian.. and all I care for every square inch of land that belongs to this country..

    Hope you dont take all my harping/preaching the wrong way... All I want you to do is Think!!!! and think right...

    1. Well said!!! Your thoughts are the need of the day for every Indian!!!

    2. Needed your words sir hope we can do something about the country instead of cribbing about the cities

  5. @ Not specified.. very well said.

    I have lived and worked in every metro in this country.. including Chennai (yes i do count Chennai in the metros of India) and honestly, every city has its own charm.
    When i was about to go to Chennai, I was told that i would want to leave in a week and never return. But on the first day, I met this auto rickshaw fellow who told me that he was overcharging me and that everyone else would too. He drove me to my hotel with the kind of zest that is very rare. An yes he spoke to me throughout the journey in Tamil and i responded in English, but at the end we both understood each other completely. The moment i reached my hotel I knew I would love the city.
    and yes..
    Chennai is nice. At least there is one metro in India where good looking girls wear clothes when they get out of the house and still end up looking ravishing..

    1. Good looking girls in chennai ?????

  6. @Satish I also get agitated when someone talks about Chennai and also in last few years I am also agitated when people talk about Bangalore. But you need to give them facts on our city rather than start comparing with others.

    One thing is you dont need to compare with some cities, I think each city has its charm and harms.

    Other thing I realised is that, we don't go on defending namma singara Chennai or TN because it has shown over years that generations of families migrated from Gujarat, Punjab are settled and flourishing in their business.

    Take case of recent upward trend in people migrating to Chennai from other parts, you go to any restra in chennai you can find guys from remote Bihar areas working hard and they have no complaints. I know it because few of my friend's village guys are there.

    We, the so called IT crowd will have all these complaining, I said IT crowd, oflate we are one who form major chunk of migratory birds :)

    Maybe you should remove Satish's comment to allow him post another comment with reasonable aggression and without comparing other cities.

    But on your friend's cribs or craps, it is normal for anyone to visit new place but his argument on language aspect is not at all fair.

    First think one should understand that when you are visiting a new city & meeting new person on road, try to gauge his lingua franca skills and then start conversation. One cant straightward start "Bhai Central ke liye khonsa Gadi jayega?" or "Sir.. indha bus majestic poguma". I have done this mistake when I am new to Bangalore with both Tamil & Hindi :) and also done in Kakinada, AP with the auto drivers. Try to ask him whether he understands your language and then engage in talk.

    It is nothing to be sad on this becoz if everyone start thinking "Every Culture is Different but Not Bad", then we all be same slate of happiness :)

  7. @Sohan Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are original metros in our country until DD days, Now we have Bangalore and Hyderabad too on that list. Maybe I have missed some. But first metros are above four :) Just for clarification and not to take anything away from Blore or Hyd

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  9. This is an awesome post - i really liked the way u have written the explanations.

    I have one incident about auto - it was my birthday in 2007. All my friends were already waiting for me in cenotaph road dhabha - while i was just in velachery. I hired an auto, and while traveling i kept receiving calls and wishes. Then out of curiousity he asked enna achu madam, any emergency. I said no its my birthday and all people have cum. He said 15 min la poidalam madam. i didnt say anything after that- When i got down and paid him and turned back at my friends - he called madam - i gave him a puzzled look ( since i settled the exact money) he said 'pirantha naal vazthukal madam' :) i was so touched i must say !! Rude people are there - it doesn't mean they are polite all over India except chennai! Chennai's auto wala is the first person to own a website plus laptop.

    Its just that all people are not rude - or everyone is perfect. We have to see both good and bad and adapt to where we are !! - This is to agree with the @ ann, not specified, and Sohan !!!

  10. @All, I guess the intention of this post was more to make ppl understand and accept every place as is...that's all.

    @Sandhya, post the next one...hehehe

  11. I would just put their comments down to their inability to appreciate the features of another city that is away from their home.

    One cant just label something as worst just cos it aint like their home... That difference is what makes that city more appealing to its residents :)

    I can tell you from my heart after all my travels away from home, that there aint no place like my Chennai for me.

