Friday, October 31, 2008

Not a happy weekend...

It is 5:45pm on Friday, and yet I'm not my usual excited self. Normally weekend brings with it an excitement, a hope, a party mood and all, but today it is gloomy.

My room mate and friend of over 7 years (since 11th Std.) Brindha is going back to our native (Coimbatore) as she has got transferred to CTS, Coimbatore. I would say she is a lucky ass, but yeah, we would miss her at home and here is why...

1. She is very responsible (she takes care of everything from "soap powder got over" to "servant akka is unbearable" to "turn off the gas/switch before crashing on the bed.")

2. She is funny (ohhh she's gotta be the one girl who used to understand all my jokes... until my other roomies started cracking ones I didn't understand :-( Some role reversal there...)

3. She's our head chef (she's a great cook. she makes all really mouth-watering stuff at home and we enjoy eating it. come weekends and she'll search for a new recipe in google and make tht for us. how adorable!!!)

4. She is straight-forward (she tells u on face if u r doing something wrong. I have gotten hit by her twice - guys, never ever get in the wrong books of Brindha!!!)

5. She is going now!!! :-(

Anyways, hope she has a good time at home with her parents and enjoys the great climate and water. We'll miss u Brindha...

Now, thts why I'm all sad and stuff.... :-(


  1. how sweet! aint u guys giving her a farewell?

  2. Yep, we did...

    We went to a restaurant and made her pay the bill ;-)


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