Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy bee!!!

I am writing this post after a rather long gap... The reason for inactivity being "my hectic schedule" at office [Note to the readers: STOP LAUGHING]. Jokes apart, I have been inactive because the past 2-3 weeks have been quite uneventful to say the least. To prove this, let me give you my daily routine.

7:30am - Wake up like Ishaan Awasthi (in TZP) with a broad smile before falling back on the bed and twisting and curling and thinking (seriously) about going back to sleep again when my room mate comes and whacks my ass asking me to get up...
7:45am - Finish brushing (To make things clear, contrary to the popular opinion that I don't brush, I don't even open my mouth before brushing and I use sign language and a series of mmmmmmmms to communicate with my room mates until I am done with brushing)
7:50am - Do basic exercises (skipping, aerobics... Just to help blood circulation and stay healthy. Otherwise, there is no other reason for me to exercise. People who know me would vouch for that. For people who don't know me, I am 5'2" and weigh like 40kgs and am badly in need of another 6kgs to look healthy.)
8:10am - Go through the newspaper and read as much as possible until the bathroom becomes free.
8:25am - Take bath (Yes, I do that too)
8:40am - Get ready (hmmmm... this includes tying up my hair, which takes up quite some time, thanks to my new haircut that was sister's stupid idea)
8:50am - Walk towards auto-stand, plug earphones and listen to radio.
9:15am - Reach office (late again!!!)
9:30am - Finish checking mails (forwards, of course) and go for breakfast.
10:00am - Back at my seat thinking what to do. (This part of my life is called "Confusion")
10:05am - Read from NDTV.com
10:15am - My dear friend Yals pings saying "Hi" and we chat for around an hour.
11:00am - Coffee-break
11:30am - Back to my seat thinking what to do
11:45am - Some of my friends here inside my ODC come over to my desk for a chat. So, chatting and pulling each other's legs eats up God-knows-how-many minutes and by the time we are done with laughing and stuff, friends from other ODCs call/sms/ping asking us to get our asses out so that we could go to the food court for lunch.
1:00pm - Lunch-break
2:00pm - As my desk tempts me for a post-lunch nap, I try fighting hard agianst it. Finally, I get up and go to the carrom-board table and play for a while until sleep gets disappointed and goes away.
3:00pm - Back to my seat thinking what to do
3:15am - Check for new emails. There are so many of my friends who have a similar work schedule and hence I receive a lot of forwards. So this takes up quite some time.
4:00pm - Coffee-break.
4:30pm - Back to my seat thinking what to do
4:45pm - Idea!!! Think about what to write in the Daily Status Report (DSR)... The client wants to know, "Endha aaniya pudunginom?"
5:00pm - No idea as to what to write in DSR. So turn towards my team mate Vinod and ask him about the same.
5:05pm - Vinod is seriously thinking as to what to write. [Naanga dhaan aaniya pudungave illaye!!!]
5:30pm - Finally, we have something to write (I seriously don't know how or what the tasks in the DSR mean, though I am the one who sends it everyday!!! And finally, our disgusted onsite co-ordinator ends up saying "Neenga pudunginadhu poorave thevayilladha aani dhaan, poyi pudungunga po")
5:45pm - Carrom-board table
8:00pm - Leave for home
8:45pm - Reach home
9:00pm - Change clothes, wash my tiffin-box and get back to the remainder of the newspaper and read the supplementary.
9:30pm - Dinner
10:00pm - Plug earphones and listen to radio.
10:15pm - Chatting with room mates starts slowly and continues until 11.
11:00pm - Good night, Sandhya...

You tell me now, where do I have the time to write a post??? Poor Sandy....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Me or God????

I have raised the same question in one of my previous posts too. It is a question that has made me think a lot. It is something that has been eating my head for a long time now. It is this:

"Is the feeling of vengence wrong? Is it wrong to try taking revenge?"

To most of you, it would be a very stupid question. It would come out of the blue - specially from a pacifist like me (trust me, I am one) Anyways, from what I have seen so far - what we sow is what we reap, there is no other way around it.

Someone did something bad to you - they betrayed you, back-stabbed about you, hurt you, anything... Is it right to do something bad to them in return when you get a chance to prove your superiority? Or is it better to just forgive and forget and let God do the rest?

I want your comments on this.