  12. To give your friend little satisfaction , let us give into him for Reason #2 & 5 - It is HOT and people(inc autowalas) do not speak Hindi. Live with it !

    But you cannot question the warmth of the people. And nor the cleanliness of the beach.

    In an entertainment point of you, I think Chennai is the place to be - movies of 5 languages, concerts, hub of classical music, theatre and more importantly Beaches !!

    And as I said, Ignorance is not always blissful !

  13. *sigh* sandy.. you know there is no definite end to this argument and yet you keep writing it :P I really don't get anything out of these arguments..

  14. I think the problems are for almost all the city which has grown without good planning..The number of people flowing in to the city added new problems to the existing ones like climate ..which could have been overcome by using Air condition buildings and cars(taxi) and moving auto to smaller cities.
    I want to add one more point is water scarcity.

  15. @All
    Wow, great comments!

    All I wanted my friend to understand was that he has every right to say "I hate Chennai" but not "Chennai is the worst city". Each city has its own charm and Chennai's charm made me fall in love with it. And it makes me angry when someone says something bad about my beloved city. :-) I hope all of you think I am normal.

    Wherever I go, I feel Chennai is my home. And I am sure a lot of you agree with me on that one.

    As DJ,Sohan, Arv said, many of us have had extremely good experiences in Chennai. And few of them (like my friend) have had bad experiences. It is the bad experiences that made him vent it out that way. And as Chan said, Chennai will forgive and forget the words of such ignorant people! :-)

    @Not Specified
    Agree with you on the national integration point. But every time my friend starts saying "Chennai is the warrast..." I lose my sanity! :-( Bad Sandhya, you say?

    I don't know if I should delete Satish's comments, because each person is entitled to his/her opinion and this is a forum that is open to all. It is his choice.

    As Chan said, maybe we have to move on and think about other things!

  16. @Vinod
    I completely agree with you. Chennai is the safest metro in India (agree?) and is a cultural hub! Instead of living it up, if someone chooses to crib about a few minor flaws, somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad, right? ;-)

    Well well, blame it on my anger when someone says, "Chennai is the worst city"... I love the city and can't stand ignorant people making such faltoo comments! Pardon me!

    Well, Chennai is better planned than B'lore, I would say. It was planned during the British period and the traffic is not as bad as it is in B'lore. We didn't predict that our population will grow so much, did we? :-D

  17. @Sandy
    Agree with you on deletion of Satish's comments, I think I went overboard on asking you to delete. - Anns

  18. Well sandhya in never compared between chennai and bangalore..It is very common that people from chennai when they are in bangalore..miss lot of things that they njoyed in chennai and so they try to find bad things of the city they are staying instead of njoying so many other good things of the city.

    As far as the population growth of the cities are concerned .I think there are very good statistics and well predicted by govt/international organisations/ngo's/universities /phd students doings sociology/economics etc.

  19. first timer on your blog. I am chennai born, raised in bangalore and now in hyderabad. Each person forms his opinion based on the people and situation he encounters. Even here in hyderabad we have people saying DElhi mein yeh accha , woh accha, Idhar toh road se lekar, kapde tak kuch bhi teek nahin. After all the comments people are not ready to leave this place. They act as though they have come from heaven to hell.

    I feel each city has its own charm, chennai for me is a vibrant city with full of life.

  20. @shillerp
    I try to enjoy every city that I go to, try learning the local language and stuff. As far as planning is concerned, my point was that being an old city, Chennai has much better planning (planned by the British, you see)

    Welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting!
    Agree completely with you!

  21. @All
    Well I'm happy that there are many people who still agree with me... i feel better :)

    I hope Satish made the comment in haste.. just for Chennai to have one-upmanship over Bangalore.. If its so, then I hope reading all the comments changes his mind..

    If its not so, the such people scare me.. I hope good people outnumber such people vastly in India... With all the bombs going off in every city randomly..such a mindset will just worsen the situation.. we should be together in such testing times...


