Friday, October 31, 2008

Not a happy weekend...

It is 5:45pm on Friday, and yet I'm not my usual excited self. Normally weekend brings with it an excitement, a hope, a party mood and all, but today it is gloomy.

My room mate and friend of over 7 years (since 11th Std.) Brindha is going back to our native (Coimbatore) as she has got transferred to CTS, Coimbatore. I would say she is a lucky ass, but yeah, we would miss her at home and here is why...

1. She is very responsible (she takes care of everything from "soap powder got over" to "servant akka is unbearable" to "turn off the gas/switch before crashing on the bed.")

2. She is funny (ohhh she's gotta be the one girl who used to understand all my jokes... until my other roomies started cracking ones I didn't understand :-( Some role reversal there...)

3. She's our head chef (she's a great cook. she makes all really mouth-watering stuff at home and we enjoy eating it. come weekends and she'll search for a new recipe in google and make tht for us. how adorable!!!)

4. She is straight-forward (she tells u on face if u r doing something wrong. I have gotten hit by her twice - guys, never ever get in the wrong books of Brindha!!!)

5. She is going now!!! :-(

Anyways, hope she has a good time at home with her parents and enjoys the great climate and water. We'll miss u Brindha...

Now, thts why I'm all sad and stuff.... :-(

Friday, October 17, 2008

The feminist in me...

Alright, this post comes from me when I am very very mad at somebody I know, say Mr. X.

We, a group of 4, were talking about how the market is down and the IT sector is chucking out so many people and what we should do. Casually, I said, "I prefer going back to a college and becoming a lecturer. Though the salary would be less, I will have satisfaction because I love teaching." Fair enough???

And then Mr. X opens his mouth and says, "There is no problem for you girls... Even if you go home and sit without working, no one is going to ask you anything. But for guys like us, work is madatory."

"So is it for us. My mother wouldn't welcome me if I go home and sit and ask her to feed me. I have my commitments and I need to be in the job as much as you want to."

"Ha ha... You can anyday get married and your husband will take care of you."

"Well, even these days guys are looking for working girls."

"No, even if you say you are not working, he'll work for you and you can sit at home, cook, clean, wash and watch mega-serials and keep crying..."

I didn't want to shout there as I didn't want to attract public attention. I actually felt like... Well... (Sigh)...

What do you guys feel about the comments made by Mr. X? Are girls only for cooking, cleaning, washing and watching mega-serials? Would you or would you not encourage your mother/sister/wife to be good at her career? Or are you a follower of Hitler like our Mr.x?

Monday, October 13, 2008

One evening @ CitiCenter

Well, I was bored out of my wits during the weekend - I had watched all the good movies and had no1 to go out with as my friends all had programmes with their boyfriends/colleagues/other friends. But fortunately, on saturday morning, I flicked the book Brida by Paulo Coelho and what a great book it was. By the time I finished reading it, all i could think of was "Finding my soul mate". Ever since, I have been trying to look for the spot of light above the left shoulder of pretty much every (handsome) guy I have seen (not that I saw a lot of handsome guys!!!)

Sunday was a different day altogether... I woke up at 8 (pretty early for a sunday morning) and made lunch and then Sabal calls me and says, "Be ready, I'll come there by 3, we have to go near Gemini Flyover. I have to take you to meet someone there."

"But, tell me who it is. I have to dress accordingly."

"Wear your normal office type clothes. That would be fine." (I was pretty sure he was taking me to the doctor he had always told about - for my sinus trouble.) I was so angry with him for fixing up an appointment with a doctor, without even asking me...

At 2:30pm, I got another call from him, "Are you ready? Main aa raha hoon" I was ready and we ventured out of the house. I had just stopped raining and Chennai roads were at their cleanest (Well, I managed to find a little of the road amidst all the pot-holes...)

