Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Luck By Chance!!!

To people who (are jobless enough to) read my blog regularly, it is no secret that I lost my wallet at a multiplex. I had bunked office and went with Anjana for the movie Luck By Chance. And yeah, I was careless, to say the least.

Yesterday (15 days after I lost it) my mom called me in the evening and told me that someone had mailed the wallet and all its contents to my hometown (to the address printed in my Driving License). There was no "From" address and it was sent through ordinary post (not couriered). It had the postal stamp of Mogappair Post Office, Chennai. Hats off, to the gentleman/lady who was kind enough to send across my wallet, which contained almost all of my critical documents (in original). If you are, by any chance, reading this, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I really had lost all hopes of retrieving it... I thought these days people have no time for all this and had lost faith in humanity and selflessness of people.

But by proving me wrong, God has told me loud and clear that the world is not such a bad place to live in after all... And you can afford to be careless sometimes (Amma, don't yell at me). It was just yesterday that I and Anjana had had a chat about how she had been careless with her mobile. It was then she told me, "You can be careless, but you should be lucky as well..." And I, for once, had become lucky, after all. It was Luck By Chance!!!


  1. Hello,
    Am no jobless let me clarify that first :o(errrr.....)
    Bunking office itself is a crime you know, i need to talk to your HR manager and Team Leader(gimme a chance). :P
    Good to hear that you got back your wallet and all your important documents. But don't make it a practice madam, not all people around are as good as me;oops did i let out the secret! ;)

  2. @Rahul
    Hey hey, enough man... You don't have to cry out from the rooftops that I bunked office and went to a movie.
    First of all, I have asked my mom to take a copy of all the original and send me the duplicates alone. :-)
    As good as you??? Excuse me...

  3. Hey there, so then, you see... we have lucky tuesdays (http://dineshdiwakar.blogspot.com/2008/12/ruby-tuesday-part-i.html)

    Amazing man..., Was the cash in there too ?? I was even lucky to find cash in my mom's wallet

  4. @Dhinu
    Well, yeah, I could say I have had a lucky Tuesday too. I actually had very little cash in the wallet, around 150 bucks... But no cash was there in it when it was returned. But chalta hai... I have got the documents and am damn happy about that.

  5. You ought to be happy, Imagine, it was just not one, but so many documents that you lost at a single go.....

    In any case, you've to gift that person to pay you back and am just thinking if its another "Kaathal Kotai" (Sirf Tum) in making... :P

  6. tell you what...
    you can start a blog on writing your experience on loosing things... :D

    btw... i am not jobless

  7. @Dhinu
    My team mate also felt such a love story developing, but that is not happening coz there was no "from" address in the envelope... By the way, have you forgotten about Sabal?

    My blog is turning into a very patient friend for me, coz I keep whining here all the time. I promise I would write cheerful stuff here. I owe my blog that much.
    And you are not jobless???? ;-)

  8. not at all jobless..
    i read blogs, whenever i want to take the mind off something or when i am free .. :)

  9. @Vaisakh
    Chill yaar, I was just kidding. I am glad my blog is helping you relax!

  10. @Vaisakh
    You from Amrita is it? Which batch?

  11. 2006 passout from the amritapuri campus and u?

  12. so u are 2003-07 CSE from amrita.. :)
    i know some friends there.. infact i know your immediate seniors there :)

  13. ohhh, great... I didn't know you are an Amritite.

  14. nice to know that you are an amritian.. :)

  15. @Rahul
    I asked myself the same question too, but yeah, this is how you make friends, isn't it?

  16. @SAndy
    Hi Rahul here.... doing my 3rd year Comp. Engg. Chennai!!! :P

  17. @Rahul
    I knw all that from ur profile/ur posts already!!!

  18. @Sandy
    Oh thats good. Where do u work Sandy???

  19. @Rahul
    Enough man... By the way, I work for Wipro.

  20. congratz :P some instances like that really bring a genuine smile on u :) good tht such people exist! u take care.

  21. @sawan
    As I have mentioned, this incident has boosted up my trust in mankind.

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  23. i saw the link that said 26 comments... gosh, i thought you started giving all time hits... bu wa... all stupid chats through comments... leave the worthy ones and clean the mess dear...
    and... I think you should password protect this page, before your PM sees this...
    Oops ! i guess she/he did :)

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  25. @sal
    Yaar, I am actually happy that God has made me realize that there are good people on this earth and I am grateful to Him for that... Take only the positives!!!

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  27. Wow Sandhya , i per chance stumbled up on your blog. Felt, i did a good thing. Seems like we can share some features of life which are very common.

    My name is Kumar , my email is skiyer6@rediffmail.com

  28. @Talaiva
    Thanks for dropping by... U could always post comments on my blog - any discussion on any of the posts is welcome!!!

  29. Hi sandhya.. i came across ur blog the other day..But this post of urs was something unusual.
    And ya i agree with you that the world isn't a very bad place as most of us think.Though such incidents are rare..they inject a feeling of thrill and compassion in us..

    Hey by the way..this is ravi shankar from hyderabad... I started blogging very recently.. and have been searching fr ideas and visiting blogs of various people.

    Do visit my blog and pen down ur comments!!!
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