Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't know what to say about this!!!

Came across this interesting website and wow... I resemble so many A-list hollywood celebs!!! Ahem ahem!!!

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family tree chart - Ancestry search

Friday, March 20, 2009

At my 'analytical' best

Disclaimer: Reading this post is not advisable for confused/easily confusable souls like yours truly. Go ahead and read this iff (if and only if – discrete math… No? Forget it) you are sure you would remain as sane as you are (:-D) before reading this. And I may ask too many questions here, but I am confused, people, help me!!!

As mentioned above this post is a series of questions.

How often have you faced an internal conflict between what your brain (Note: My mokkais about you not having a brain are not a part of this post, ‘coz. this post is “serious”. Trust me!) says and what your instinct says? I am sure we would have come across this kind of a situation at least once on our lives (No? Not even while answering certain ‘ambiguous’ objective type questions? Even in college? Then I’d advise you not to continue reading this post.)

During such conflicts, which one would you follow? Would you go by what your brain instructs you to do or would you just go by your instinct? From your experience so far, which one has proved to be more successful?

Once you have thought of an answer to the previous question, try answering this simpler one (one which makes you think I have gone completely nuts, if you don’t think that about me already). Is it wrong to be too analytical? Should we be prepared for Worst-Case Scenarios before every decision point of our lives or should we just chill and wait for problems to come and then think about it?

I, for once, have become too analytical these days. For example, I always think of my future as a series of decision boxes (the rhombus shaped ones in any flowchart) - I think like, “scenario1 may result in scenario2 or 3. So what would I do if I land up in scenario2 and what would be my course of action in scenario3? If all goes well in scenario2, I’d be in scenario4; else I’d be in scenario5. What would I do if I am at scenario5? Similarly, I left scenario3 in the middle. If that is going to result in scenario6, 7, or 8, what would I do in each of these scenarios? It is like an extra-deep nested- If construct. Get my point? Lost me somewhere in the middle? Now you understand why there was a weird disclaimer?

If you got up to this line, you are as sane as I am (take it as a compliment). I think so much that, these days, I feel there is nothing I do other than thinking (I mean I am not even acting upon my thoughts). I get so tensed while thinking about certain unfavorable scenarios that I feel depressed for rather long periods of time. Is there a way to be a little less errr… insane???


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First date with tea shop!!!

Coming in morning shift is something I am yet to get used to and I had to work in morning shift this week. So, Sandy woke up at 5 in the morning (yes, I did!!!) and got ready and left home at 5:50am to reach office before 6:30. Since all my roommates where (lavishly) catching up the last few hours of sleep for the day, I didn’t have anyone to make my Horlicks (errrr… I drink that everyday and yes, I am 22, ok… 23). By the time I got out of the bus (I use MTC bus to commute to office coz I hate the office cab – it is stuffy and suffocating!) and was walking towards my office (There is nothing like a good brisk walk early in the morning) with headphones plugged to my ears, listening to “Emosanal Attyachar” and I had over 20 mins for my shift to start. I was hungry. But there are hardly any shops that are open at 6:10 in the morning. Suddenly I heard “Kandha Sashti Kavacham” blaring from a shop. I turned around and saw that it was a tea shop (the kind where guys go for a tea and a ‘dhum’). I saw that there were no customers at the shop and I was badly in need of a steaming hot coffee. I decided to walk in and have a cup of coffee (although one part of mind kept warning me about the cleanliness of the place)… The “tea master” (I was awestruck when I found out he was not a malayali – nair tea shop illatha naadu undo?) was equally awestruck because that was probably the first time a girl visited his shop. Nevertheless, he made my coffee in less than 2 minutes. It was nothing but hot water with a little sugar. I had to gulp it down, however it did wake me up!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chennai rocks (again)...

Pardon me for loving Chennai so much. I just can’t seem to hate the place despite the bad water (I am sure Coimbatoreans would agree with me) and worse climate!!!

In a comeback of sorts, Sandy started learning carnatic music again. Yes, I have restarted my stint with music (I just can’t leave anything alone for good, can I?) after a rather long gap of 12 years! I attended my first class this morning. Is it just for time-pass or am I really passionate about music - is not something I have an answer to at this point of time.

Last Saturday, I visited Dakshin Chitra with a group of friends and had a lot of fun. For people who are not familiar with places in and around Chennai, Dakshin Chitra is a place along ECR (about 20 kms from Chennai) where there are model traditional houses from each of the four South Indian states.

The place also offers an opportunity at kindling your creative side through activities ranging from basket weaving to pottery to paper art. For the women, there is a pretty good crafts shop with a decent collection of clothes, books (about India), posters, jewelry and other stuff. I, Anjana, Mohamed, Bala and Seems had a great day, although it was too hot for my convenience!!!

On Sunday, I had gone to Chennai CitiCenter mall and saw a mad rush at the various stalls put up by The Hindu for Women’s day – stalls from mehandi to caricature drawing to cookery – you name it. Not to mention women in bright costumes and even brighter make-up!!! Sunday also marked my first visit to Abhirami Mega mall at Purasaiwalkam – is it far from Thiruvanmiyur or what!!!

All in all, I had a rocking weekend, spent time with lot of friends and roamed around the city like crazy and found one thing that I’d like to repeat forever – Chennai truly rocks!!!