    I accept calling Chennai "warrasht" is definitely wrong.. n its good that you point out when people pass such incorrect judgements.. Keep up the good work..n the good blog :)

    Please forgive me if I sound too preachy :)
    But my blood boils when Indians are out to destroy India..

  22. @Not specified
    Well, don't have your blood boil and all. Mine is a very small forum - not many people even read this :-) So don't worry, nothing will go wrong as far as our Nation's integrity is concerned!
    And chill... Aal iz wel...

  23. @Sandhya,
    I liked this Aal iz well comment...hahaha
    oru posta pottutu lady naradhar velai senjitu..kadaiseela "all iz well" hahahahaha

    So peace prevails finally....Good!!!

  24. @Chan
    Ada paavigala... I am a peace-lover, yaar! :-) Nambithaan aaganum neenga :D

  25. Very thought-provoking post

    An American acquaintance said pretty much the same thing about EVERY metro she visited in India. I guess it is a matter of degrees.

  26. I have only one thing to tell this guy

    My dear Friend,Chennai didn't chose you to be one of it's citizen but you chose Chennai for obvious reasons.Better not to complain and try to adjust otherwise you have the option of leaving to your beautiful City.Chennai is not stopping you.For God's sake don't crib.

    Btw,I am not a tamilian and myself is a migrant to Chennai just like you.I LIKE..... sorry sorry I LOVE CHENNAI and can shout and say it 100 more times standing on the LIC building.



  27. Few years back, a friend of mine made an all India tour in a group. He found Chennai and Delhi- the waarst in terms of guidance about directions etc. and interior parts of Gujarat the best.

  28. first take on the points??

    do you really want me to say some thing.anyway I am blurting ..lollzzzz

    1. Climate....Its Natural thing and any one cant complaint about it.

    It is simple take or leave it.

    2. Behave: Now that is some thing which counts definitely and I am all appreciation for Mumbai and almost all Rajasthan, Gujarat & Punjab in this respect.

    (My personal experience is quite good with south Indians too but I admit their accent is some thing, not so soft.)

    3. I don't know Chennai but In cleanliness count Jaipur is Queen city of India. I don't anticipate any other city to be that clean.
    and of course I have heard about dirtiness of Chennai from Chennai People only.
    Marina beach is topping in dirtiness.

    4. No comments as I don't know about it.

    but if it like what is mentioned. its surely not a soothing site.

    5. Language:

    Chennai is a metro city and now becoming a industrial hub. Its surely a god thing if Native Chennai People can speak Hindi/English. (English is one of most used languages worldwide you see)

    It feels like welcome. one of the reasons why Mumbai is home for every next Indian entering in the city, you wont handicapped there due to your language. They don't make you feel alien because you don't know Marathi intentionally. With Tamil people I have seen even though they know the other languages they don't converse in them.

  29. I accept your point that Chennai is definitely not the worst city in India. But definitely some of the comments that this blog has attracted is unwarranted! Like a blatant attack on Kannadigas. Doesn't Bangalore have so many Tamilians. The city by itself is just space/area/land. It is the people who make it what it is! If Bangalore is bad, it is thanks to all those who live there which includes so many!

    Of all the cities that I've visited in India, what I'd definitely say is that Bombay is one city where no one feels out of place. There is so much diaspora that you just don't feel like an outsider! I've not got 'that' feeling anywhere else. And I wish more cities had that feel to them. But ofcourse this is my personal opinion.

    But give and take a few, all cities have their own charm and every individual is going to have prejudices depending where they felt the best! But most importantly, lets not make remarks that would hurt any sentiments.

    Let's debate and make sandhya's blog a place to oft visited and not make parochial and targeted baseless comments!

  30. Hey thnx for sharing the secret of making a blog active...controversy is the key word!(jus kidding ;-))

  31. You defended Chennai well. In my opinion (at the risk of sounding rajthackeryish ) Chennai was much better ( myself being a long time resident) when it was habited mostly by the sons-of-soil ( so what if we are orthodox and we did not have malls and multiplexes then?)

