Monday, March 9, 2009

Chennai rocks (again)...

Pardon me for loving Chennai so much. I just can’t seem to hate the place despite the bad water (I am sure Coimbatoreans would agree with me) and worse climate!!!

In a comeback of sorts, Sandy started learning carnatic music again. Yes, I have restarted my stint with music (I just can’t leave anything alone for good, can I?) after a rather long gap of 12 years! I attended my first class this morning. Is it just for time-pass or am I really passionate about music - is not something I have an answer to at this point of time.

Last Saturday, I visited Dakshin Chitra with a group of friends and had a lot of fun. For people who are not familiar with places in and around Chennai, Dakshin Chitra is a place along ECR (about 20 kms from Chennai) where there are model traditional houses from each of the four South Indian states.

The place also offers an opportunity at kindling your creative side through activities ranging from basket weaving to pottery to paper art. For the women, there is a pretty good crafts shop with a decent collection of clothes, books (about India), posters, jewelry and other stuff. I, Anjana, Mohamed, Bala and Seems had a great day, although it was too hot for my convenience!!!

On Sunday, I had gone to Chennai CitiCenter mall and saw a mad rush at the various stalls put up by The Hindu for Women’s day – stalls from mehandi to caricature drawing to cookery – you name it. Not to mention women in bright costumes and even brighter make-up!!! Sunday also marked my first visit to Abhirami Mega mall at Purasaiwalkam – is it far from Thiruvanmiyur or what!!!

All in all, I had a rocking weekend, spent time with lot of friends and roamed around the city like crazy and found one thing that I’d like to repeat forever – Chennai truly rocks!!!


  1. u lrn carnatic music?? wowwww!! why dont u upload some raagas in your voice and share it?

  2. @sawan
    Ha ha... I appreciate ur courage. But I have just started learning. So I sure shall upload a few songs when I feel I am good enough to be heard...

  3. Sandy,

    Spare us the horror!!, Dont tell me Nitsy, Archana, Vidhya would wake up to your raagas, Are they enough with your RAAG(hindi)..

    Hmm... Anjana lookss so handsome.. ;)

  4. @Dhinu

    You ask anybody from my school and u'd know what a good singer I was. I just lost it along the way somewhere!!!

    Anjana looks handsome?? Well, I surely will pass on that to her... I am sure it would please her.

  5. Sandy, tell me if my comments please her, if yes, I would be finding peace else, i am still to get the best off me... :P

  6. @Dhinu
    No, she pleased. I don't want ur "best" here anymore!!! There is so much I ahev written abt Chennai and all that you are able to appreciate is Anju???

  7. people should ask me what a good singer you were in school;) i respect your teacher and pity her as well...but great going gal, continue at least this one!!! good luck!

  8. @Gayathri
    Ohhh yes, tell the world what a decent singer I was at school (not great, but yes, decent enough to conduct Bhajans every Friday)... U don't have to worry abt my teacher maami. She feels I am doing good.

    Too much of mokkai kudithing is not good for health dear sis....

  9. @Blah-er
    Join the club...
    Our mantra is "I hate you, Dinesh Diwakar!"

  10. chennai sucks people are dirty they split on road
    and everywhere.its garbage and plastic everywhere.the weather is hot, humid & frying.language sucks nobody knows hindi and english.

  11. Hii sandya This is nivash from chennai running a site called just check out.

  12. @Anonymous
    This comment comes almost 3 years later in response to yours. Why don't you comment with a real name and a real ID instead of maintaining this anonymity?

    Would get you closer to your fans on this page!


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