Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Special people have special 'rules'

Why is it that people become so possessive about the ones they love? I mean, it is alright to want your guy/girl to treat you in a special way... But asking them to cut off from their respective friends??? Sorry, I find it absolutely disgusting!!!

I have seen/heard of boyfriends asking their girlfriends, "I tried calling you, but I guess you were talking to someone else. My call was kept waiting. Who were you talking to?"

"Huh... I was talking to mom."

"Mom? Are you sure?"

What the heck!!! Possessiveness is bad enough and when it paves the way for doubting one's partner, it becomes worse!

And I have heard girlfriends asking their boyfriends not to send (even forward) mails to other girls. She says, "Hey, I got your forward mail. You have sent it to R, I, L and M. And I am just one of the many recipients of the mail."

"It wasn't a personal mail that only you should read. It was just a forward, yaar. Forwards are supposed to be sent to a bunch of people."

"Ohhhh... So I have become just another person in a big bunch of people you know, is it?"

Gimme a break!!!

Love is something that grows out of mutual respect and admiration. Trust is the foundation of love and where there is trust, there can't be any doubting and therefore, there shouldn't be any possessiveness! Last time I experienced possessiveness as such was when I was in 5th std and my best friend An told me she will not talk to me until I stop talking to Pr. Now, Pr and I weren't the best of friends, but she seemed to understand what I was saying better than An. I thought An was way too childish (at 10 we were matured adults, who thought possessiveness is childish) And here we have a million guys and girls (who are supposed to be smart IT professionals) who do the same thing in the name of love.

To all these people who want to be possessive and the ones who are suffering from being 'possessed', I have just one thing to say... "GROW UP!!"


  1. your heart is true Sandhya, I stand with you in all what you said. Possessiveness is relationship killers! Good post. keep writing.

  2. good post Sandy!

    Being Possessive is manageable, but the act of being too possessive makes a relationship break. They don't understand that for getting a broken relationship back to course they need to sweat loads but believing your girl/guy is a lot easier.

  3. @sawan and rahul

    Thanks for sharing my views. I find it too childish when people become over-possessive. Anyways, we can't go and change all those people. We can only make sure possessiveness doesn't creep into our relationships!

  4. very true sandhya..

  5. Real good post.Completely agree with ya :)

  6. Possessiveness.....has it's origins...
    when a person realizes what s(he) has been missing something vital in his life due to his past actions ...that makes him probe an re-evaluate himself with his contemporary relationships.. and that always leads to over-possessiveness.(80 to 95% of cases)....
    oops ....
    I have spoken a lot of blah-blah.. but it's the love and care from his/her mom... that makes a kid to become a Spoil-brat...and unless some kinda discipline makes him a better person....

    PS: After all every man is a part of the Sacred Relic called...Woman.Forgiving some one who is over possessive is also good for some trust worthy people...
    What do say....?


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