Then I asked him, "Were are you taking me?" He didn't say anything, just took out two pieces of paper from his pocket and gave me. They were two tickets for the play "Chocolate Krishna" by Crazy Mohan. I have been wanting to watch the play ever since June/July, but I didn't get a chance to. And there I was, sitting in an MTC bus, looking down at other people, who were travelling by small cars and two-wheelers. I felt like a queen because I was sitting at a higher place and because I was sooooooooo happy to have a person who knew what I liked and got it for me... Thanks, man!!!

The play was hilarious. I had a blast. Sabal said it was "Okay"... Anyways, then we thought we'd go to CitiCenter mall and while away some time. Sabal hated the idea of going to a mall and roaming around, given the fact that both of us were too broke to shop for anything from there. But I insisted and as usual he gave in and we were at the mall...

When we entered the mall, all I could think was "Please ask the guy to stop singing." There was a guy who was murdering old hindi melodies... So we were roaming inside the mall, we went inside Lifestyle showroom for window-shopping, just because the "noise" of the singing outside was so unbearable. When we came out a good half-an-hour later, there was a handsome guy (He was a hunk... Later came to know that his name was Abbas and that he was from Bangalore) who was conducting a show and he was calling people to dance and was encouraging the audience to clap, whistle, scream and what not!!!

There we were, on the 2nd floor of the mall, looking down at the centre stage where a few kids were dancing so beautifully to "Dard-e-disco" and "Mauja hi maujha"... I was so excited by the music that I convinced Sabal to come downstairs with me to watch the kids dancing. I got a gift coupon (25% off on any dress that I buy from "Right Choice" which was there at the same mall) for screaming out the loudest.

Then Sabal and 4 other guys he managed to befreind out there pushed me on to the stage (not to mention that the handsome guy also asked me to come on stage) and there I was a tiny, vulnerable, little girl on a red stage with around 5,000 people watching and clapping and screaming and whistling and expected me to dance...

They started playing "Soni nakh re" and I just did what I thought was dance and yeah, people were clapping and dancing along (that is one grrrrrreat thing about the Chennai crowd) and the icing on the cake was when the handsome guy himself danced with me... It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G to say the least. And I could see Sabal from the stage, he was taking a video of me dancing in his mobile and he was encouraging others to scream for me... It was the best feeling, I could see how happy he was, how proud he was of me and my awkward movements that he terms "dance" (Kiya, if you are reading this, there are 5,000 people in Chennai, who clapped for me. I am not a bad dancer anymore!!!)

I was sooooooooooo happy because from childhood I have been made fun of for being as graceful as T R Rajendhar and I have never danced on stage in school or college because I thought, "When so many people are telling me this, I AM probably a bad dancer"... Thank you, Sabal for proving to me that I am not and thank you, also for your support and for pushing me up on that stage!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear diary...

Now, I am making this blog my diary...

I am feeling very dull and depressed and totally not in the mood to work (as usual..) today... There is no exact reason why I am not my usual funny self and I have no clue as to why everything is so colorless today.

The day actually started off well (I woke up late, had a good sleep, no bad dreams), had a nice, long bath (yes, I did), had an okay breakfast and came to office without any hitch anywhere. But after coming here, I feel something is not right, I feel something is different, don't know what is wrong or if it is just my feeling.

I just chatted with Yals (my bessssssssst friend) and she asked if I was okay, I have no clue how she sensed that... She asked if I had any misunderstanding with anyone(I never have any misunderstandings with anyone, only others have problems with me), I don't know... I feel like i have lost control over my life today. I feel I am following something that I had vowed I'd never follow... Let life take you where it wants to. I mean, if you let life take you wherever, then what are you for??? Anyways, keeping all my stupidities to myself, I feel the day is gloomy and I feel lonely. Maybe that is the reason...

I hate loneliness. I always prefer staying with a group of friends around me, laughing and cracking jokes, pulling each others' legs and all that (I miss Dinesh now...) I just hate this part where I have to sit in front of my computer and just stare at it, without having anyone to chat with (just for company)... I feel I am not Sandhya today!!!