Thursday, May 28, 2009


I caught a severe cold from my friend and have been making strange noises (read: like a frog during mating season) for almost a week now and no amount of milk with turmeric powder and pepper has made it any better. I have become the butt of so many jokes that my room mates are planning to publish a collection of such instances.

The house I stay in is a big one divided into 6 portions – 3 in the ground floor, 2 in the first floor and 1 in the 2nd floor. I and my friends live in the ground floor. One of the other houses in the ground floor is occupied by 6 Telugu-speaking guys (hereafter referred to as the “guys”) and the other ground floor house has a Bengali husband and wife (21 yr old girl, just married, can speak only Bengali, no English, butler Hindi). The house owner stays in one of the first floor portions. The motor switch is inside the owner’s house and my owner aunty has a big problem with her hearing (she has a hearing-aid, but I have never seen her using it).

Now, our house and the guys’ house are separated by only a thin wall and we can hear whatever they are singing (which is not very pleasant to hear, trust me). During the IPL, they were staunch supporters of the Deccan Chargers while we were supporting Chennai Super Kings. On the day of the first semi-final – between the Deccan Chargers and the Delhi Daredevils (in which Gilchrist showed no mercy on any of the DD bowlers), I had a chat with one of the guys. He was obviously very happy about Gilchrist’s form and told me DC will win the cup. I was super confident about Dhoni and Co. that I told him, “No way, CSK are gonna win. Last time we came so close. This time we are not leaving without the cup.” Sigh!!!! We didn’t even make it to the Finals. The next day (after Chennai lost to Bangalore) when we met again, he gave me a sarcastic smirk. I should have been furious, but I didn’t coz, let’s face it, the guy was cute!!! ;-)

My room mate is travelling to the U.S. for a couple of months and we wanted to make her feel how much we were going to miss her, so we decided to treat her and let her pay the bill (ok, I can hear that “idhellam oru pozhappah?”)… We decided to keep it simple (month-end, you see) and agreed upon ordering pizza. I was given the task of calling up Pizza Hut and placing the order.

Pizza Hut Guy (PHG): Hello, Pizza Hut. I am Nixon, how can I help you?
Me: Hello! I am Sandhya. I am calling from Tiruvanmiyur. I wanna order pizza for four people.
PHG: Could you please repeat your name again?
Me: He can’t even get my name right. OMG, how am I gonna tell him what Pizza, what toppings and everything? I am Sandhya.
PHG: Ms. Sandhya, can you please give the phone to someone else (veetla periyavanga yaaru kittayavudhu phone-ah kudu paappa)
Me: ?!??!??!?

:-( :-( :-(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy days are here again...

After getting a bit too senti during the last week, which included my reluctant travel from Coimbatore to Chennai and my home-sickness and the gazillion questions I asked myself and you and a lot of physical tiredness, I am happy to be back to my normal self again and write a post – trying to be funny as usual.

While at home, I spent a lot of my time watching the TV series “Full House” in full swing on my laptop (got the DVDs of seasons 6, 7 and 8 from a friend of my sister’s). I had not watched Season 7 or 8 before and it was very nice to watch it and relive those days when I used to come home running from school to catch the episode of “Full House” on Zee Studio. It was still as funny, but I thought there was quite some time spent over imparting gyaan to either of the family members in the show.

After a tired and dull week, I was happy to start off my Monday with a bang – quite literally – when I banged my head on the door early in the morning when I was still half-asleep. I wanted to make it to office early as I had quite a few things to catch up on. I got ready for office and caught a share auto and reached office in record time while listening to Dev D’s songs all the while. Must say Amit Trivedi has rocked the album. Apart from Dev D, I have also been listening to “Khalbali” from RDB a lot of times; I feel it gives me the strength to struggle throughout the day with a lot of people-who-claim-to-know-everything.

Reading Archer’s latest “Paths of Glory” at office and by the looks of it I guess not many people at my office approve of it – no, not the book, but the fact that I am reading during office hours.