  32. I liked this post of yours. I'm from Mangalore (presently working at Bangalore) where the temp is almost the same as Chennai and people here say that Mangalore is "as hot as hell." It's nice that there is someone who is thinking my way. Now I have got some really good valid points to speak about :D
    Saw yourself registered in the Kingfisher's indi-blogger's meet at Bangalore, but did not c u anywr around that day. :(

  33. @ Sandhya

    Its been long time since i visited ur blog.
    I think a topic similar to this has been put up in some comments of your previous post..May be 5-6 months back.It was about Tamilians and Northies!! I guess u remember it.

    Hmm coming to this post I too don't agree that Chennai is the worst city in India.
    I had been to both Chennai and Bangalore recently.But all the reasons which your friend has mentioned are his exaggerated views.Every city has some thing that you don't like.Just because Chennai's climate is bad or the people not speaking other languages doesn't mean it can be called "WARRAST"
    Cities like Hyderabad(My Hometown) or Bangalore have a cosmopolitan culture.People in these cities accept any tradition and are not so fond of their mother tongue or their own culture.But in Chennai the people have a unity in their culture & tradition.Anyone who goes to Chennai has to follow or at least appreciate their lifestyle and has to adjust accordingly.If you can't do that you have got a problem.
    Above all MERA BHARAT MAHAN!! :-)
    Live anywhere in India,but don't compare cities or states based on personal opinions.

  34. Is Chennai worst? Yes, but all cities in India are WORST. I feel this more after living in New York and London for some time. In those cities preference is given to pedestrians. Every 100 meters there is a pedestrian crossing. But here you have to wait till the traffic reduces in most places. Except perhaps Mount road it is rare to see pedestrian crossings in any other places. And I saw some 2 legged dogs pissing in the newly renovated Marina beach. I find the MRTS as a good mode of transport but prefer to travel by bus to avoid the stink near every MRTS station. We have a lot to improve. Is Chennai the worst? Yes I will say that a hundred times. I don't have to compare it with other cities in India. Are other clean cities around the world inhabited and administered by Martians? Why aren't we able to keep our city clean, safe and beautiful?

  35. Hi Sandy Nice read it was!! I know a little about Chennai. As far as I know, Chennai is much better than Mumbai as regards the Cleanliness(Mumbai is one of the most polluted cities in the world;but Chennai-I don't think so). There are many plus points about the City. I must appreciate them. But there are a few Minus points too-like Embarrassing Climate,A few Auto walahs(may not be all)etc. And Marina Beach-I don't know exactly about it but I would like to share an event related to it. Recently, when I visited my close relatives(My mama)in Chennai, we had a tour of Chennai and visited many interesting places like Mamallapuram, Golden Beach and a few other. After returning home I asked him "Mama, why didn't we go to Marina Beach today. Its very famous na? And its the largest beach in India." He replied "Yeah it used to be a superb beach,but not now. Ippo adu romba porikki ya irukkudu. Ennennamo nadakkudu." I am still contemplating what he meant by "Romba Porikkiya irukkudu." But one thing I can say for sure,there must be something negative about it. And regarding Chennai culture-some say that Chennai people are unreliable,especially some IT Professionals. This statement cannot be generalised. It depends on the individual. Of course, any city will have a blend of Local and Foreign culture. In that way,I guess Chennai is much better than Hyderabad(This is only my opinion).Overall, Chennai is just another city with a blend of negative and positive points; Indian and Western cultures. And its not acceptable to generalise any opinion about the city.

  36. sandhya..truly awesome the explanations given by you against the invalid statements made against chennai..Ours is a beautiful city..there is no other city in south which can give the expereince of sitting before the sea and taking food(MGM beach resorts) and its the sea over there is damn clean and the restaurant one of the best.

