Monday, November 3, 2008

Gayathri, the observer!!!

Wow... It is Monday. Well, I guess I belong to the 0.0001% of the world's population who says, "Wow, it's Monday". For people who don't understand why I am such a moron, read this.

So life at office and otherwise totally rocks. To add to the excitement is the news that my sister is visiting me for 4 days (from Friday to Tuesday) and hence I have a looooooooooooot to plan for the weekend. For the folk who don't know my sister, time to introduce Gaya.

She is a sweet(?) little (she was, once upon a time. Now she's bigger than me) pest (I'm not exaggerating)... She and I have a lot of things in common - we share ideas, sometimes we sing the same lines from the same song at different corners of the house and when we meet we find that we are singing the same song (tell me about telepathy), given a situation we tend to react in exactly the same way, using exactly the same words (twin souls, you might say), we like the same kind of books, we have similar interests in music and sports - and yet we are poles apart in character.

Sandhya is the talkative, dynamic, chirpy, funny but foolish (yes, I accept) girl, while Gayathri is the quiet one at home - the observer. I make a million friends in a matter of hours and it takes very few incidents for me to break up a relationship and come out of it, while Gayathri is exactly the opposite. She takes time to mingle - she observes a lot, she talks very little and listens very patiently and decides who she should be friends with - and even after making the decision, she wouldn't be all that keen on revealing much about herself to most of her friends.

When I am a part of the gang, I tend to be right at the centre, making fun of others and being made fun of and being loud and dancing and all that - in short, I am a party person! While Gayathri, as much as she enjoys herself when she is out in a bunch (she doesn't talk much, she just listens and laughs at the jokes the others crack), she has a small circle of friends who she is very close with (trust me, she is close with people who were her friends since age 3 - LKG friends)... I think it is a gift. I can't remember a lot of people who studied with me from that age!!!

I am kind of selfish and think only from my point of view, where as she tends to put herself in the other person's shoes and probably that how she scores so many friends who trust her completely....

Well, I am not jealous of her or anything, this is just the way I am and yeah, I am very happy with myself (who isn't) ;-)


  1. aha, so u both would be writing out your experience together in your respective blogs? i wana see the variations of same incidents unveil :-)

    chillout girlie.. have fun.

  2. Oh sure, we would be writing a lot about her trip to Chennai. But when you read both mine and hers, you find how similar and yet how different we are!!!

  3. well growing up with you, being observant comes naturally 'cos you're always there to mess up and i'm always there to watch and mock...anyway, thank you for wasting your time on ME for a difference,dharmu;-)see you soon!!

  4. hey sandy, you were advertising a brand "GAYA", what did she pay you?

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  6. @gaya

    U r one pain the neck... I had a lotta time to waste and I thought what is the worst topic/person to waste time on and I couldn't think of anyone worse than u. So yep, u could call it a tribute to all useless things on earth.


    I just wrote abt her coz I had so much free time at office. She didn't pay me or anyting. Even if she had, I wouldn't have any better stuff to write abt her. After all, there is a limit to lying, isn't there?

  7. So did you expect gaya to write something similar about you.. Gaya knows better I guess.. lol... ;-)

  8. @Yals

    I know better abt her... She, in fact, called me and threatened to write (true!) stuff about me and asked me to delete the post.

    I just dared her!!! ;-)

  9. @yals

    u're right,i sure know better;-)soon i'll be writing about this one..


    watch out for my next post...btw i wonder why ppl haven't asked you what dharmu means...

  10. @ Gayathri i am curious y dharmu?

    @ Sandy its ur resp to get gayathri ans my question..


  11. @Nagu
    Why? Why would I do that to myself???
    Let me tell u and the world - my name is Dharmambal (the family name that all brahmins have). That is what she teases me with.


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