Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First date with tea shop!!!

Coming in morning shift is something I am yet to get used to and I had to work in morning shift this week. So, Sandy woke up at 5 in the morning (yes, I did!!!) and got ready and left home at 5:50am to reach office before 6:30. Since all my roommates where (lavishly) catching up the last few hours of sleep for the day, I didn’t have anyone to make my Horlicks (errrr… I drink that everyday and yes, I am 22, ok… 23). By the time I got out of the bus (I use MTC bus to commute to office coz I hate the office cab – it is stuffy and suffocating!) and was walking towards my office (There is nothing like a good brisk walk early in the morning) with headphones plugged to my ears, listening to “Emosanal Attyachar” and I had over 20 mins for my shift to start. I was hungry. But there are hardly any shops that are open at 6:10 in the morning. Suddenly I heard “Kandha Sashti Kavacham” blaring from a shop. I turned around and saw that it was a tea shop (the kind where guys go for a tea and a ‘dhum’). I saw that there were no customers at the shop and I was badly in need of a steaming hot coffee. I decided to walk in and have a cup of coffee (although one part of mind kept warning me about the cleanliness of the place)… The “tea master” (I was awestruck when I found out he was not a malayali – nair tea shop illatha naadu undo?) was equally awestruck because that was probably the first time a girl visited his shop. Nevertheless, he made my coffee in less than 2 minutes. It was nothing but hot water with a little sugar. I had to gulp it down, however it did wake me up!!!


  1. lol, tht was indeed one exp :P nair tea shop illatha naade undo [rolling eyes] maybe there is one on the other corner of the road :P

    readin a line in mallu made me so happy!! :P at times i do miss kerala :(

    u take care girl.. and have fun :)

  2. hey babe,

    there was a good enough reason for it not to be a malayali tea shop, hmm.. pointing towards the cleanliness of course....

    And i should say.., U did not search the right time at the right place or you would have found one....

    By the way, amazing that you did you not have a 'dhum' in your hands when you went for a coffee.... :P

  3. @sawan
    It was a great experience indeed... I am planning to pay the shop a visit every time I come in morning shift...

    Don't get me started with the cleanliness in malayalis' tea shops. And trust me ppl, I did NOT have a 'dhum' while having coffee there (I mean, I never have had a 'dhum' in my life!)

  4. hi great to see you blogging..

    I guess the tea wallah had a good morning :)

  5. @Yogs
    Thnx for dropping by yaar... :-)

  6. tho woh chai ka effect hain jo tu ab tak jhel rahi hain..
    chill yaar!!

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  8. @Blah-er
    U r truly a blah-er... I have deleted your comments :-)

  9. Sandhya,

    I just love to start my day as early as possible and leave from work before the Sun sets.Indeed I enjoyed that kind of schedule for quite a time but not now :-(.
    Enjoy,there is nothing like starting your day early.Lucky :-)


  10. @Kiran
    Unfortunately this is NOT my daily schedule. It keeps changing every week... But yeah, I am enjoying both the routines!


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