    A vist to Taj fishermans cove and watching the sea from the garden view villa is a life time expereince for anybody visiting chennai. We have a very broad infrastructure which is trult commendable. We are leaders in automative and information technology sector. hardware parts again comes from chennai.

    we are the best in many ways. The only thing in the recent past is that oracle,google,deloitte and microsfot put their shops in hyderabad and expanded big which is a slight loss for chennai..but still we are the 2nd number in software exports next to bangalore.deloitte has opened up in chennai and its sure to grow..chennai is a place where all the big five indian based IT companies have the maximum number of employees. thanks to the great talent pool of tamilnadu.

    and the list can go on...climate and water is a natural issue..we cannot be blamed for natural issues..autowalas can change a bit in theri approach ..bad food is just an excuse..we have many good joints....good north indian food is available here....

    the endless ECR is a boon for us...

  37. Great to see many noth indians accepting Chennai guys are humans,We love the people who loves us and we hate the people who hates us....Naan Indian then Tamilan....Dont blame chennai if you cant manage the situation and we were more sentimental idiots....welcome to chennai

  38. For ALL those who are looking at this and the ones who are pretending to not look at this. Here is what I have to say and what you should know.
    Firstly the person who started the blog: Yes, this blog is stupid, funny and dull. But NOT fresh. (My opinion - no holding it against me). I don't know who your friend is, but give him a big shake hand for all the points he's thrown at against Chennai! Now for the rest of the points -->
    #1: Chennai climate : Of course Chennai climate sucks! Yes you have a beach so the place is hot and humid! Accept it and don't give lame cover-ups saying its ok because its good for health and crap. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ! Would you want to sweat all day long ?? Stay in a sauna room then! Oops your already there - Chennai. Bangalore weather is not comparable to any state and that's why we have people leaving their hometowns and coming to settle here. Including people from Chennai! Please for the love of god, tell your people from Chennai to leave Bangalore (since you claim Chennai to be better) as they are not worth over populating Bangalore.
    Bangalore weather does not make you fall sick or get you ill, its the change of weather for you sweating skunks which your body is probably not immune to. So please, shut the F$%K up about Bangalore's weather cause that's what makes life even more comfortable here.
    #2: Chennai people don’t know how to behave : Well I'm not going to say this is right, as I have friends from Chennai who behave well and are generally friendly. But I have to mention one thing for sure and that is Chennai people don't know how to drive/ride! Totally messed up..(Insurance offices must be running under losses paying fr accident claims)
    #3: Chennai’s dirt : Lot of cities are dirty. Chennai also - so there is no need to defend that with false positives.
    #4: Chennai’s drainage system : Hell yeah you guys seem to need that considering the amount of shit I read on this blog. Note: Chennai does not have any great infrastructure(its only the MNC's which have built that to extract cheap labour from us). Talk abt NCR-Delhi-(Gurgaon) and that's what a city's infrastructure is all about.
    #5: Chennai people can’t speak any other language : Speak in your local language inside your local town or outside with your local friends. Don't go outside of Chennai and try and speak Tamil, just like what most people who have settled from Chennai in Bangalore do!(A petrol bunk guy in Bangalore asks me how much of fuel to fill in Tamil. I told him to speak in Kannada(local language of Karnataka)..like you guys rightly mentioned..or told him to go fill fuel in his hometown. #dontyoutrythatnexttimeinourland
    #6:Tamil movies: We have theaters playing Tamil movies in almost every major city cause you guys have flooded those places too!
    #7: Auto-walahs: Auto guys fleece you everywhere in any city if you don't know the area and the local language. No issues with that, but please stop sending even auto drivers from Chennai to Bangalore! phew! (sigh because they try to exhibit the same messed up driving skills here and try speak in 'their' language)
    #8: Food : Depends on a persons taste - Chettinad food with digestion tablets in the end should suffice.
    #9: Chennai (Marina) beach is the 'warrast'/worst : What do you think will happen if people find the waves there the best place to wash their asses after taking a dump on the beach.

