Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was sooooooooooo bored this morning and that is when Yals pinged me. This is the chat transcript of the chat we had this morning... No wonder time just flies by when there are friends like this one... Love ya loads buddy...

Yals: morning sandy
Yals:"Only blackness knows how to cherish light"
Sandhya: mroning di
Yals: i love u sandy :P
Sandhya: huh???
Yals: lolz
seriously i love u
platonic love :D
Sandhya: y?
u der?
Sent at 10:09 AM on Tuesday
Yals: yeah
how can i say a reason for loving?
Sandhya: ohhh appidi varaya???
sheri sheri
Yals: lolz
Sent at 10:09 AM on Tuesday
Yals: de wat's with this desh drohi hero guy
how did he get a chance?
i mean he is looking so pathetic
Sandhya: hmmm.... egmore railway station-la beeda vithuttu irundhaan
Yals: lol
Sandhya: awesome na?
super stunts
Yals: is he having any connections with dawood?
Sandhya: i really wanna watch the movie
Yals: u got to be kidding me
Sandhya: i'm skipping vaaranam aayiram and watching deshdrohi
Yals: lol
Sandhya: hez my dream boy
Yals: good for u :P
Sandhya: my prince charming
Yals: may be if u kiss him he'll turn beautiful
Sandhya: hahaha
seriously, how the hell did he get cast?
Yals: he must be having some connections
Sandhya: sure
Yals: i really doubt it must with the underground dons
Sandhya: i think he's some producer's son
Yals: no re
no decent producer will do this to his son
Sandhya: hmmm
Yals: or he might have the tape of some famous personality in some inappropriate position ;-)
and he wud have blackmailed him to cast him
Sandhya: possible
Yals: geez am creative
Sandhya: jeez... u shud write a story
Sent at 11:07 AM on Tuesday
Yals: yeah probably
Sandhya: start ur blog na?
Yals: but who'll read it ;-)
Sandhya: i'll reasd
Yals: :) wokay
un thalaiyeluthu athuna mathava mudiyum :D
Sandhya: please write na...
i'd love to read it

I guess it is there for all of you to see how jobless we are to be chatting topics of international importance on a tuesday morning from work...


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  2. Well, i had gone to the food court to have lunch and found the trailer of this Desh Dhrohi. Trust me, its a Master to all the Hindi movies released. you should appriciate the Director and the producer for taking such a challenging step. Check this out http://www.chakpak.com/movie/desh-drohi/story/19573 i too decided San, that this movie is a Must Watch. and... chatting during work hours aint no big deal, but the topic that you guys were dealing with... Should i use a Shot gun or Rocket launcher to kill you ppl. its such a gr8 movie ^o) and how could you talk like this about it ! I'm mailing the Inox guys to feature it there. I'm worried if i could atleast find the tickets in black ! Happy Desh Dhrohi !!! Pray for our future "young n smart" dude. San, all the best. He may accept your proposal if you are the lucky one in the queue ;-). Kill me for this.

  3. Ohhh yeah... He has got to be the "Fresh face of the year", I mean, look at his biceps, chest and 6 packs. Blew me down!!! ;-) And I totally understand your love for your new "thalaivar"

  4. Go ahead and watch the movie Sandy, it has got some very lengthy dialogues which can give you goosebumps. And let me know your opinion. All the best for the dare!!!

  5. I used to post my chats with my friends in my blog and while checking this post , i felt happy .

    And, desh-drohi s hero just remind me Our own JKR - 'Nayakan'.

    good post .

  6. good one..i had similar thots abt the trailer of the movie...!

  7. Sandhya,

    The Deshdrohi hero himself is the Director.FYI movie is banned in Mumbai as there are some scenes depicting the Maharashtrians hatredness towards North Indians.

  8. @Rahul

    Happened to hear one particular dialogue... Made me feel punished. ;-)


    JKR is the best - the most glamorous hero of our times. We can't even compare this beeda-walah to our JKR...


    Long time...


    Yeah, even I came to know that his name is Kamaal Khan, a bhojpuri film-maker(!!!). Incidentally, Deshdrohi is his production, his brain(?!) child... Mumbaikars have escaped the whole thing!!!


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