Monday, May 11, 2009

At home!!!

Life couldn’t get any better. Here I am at my home town with my family (which comprises of really interesting and weird characters); with my mom taking time off from work to be with me and I guess that explains why I haven’t written any posts for quite some time now. A lot has been happening here and the lesser I write about my health, the better.

Talking about health, I need a lot of rest now (which explains why I am still at my home town) and there seems to be no way I could get some. Elections are coming and campaigning is on at full swing. I was sleeping the other afternoon and suddenly I was woken up by a loud noise, asking all the “wise men and women” (how else do I say “periyorgale, thaaimaargale?”) to vote for ‘Gas Cylinder’. What the heck! I wanted to run to the street to ask the people to cut it out which was when I realized that it wasn’t even the candidate who is yakking and seeking our votes, it was a pre-recorded message. Just then my cell phone rang and I came running inside and picked it up only to hear the pre-recorded message from “Amma” (J. Jayalalithaa, I hope I spelt it right, I am not sure how her name is spelt given her zest for numerology) asking us to vote for “Twin leaves (Irattai Ilai?)” I mean, these people are everywhere – TV, Radio, Newspapers, Cell phones, Internet (I wonder if any of these are on Facebook or Twitter). Thanks to IRCTC, there are no tickets for 13th night to Chennai, so I am leaving on 12th night without casting my vote. Is there any way to vote online?

I am in love with this new series of Vodafone ads (with the zoo-zoos, isn’t that what they are called?) – Totally funny and effective and cute and far better than paying SRK, SAK, Kareena and the likes, the way Airtel does.

There is so much more that has happened here, but I guess I’ll have to sign off now. I’ll save the rest for next week when I feel better.


  1. Weird- Gayathri
    Interesting- Priyanka:p

    About the elections , Yeah, they have finally gone outta their freaking minds... i also heard the 'wise men and women' being asked to vote for the 'slate' (i dunno wat they call it in tamil tho)and once i heard my fone ringin and rushed to take it (was expecting imp calls) and heard that sadu's recorded voice sayin sum bla bla, I got the shock of ma lifetime... And don't even whisper abt Fb and Twitter and all or they'll come chasing after us ther also....
    Y do u wanna vote for these sadus anyway.

    keep posting...

  2. @Priyanka
    Now u understand what I have been going through... Oh man, do u even have a voters' card?
    These people are everywhere, I wonder where God lives these days given that these people have taken 'everywhere'! Wow, I am on a roll...

    I am feeling much better now, thanks man...

  3. A humourous posts as ever... well actually in bangalore candidates have used twitter and facebook for election purpose and by mistake i had followed one such candidate's representative... it was real fun getting tweets abt their political agenda :).. anyway keep the posts coming...

  4. @dmanji
    Well, am happy that all the madness is coming to an end tomorrow. No one is gonna bother abt us anymore (until the next election, at least). So I guess that is a relief.

  5. hmm...

    seems like u're seeing too many vodafone ads.. How do u manage to find time between rest hours ? :P

  6. @Dhinu
    I actually watched a couple of them while having dinner. U knw it's a strict no-no to eating on bed @ my place!

  7. Lol...they have automated calling ehh...
    Re being unwell, rest and enjoy the rest. There is nothing like being unwell, resting and having mum helping you out.

  8. @Arvind
    Yup, makes me wonder if I can be unwell and be near mom forever. But poor mom, I can't put her through it all the time!

  9. mum - home - elections --- I miss them all :( ... Lucky ya'll :)

  10. Hmmm... now that the "poll dance" has ended with the "haath ki safai" coming out on tops... you can catch up on your sleep and dreams... I guess!!!

    So, you left on 12th night... thats interesting! "Twelfth Night" is one of Shakespeare's most studied and best loved plays... and a funny one at that... !!!

    Keep blogging!!!

  11. @Gautam
    Ha... There is no place like home, is there?

    Thank u for visiting and commenting!

    Yup, but other news about Prabakaran's death is not letting me relax. It just keep recurring in my mind...

    As for "Twelfth Night", yes, it is a great play and I enjoyed reading it.


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