  39. @Satish N
    Your FOOLISH weather point was discussed above.
    You said Kannadigas are brainless? Open your eyes wide and read this bitch. Its not Rajkumar its Dr.Rajkumar! Just like how you barbarians worship a Karnataka bus conductor (Rajinikanth) that's the level of respect we show towards a brilliant iconic actor in our State. If you think we created a mess after Dr.Raj died then I'm sure you'll create ruckus when Mr.Rajini dies.
    Bangalore is GREEN and obviously the color of the leaves are green(or are u color blind) even with the pollution because it is a GARDEN CITY BITCH! oh and with respect to the so called pollution in Bangalore - get your frekin' 'TN' registered vehicles out of Bangalore then!
    DRAINAGE? DO you know why we don't have one and you do? This is because water flows from a higher level to a lower level. Get it?? I'm sure you dint! Kaveri water bitch!! Take time to analyze how our drainage flows into yours - hahaha!
    Don't talk about us learning other languages to get our next meal - we give your city immigrants meals when they get their rats ass here to work for us.
    You have a problem with Bangalore food man? Is it your tasteless mouth speaking? And after complaining about all this, you say you'v been staying in Bangalore for 6 years!? Get the hell out man - we don't need you. You need us.
    oh and while your going out, please take your type (like-minded people) along with you - Fucktards!(F#$%ING RETARDS)
    Psychiatric Attention is what you need and not the guy who commented on Chennai.
    Remember one thing, you tickle a sleeping dragon this is what you'l get. Husharu Baddi Magane.

    @Deepa: Climate is a natural issue, water is what you have(coastline), but you can't use your own dirty water.[That's why there is a fight for Kaveri/Cauvery water]. Cauvery gates in Karnataka have to be released for flowing fresh water.

    @Sandhya: Not talking about the people of that land(Chennai/TN), definitely not my type of topic but when it comes to a place and the land only(place/city) - this is all I had to say/reply to posts.

    First thing the government should do is to prevent freedom for shameless citizens to reside/settle anywhere inside India.
    Yes, we'r all Indians. Remember just like how India is like a mother to all of us, so is it to me and Karnataka is like a sister for everyone born here, so you abuse it, it will get psyching for anyone who's a Kannadiga.
    Everyone does have good and bad experiences in towns. No doubt. Very few people exaggerate and publish them.
    Even I'd had a few bad experiences in other cities including Chennai! but obviously I would'nt want to add fuel to the fire. That's the level of maturity I would expect and appreciate.
    #Remember: Big minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.
    People must learn to live and let live like what we'r trying and practicing.
    Have a nice day everyone in which ever city you are in! Take care!

    For all those people interested in Chennai VS Bangalore - WATCH THE IPL! and remember - Kolaveri is yours, Kaveri is OURS !

    JAI HIND ! JAI KARNATAKA ! Ondhe Mataram


  40. Blore is the best city to live in India and Chennai would be the worst. Fact!!

  41. I do agree your point about language problems which north indian's face. yes it is they who should learn to speak the local language.
    I am myself a tamilian but still i feel "Chennal Sucks" . Managers are bossy, damn humidity, dino size mosquitoes, ridiculous rent, most stinky city and trust me I have stayed in lots of places across India. I have seen temprature of 47 c but it is not as horrible as Chennai's!
    I was actually staying in Tambaram, not exactly in middle of "Chennai" but scene else where is no different! Every city has it's short comings, but Chennai will never be the city I would like to visit again. Bangalore has it's own set of problems but by far it's the best!

  42. I stand by your friend.. Above mentioned points are all very very valid points... U can give an explaination to all the problems he has with chennai.. But u can trust me on this : CHENNAI IS THE WORST PLACE TO LIVE IN.. U have to live in this hell hole to realize the fact..
    I dont even know why this is a metropolitan city, its probably coz of the Business, but other than that there isnothing in chennai that makes it even close to a metro

    Chennaiites(wannabes) have a night life worse than Our parents.. In todays world everybody realizes that opening doors of the mind will make u free, but these idiots have no clue whatsoever what opening minds mean..