Yesterday, the news of Prabakaran’s death created panic all over Tamil Nadu and we were advised to leave as early as possible to avoid any mishaps (if any occurred). I called up the Primary at onsite and was advised to leave as personal safety comes before anything else. Whatever happened to our beloved leaders (who write letters to the Prime Minister when it is regarding Sri Lankan issue, but travel all the way to New Delhi when it comes to getting ministries for their kith and kin) – I feel cheated and disgusted coz. of the reaction (or rather the lack of it) from TN politicians.

Finally, yesterday Kolkata Knight Riders managed to defeat Chennai Super Kings and what a match it was! Kolkata deserved a win, but they could’ve defeated any other team. But it was a great match and I cheered for KKR although I am a CSK fan.

Have been bunking music class for almost a month now. Got to kill my laziness and wake up early from tomorrow and make it to the class (which is really a long shot)

It has been a pretty long post already. I sign-off now (so that all of you can breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over).

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Lot of times, the people who you think loved you the most prove by their actions that their priorities are different, with you being in the lowest rung of their priority ladder. They cry out from rooftops that they love you, would do anything to keep you happy and promise you the universe, but when it comes to the part where they “act” upon these, they are shaky. They try to convince you that they have something else that needs attention; if that doesn’t work out, they say, “You would understand my position if you really loved me” – thereby putting the blame on you; if that doesn’t work out, they try giving you the silent treatment. But in my case, it was entirely different. There is this person who was born around 4 years after me, laughed and cried with Harry Potter more than she did with us and never really cared about the family she was a part of.

Putting all that in the back burner, I have just come back to office after a week and a half and there is so much more to catch up on and to continue from where I left it. My inbox was flooded with 2500 mails (90% of which were unwanted mails that needed nothing more than shift+del). The leave I took has made me feel a lot detached to everyone; made me see everything from a distance; analyze people and events without any sense of belonging; to be nonchalant and most of all, not loving anyone.

Lately, I have had so many thoughts and every time I sit and think about something, I tell to myself that I'd capture the thought-train and post it on my blog; but later when I sit to write a post, words fail me. I forget what I had thought or what triggered the thoughts. I have always been proud of my ability to remember events and dates and numbers with extra-ordinary ease and now this!!! Eppidi irundha naan ippidi aayiten...

I know this post has become a lot senti and many people who know me/read my blog regularly might me wondering what is wrong with me or if I have gone nuts (I know most of you think that already!) or if something tragic has happened to me. I really don’t know what is wrong with me people. If you know, please let me know in the comments section.

Monday, May 11, 2009

At home!!!

Life couldn’t get any better. Here I am at my home town with my family (which comprises of really interesting and weird characters); with my mom taking time off from work to be with me and I guess that explains why I haven’t written any posts for quite some time now. A lot has been happening here and the lesser I write about my health, the better.

Talking about health, I need a lot of rest now (which explains why I am still at my home town) and there seems to be no way I could get some. Elections are coming and campaigning is on at full swing. I was sleeping the other afternoon and suddenly I was woken up by a loud noise, asking all the “wise men and women” (how else do I say “periyorgale, thaaimaargale?”) to vote for ‘Gas Cylinder’. What the heck! I wanted to run to the street to ask the people to cut it out which was when I realized that it wasn’t even the candidate who is yakking and seeking our votes, it was a pre-recorded message. Just then my cell phone rang and I came running inside and picked it up only to hear the pre-recorded message from “Amma” (J. Jayalalithaa, I hope I spelt it right, I am not sure how her name is spelt given her zest for numerology) asking us to vote for “Twin leaves (Irattai Ilai?)” I mean, these people are everywhere – TV, Radio, Newspapers, Cell phones, Internet (I wonder if any of these are on Facebook or Twitter). Thanks to IRCTC, there are no tickets for 13th night to Chennai, so I am leaving on 12th night without casting my vote. Is there any way to vote online?

I am in love with this new series of Vodafone ads (with the zoo-zoos, isn’t that what they are called?) – Totally funny and effective and cute and far better than paying SRK, SAK, Kareena and the likes, the way Airtel does.

There is so much more that has happened here, but I guess I’ll have to sign off now. I’ll save the rest for next week when I feel better.