Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So what do your stars say?

Some stupid astrologer told my mom that I have a very rough period ahead in my career and life in general… Well, let me rewind my recent past (1-2 months)…

Well, my previous project got over (again that is no secret to regular visitors) and I took a 15 day break when all my friends from here called me and said that the ‘situation’ is BAD and asked me to cut short my vacation and come back to work asap. And I was not willing to do that. I earned the wrath of few of my colleagues who were kind enough to let me know the ‘proceedings’ here. But then, I came back 15 days after New Year and within a week, I got into my next project which is a cool one. A change of location (my previous location was 5-6km away from my current location) – maybe I was not very comfortable here during the initial days; but now everything is fine, made a few good friends here! So work-wise, I couldn’t have asked for better – yes, there are people who have had to change work locations (in this case, transferred to cities other than Chennai!!)

The project too is nice – am working in shifts – morning and afternoon shifts during alternate weeks, but yeah, then again, there are people literally living in their workstations. Again, I am happy I don’t have to!!!

Apart from that, I have watched 3 movies in 3 weeks now – Luck By Chance, Dev D and Delhi 6. Delhi 6 was awful (Guys, I wasted 140 bucks for the ticket, please don’t watch this movie!) – The music is awesome, no doubt; but you’d rather listen to the songs on your iPod. A R Rahman truly rocks!!! (2 Academy Awards – am so proud to be living in the same city as him!!!) Maybe some astrologer even told Rahman he’d win 2 Oscars! Net net, entertainment-wise, I am a satisfied soul…

Valentines’ day came and went by – nothing special other than a Fastrack watch that I got as a gift… And I am at the pink of my health – no fever, sinus, nothing!!! I even managed to put on a little weight and am looking and feeling great…

In the negative side, there are only two things – 1. I haven’t cleared the mandatory assessment yet and 2. I lost my wallet… Actually, I have gotten it back also, so I wonder what “rough period” the astrologer guy was talking about… Anyone here believes in that crap???


  1. noooooooooooooo i dont :( some stupid astro told my dad that i shud switch job before april and trust me i am havin a real bad time convincing my dad that its not a gud time to move. i feel like bashing that stupid soul for his stupid comment.. thats the most polite way i cud tell it :( why does people believe in them.. its high time astrology is banned in our country!

  2. @sawan
    Well said, who knows, next time around, another stupid astrologer guy may tell your dad that if you don't cut off your hand before april, you'd go through a very bad phase! And may even suggest that you'd become a millionaire if you cut one of your hands!!!
    That is how bad it can get... May be we should try bribing these people to actually stay at peace!!!

  3. Listen to this guys,

    An astro told me not to get married by 32. True, its Bachelors life extended., by ain't 32 too long ? literally another 8 years... :P (i was about to write 12)

  4. @Dhinu
    You shouldn't listen to stupid people's stupid predictions. Trust only in God and if you find a suitable girl before you are 32, don't wait - else someone else might marry her!!!

  5. Hey Sandy,

    I have had personal experiences that has made me believe in Astrology and yes, i agree not every astrologer is a genuine person. We know an Astrologer in my hometown, the last time i met him personally was when i finished my 10th and he had clearly told us that i would be going out of my town to study further and that my parents would follow me to where i go in an year and loads of other stuffs, Every thing was just spot on and it happened just as he had said. That saga was over then.
    Last month when my parents went to meet him with our horoscopes then again he was spot on in many of my things. I cant really reveal them here, but believe me that most of his words were again correct.

  6. @Rahul
    Do you have that person's number??? This is unbelievable! I'd wanna know what he has to say about my future, whether I'll have my job after the next lay off and stuff...

  7. @Sandy
    Haha... If you are really serious about that i will get you his number and address and its not too far from Coimbatore either. He is put up at a place some 40 km from Palakkad. You want to try or what?? :)

  8. @Rahul
    Why don't we take this off-the-record? Could u email me the details at


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