    The way people talk here is shocking to see.. Once an Autiricshaw driver asked me 30 rs for a distance of 300mts, i had my ankle bent and that little piece of shit was trying to take advantage of this situation.. Such a pathetic losers these people..

    They are ready for a fight anytime.. These 'kallas' without using their grey matter would fight anybody.. Once a man was fighting with a lady in a bus.. If i had a knife i would chop off that Tamil cocksuckers balls and feed it back to him..

    Petty people with petty hearts creating petty issues is what makes CHENNAI the worst place to live in...

    Note:- if u are a chennaite or tamilian this may seem not true.. But being in the shoes of a guest who visited the great city of Madras(love the old name by the way and hate the name chennai) this is what i saw, felt and gave back to a few tamilians in Bombay ;))

    1. Yo..Internet Warrior, you said you would do what with that knife? You needed a knife to stand up for that woman, right? Pussy..You are so frustrated that you write essays online about tamilians to vent your frustration..You said what "kala", are you saying that you guys are all fair and lovely .. Hahaha.. you are a deluded joker for real..Did you talk about grey matter, when tamilians are considered brilliant in any walk or field of life? In the whole of Karnataka there is absolutely shit going on,except Bangalore, and not bc of Kannada ppl, but bc of migrants from all over. including TN,. Any statistic anywhere TN far outclasses Karnataka as a state,development, education, etc. SO STOP WRITING ESSAYS AND GO IMPROVE YOUR STATE

  43. Why is that kannadigas are considered dumb? Can anybody answer this question?


  44. Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

    Villa in Chennai

  45. its shit place to live gomma... chennai got metro status only bz of no of people staying.. even it must be removed from the list... auto walahs are rude,thief, gundas... thevudiya pundaikal.... i should kill all tamilians in chennai...... chennai is shit... real shit one., ohh....god , kill this city...

  46. though i am tamilian..i am telling this truth.. its shit place to live with stupid/rude people... no meter system in auto(s)... they need all to speak in tamil... they did not know that MNCs are creating a jobs for these stupid people,,,instead they telling others that chennai gives a job to many.... no one should blame bangalore... bangalore is real better once compared with chennai.. blacky,rude,heavy rental for shit places,no-meter system,etc...

  47. god must kill all the rude/stupid gundas from this world... gomma..chennai is real shit... for auto..2 km to reach,, they will ask 150 -200 else they will hit/or will use bad words to get the money from the people... thevudiya pundaikal..shit tamilians...gomma.. they(autowalahs) think that all soft enggs easily earning money.... we only know how difficult it is to earn money for ur family,... tamilians needs money from all here..gomma city.. god , u should destroy this city& rude people... first auto walahs,rental house owners, all rude balcky shiteople..etc..

  48. Blore is the best city to live in India and Chennai would be the worst in world. Fact!!!!..
    -tamilian... god must kill all rude/autowalah/house owners/ shit people from chennai.... chennai is worst place to live in india... gomma
    go & die with ur tamil.... all who saying tamil is great, their children should become tamil teacher & suviving in tamil..why the hell u studying other degree/in other languages..gomma..tamilians in chennai..
    shit people/blood sucking people/money sucking people in everywhere in chennai.. specially adyar,besant nagar,mylapur,etc,..so many toi scold these bitches..tamilians lions only in this shit place... me too tamilian. hate this shit city..gomma...

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    1. poda loosu... go and talk ur auto drivers in ur chennai.. u will come to know abt chennai...
      god must kill all rude/autowalah/house owners/ shit people from chennai.... chennai is worst place to live in india... gomma

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  52. Yes Chennai is the worst city specially because of the people. Tamilians are stupid arrogant rude people with no manners whatsoever. They are terrorists by nature.
    It is curious whenever chennai is discussed Tamilians start abusing Bangalore Is it because they feel guilty for Tamilian mass exodus to this city but not to the "best" city Chennai? To conceal their uneasiness they abuse Karnataka!

