Monday, February 2, 2009


New project, new applications, new team mate (yep, here too, like in my previous project, I have just 1 team mate, who happens to be a guy who is just as old and experienced as me) and a new office location (moved from thoraipakkam to sholinganallur) and yeah, it is so damn difficult to cope up with so many new things all of a sudden. But I have already started making friends here - the security girls, pantry in-charge girl, and the nurse in the dispensary and in no time, I have started feeling at home here....

The previous weekend (the one with the Republic Day in it) was by far the coolest weekend I had spent in a long time. Yals had come down from Bangalore and we - I, Yals, Nitsy and Kavi went to Mahabalipuram and had a blast. The following day, we went to Globus for shopping and that day goes in the list of 'Most embarrassing days of my life'... Yep, the salesgirl told she couldn't alter the dresses I chose to my size coz I was too small for it. I hate them... I can't believe I'm smaller than the dreaded size zero. Anyways, I still wen ahead and bought those clothes and got them altered from another tailor.

After the tragic weekend, a cool thing happened during the last weekend. Rafa won the Oz open and I feel just great (not that he promised he'd share his prize money with me, but still)... And I feel great because I love him so much. Why I love him so much, I don't know.... But I have a vague idea that I love him so much for almost the same reasons that I love David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gaston Gaudio, Shahid Kapur, Brad Pitt, Stuart Broad, Kevin Pieterson, Tom Cruise, Oh this list is non-ending... I guess I have shown you what a big jollu party I am... But who cares?

My childhood friend Sarika (we have been friends since second class) is getting married next weekend and I'll not be able to be there and "grace the occasion" (ahem).. I hope she forgives me for that. I'll make sure I attend her wedding reception in Chennai 2 weeks later. Wish you a really happy and cool married life, Soraka (sorry, Sari, I just blurted out your nick name)...


  1. Hey sandy

    Good to see you hitting the spot with a cheerful spirit after your last post. So next project, great to hear that. You make friends only with girls is it, the security guy seems to be very disappointed :P and what about the doctor(male) at the dispensary lol. ;).
    Hmmm still shopping, the whole world seems to be in recession and you seem to be having quite a lot of money to spend. Even i wanted Nadal to win, but poor Roger he is such an elegant player to watch.
    Wonder if Sarika would attedn your marriage or will wait for your reception lolz... :)

    Take care!

  2. @Rahul

    That was a lightening fast reply for my post...
    Well, there are no guy security guards here outside my ODC, at the time I went only the nurse was there (the doc coems in late). I'm disappointed.
    And yeah, I thought I should save some money. But I was tempted by the clothes there. So I just bought some. I didn't actually spend much coz there was a 40% off at that time.
    And I'm pretty sure Sarika can't attend my marriage (if that ever happens) coz she's going to China with her hubby in late Feb. She won't be back for another 3-4 years. :-(

  3. @Sandy

    The response for my comment is an even faster one Sandy. Look at the consequence, i commented in 19 mins after your post and you responded for my comment in 18 mins.

    And its okie, wish Sarika on my behalf as well as your virtual friend in this virtual world. :)

  4. @Rahul

    I didn't know I responded so early... Anyways, I shall wish Sarika (if I ever meet her again) on your behalf.

  5. life at ur end seems too busy...;)but in all this bhag daud..dont forget ur dear ones...!so do attend ur friend's wedding..:)

  6. @angel
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog... I'd actually love to attend my best friend's wedding, but I have to work this weekend. So it is not possible. :-(

    I'll make it up to her by attending her reception here @ Chennai.

  7. hehehe....i rlly like the staff of globus:) i should've been there for the "thoppi,thoppi" scene...neways,gud to hear that u've made so many friends so soon...don't keep blurting out everything to everyone even over there...and why don't you write about 'luck by chance'?;-)

  8. so things are getting sorted out at your end :) happy for you. take care.

  9. @gaya
    I'd love to write about 'Luck By Chance'... But I don't want everyone to know what a big loser I am. Anyways, I shall write a post about it (coz you insist). And yeah, it'd have been the same case with you if you had gone shopping there!

    Yeah,I consider myself very lucky for having settled down into a project so soon. People who got released along with me still haven't gotten any projects and they are trying so hard. I guess I'm lucky... :-)

  10. or maybe u r really hard working :) cheers..

  11. @sawan
    I know better than that... I am the laziest person you can find (barring my sister!)

  12. hopefully ur PM wudn read ur blog :P

  13. @sawan
    Why are you saying that? I haven't written anything bad about my PM...

  14. @sawan
    Ohhh about me being lazy??? Sorry, didn't get it. My brain isn't working all that well these days. Anyways, I am not lazy at work. I'm lazy only at home.

  15. :) too much stress sandy.. take a break :)

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  17. hmm... you see, changes are constant in life.., am happy that you coped up well, BTW, dont you think, u 4got to mention DHINU as a potential names in the list of Beckhams and Nadals? I was watching the match too.., and i wanted fedrer to win, he's so simple as me.., with so less of attitude.

  18. @sawan
    I can't be stressed... I am the one who works the least.

    You and in my list of hot hunks??? Are you kidding me??? And yeah, the match was awesome and Federer played like he was giving a ballet performance; but out and out I supported Rafa coz he's (one among) the man of dreams!!!


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