Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy days are here again...

After getting a bit too senti during the last week, which included my reluctant travel from Coimbatore to Chennai and my home-sickness and the gazillion questions I asked myself and you and a lot of physical tiredness, I am happy to be back to my normal self again and write a post – trying to be funny as usual.

While at home, I spent a lot of my time watching the TV series “Full House” in full swing on my laptop (got the DVDs of seasons 6, 7 and 8 from a friend of my sister’s). I had not watched Season 7 or 8 before and it was very nice to watch it and relive those days when I used to come home running from school to catch the episode of “Full House” on Zee Studio. It was still as funny, but I thought there was quite some time spent over imparting gyaan to either of the family members in the show.

After a tired and dull week, I was happy to start off my Monday with a bang – quite literally – when I banged my head on the door early in the morning when I was still half-asleep. I wanted to make it to office early as I had quite a few things to catch up on. I got ready for office and caught a share auto and reached office in record time while listening to Dev D’s songs all the while. Must say Amit Trivedi has rocked the album. Apart from Dev D, I have also been listening to “Khalbali” from RDB a lot of times; I feel it gives me the strength to struggle throughout the day with a lot of people-who-claim-to-know-everything.

Reading Archer’s latest “Paths of Glory” at office and by the looks of it I guess not many people at my office approve of it – no, not the book, but the fact that I am reading during office hours.

Yesterday, the news of Prabakaran’s death created panic all over Tamil Nadu and we were advised to leave as early as possible to avoid any mishaps (if any occurred). I called up the Primary at onsite and was advised to leave as personal safety comes before anything else. Whatever happened to our beloved leaders (who write letters to the Prime Minister when it is regarding Sri Lankan issue, but travel all the way to New Delhi when it comes to getting ministries for their kith and kin) – I feel cheated and disgusted coz. of the reaction (or rather the lack of it) from TN politicians.

Finally, yesterday Kolkata Knight Riders managed to defeat Chennai Super Kings and what a match it was! Kolkata deserved a win, but they could’ve defeated any other team. But it was a great match and I cheered for KKR although I am a CSK fan.

Have been bunking music class for almost a month now. Got to kill my laziness and wake up early from tomorrow and make it to the class (which is really a long shot)

It has been a pretty long post already. I sign-off now (so that all of you can breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over).


  1. Lack of reaction, phew...here too. And I happen to live in a province where there are most number of Srilankans outside Srilanka. There are huge rallies/protests going on and I believe a case of a small arson too, but the politicians aren't doing anything than talking.

    Yea, was glad kkr won and that McCullum was back in form, but beating csk was kinda not fun...
    So, what kinda music are we talking about learning here?

  2. @Arvind
    I am extremely disappointed at this nonchalance of our very own Karuna... I hope and pray the Tamils there get equal rights.

    Also, I hope Chennai wins today. Yeah, I am learning Carnatic music!

  3. I remember Karuna's super-'fast'. It began after breakfast and end before lunch. He then took credit for the SL government's toning down of the war. But then, he must be in complete mourning, as his 'friend' Prabhakaran has been killed. You do not expect people in complete grief to make statements and organise 'bandhs'. And, the elections are over, so all the party leaders are either celebrating their success or mourning their loss. So, nobody has time for Prabhakaran.

  4. @Vinay
    Isn't it disgusting? Getting cabinet berths for one's son, daughter and others were more important than a cause they have been fighting for for a long time. I am extremely disappointed.

  5. Have they actually been fighting for the Tamil cause in SL? They've just managed to keep it alive as a political issue. The most reliable report in TN, Cho Ramaswamy, mentioned that for TN electorate, SL Tamils are hardly an issue. They are more worried about their current state of affairs and how would the new government improve their lives first.

    Rehabilitation of SL Tamils not associated with LTTE is necessary and should be carried out immediately and India needs to persuade and coax SL on that, but there is no need for the Tamil politicians and film industry to display their histronics.

  6. full house... the olsen twins were good in it...

  7. @Vinay
    Well-said... Let's see, Karuna has written a letter to our PM about the SL issue and the protection of Tamils there. We'll see how that turns out.

    Yeah, really smart girls they are!


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