    1. Chennai people always complain that people coming from other states to their Great,Lovely, Out of the world City -Chennai land here with an 'Attitude' and 'superiority Complex' and so they tend to bash Chennai. But actually it is these people who are always jealous of outsiders. Particularly jealous of Bangaloreans due to the prosperity of Bangalore. Bangalore had its boom in last 15 years.But as we know the boom was Enormous!.

      So naturally Chennai that has for so long been used to its aura of superiority derived due to Bangalore being a smaller city (both in Population and Area) for so long realized it is losing its superiority and importance as Bangalore grew rapidly both in population and area in this last 15 years. So Chennai people always thunder on poor Bangaloreans.Dont Worry Bangalore....GOD is always on your side!!! whereas these Chennai people perceive they have that so called"RATIONALISM" (பகுத்தறிவு)

      Majority of the people of Chennai are primarily atheists who disbelieve God and consider pious, righteous, god fearing people as sinners and cheats!!! But Bangalore is exactly the opposite in nature. There is great reward for being good in Bangalore whereas you can exist in Chennai only if you are vicious.

      But...having said that by nature Tamilians are a really very good. But alas...! such Tamilians are a rarity in Chennai city and that is where the whole problem stems from. I have lived in Trichy , Madurai, Coimabatore and Tirunelveli and the people there are caring, selfless and welcoming lot who do not believe in the selfish shrewdness that almost all the Chennai people demonstrate.I found them very respectable in talk and honourable in actions. They reflect the true Tamil culture that gives respect and takes respect. They are very welcoming of North Indians also.

      Whereas, this wretched city which being the capital of Tamilnadu, instead of leading state by example, is actually misrepresenting all the rest of good Tamil People by its arrogant Insensitive and rude people.

      There is absolutely not even an ounce of Real Tamil Nadu in Chennai!!

  53. Chennai is the second city i have lived in. Yes, every place has got good and bad things and people.
    Just love the place and people where you are, if you couldn’t , go and settle in your home city.
    I like Chennai. And I learned Tamil in this 2 years _. And when I move to my home town Chennai will leave many memories for me :)


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  56. the so called tamils (afro negriod ) race landed up in india after the drift in African continent. tamils do not have any history of their own. the chola(telgu origin) the pandyas(alpus) and pallavas kannada origin, the chera namoobthri Brahmins. these slaves were taken by british to work in plantation in Srilanka, Singapore, malyasia, south Africa. the Chennai is built by britsh which was a fishing center, no culture or tradition exist in the city . these slaves are ruled by 1 percent tamil Brahmin who dominate them unfortunately failed to put any culture in that land. these slaves even adopted cusine from Karnataka ldli origated in malnad region of karnatak durning rastrakutas time and dosa durning pallavas time. the slaves(tamils) depend on kannadigas for food water shelter job, education. we kannadigas hate these slaves. slave mentality remain slave mentality no matter what. we hate them not because they are ugly and dark because they do not have any culture and on top of it they are big time liars. they lie a lot. even the temples in TN does not built by them. it is built durning naik and pallavas times and irrigation durning chola times. learn some history lady. u tamils do not have any culture nor history. the Chennai is worst city and culture of people show it all. ask a kannadiga will tell you why they hate these liars slaves tamils. u people are born beggers now entire indian knows the true facts on so called cultured tamis who are just fake pretenders and fake show off.

    1. now that was uncalled for i agree tn and chennai suck(am not tamilian).but show some respect..............

  57. for all ppl claiming chennai is safe for women....let me narrate i was travelling in subway with my dad....suddenly i see two uncultured tamilians trying to touch and tease some girl(maybe engineering student). me and my dad went to confront them and the two guys ran away...this is the incident which happened on ma first visit to see srm college wher i am planning to take admission....god knows wat would hav happend to the poor gal if we were'nt there...........SHAME ON YOU TAMILIANS

  58. Just got appointed in Chennai... Basically a Bangalorian was very difficult to adjust... I have lived in Mumbai but the weather here is worse.. I have to agree I came to Chennai due to career opportunities it's not the other way round... So even though I don't feel homely due to prejudices and ego maniacism of the place... I don't have a right to complain


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