Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramblings of a little girl...

Imagine I force you to eat some delicacy that I prepared. I know it is quite possibly the most terrible of stuff you'd ever have had in your life and wish you are never tortured this way by God again; but being the ncie, polite person you are, you try eating it (I'd say attempting to eat is an achievement in itself) so that I don't feel down and low. You are controlling your vomiting sensation and eating it because I said I'd treat you later at your favourite restaurant in the city. By the time you finish eating it, I fill your plate again with more of the same unpalatable stuff. But still, you think of the mouth-watering dishes you'd get to taste during the treat later in the day and go on with my absolutely tasteless food.

After an hour or so, you finish having it and say, "I'm done with it. It was great."

I look at you up and down, look at the plate and say, "You left the tiiiiiiiiiiny bit here in the corner. So I'm not gonna treat you."

How would you feel? That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I slogged at work in this project for 6 months, completed whatever task was assigned to me within the stipulated time, had no complaints on me from the client's side and still, I got a meagre "Meets Expectations" as my appraisal rating and the reason for this as told to me was, "The client feels there has not been much contribution from the offshore team. You clearly have not taken any new initiative... (Me: Duh, I have worked and that is a new initiative in itself ) You should have been more proactive, interested in learning new technology..." GIMME A BREAK...

First of all, I am stuck in a job that I don't like. Well, that is not my PM's problem, but that is a major factor, don't you think? I feel like quitting my job and finding a job that pays me to talk - a call center executive, an HR personnel, an RJ, TV reporter, or to write - well, newspaper columnist, writer, whatever... Anything but IT... But the only problem is, I won't get paid as much in any other field (at least not at the start)...

Dear God, please let me find a project that is interesting or a new job that I like that pays me well... Am I asking for too much?


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  2. same case here :-( find a similar job for me..This time we shud be more serious than we attended hello Fm Interview in Cbe ;-)

  3. btw wat u told me s a lie????????? u told me u'll cook decently kno???

  4. @Karthik

    Dey, that is what I'd like to tell about myself to friends. Thankfully, I'm true on my blog... ;-)

    And yeah, you remember the interview for which we went and came back without being interviewed but just made to wait for more than 4 hours??? We really did meet some interesting people there, didn't we?

  5. appraisal time girlie.. its the same story everywhere! Be happy they din give you a pink slip! its such a bad time, cost cutting is the mantra.. no new jobs available and movin to another firm is such a risk! nyways, u got a background in HR? send me your resume if you have.

  6. @sawan
    I don not have a background in HR (by this I mean, I'm not an MBA grad)... But I'm sure I can do the job well coz that is something I love doing... Do you still think I should send you my resume???

    Even in my team, I am solely responsible for all team building activities... But still they give me a low rating in the appraisal; that is what pissed me off. Anyways, I hope things become better in the days to come and I pray to God everyday to give me a job I love!!! :-)

  7. Wow, this is what is happening in the whole of our nation Sandy, we do things without any love for what we do!!! Even i am in your league Sandy, though am doing my comp. science engg., am not going to work in that sector(i didn't mean as if i got a job now). Its so early in your career and so better go for a different work post this crisis period, this time around the job market is down i suppose. All the best!!!

  8. @Rahul
    It is very unfortunate to know there are millions like me. No other sector pays as much. So I just have to hold on to this job until my commitments are done with... :-(

  9. hey this happens everywhere......And i hate this place... this so called IT industry it sucks big time... and many ppl cling to it just coz they get paid and they are not sure if they can maintain this lifestyle and meet the expectations that they created with this salary they receive... catch-22... Im too in d very same sit as u r in a job tat i hate n i hv decided to take d risks.. after all its high time now...:)

    hope things get back on track 4 u...

  10. @Vignesh
    Thanks for your comments... I really wanna break free. But there are commitments that pull me down. I am afraid to let my heart take me where it wants to.

    I hope everything gets fine for me too :-)

  11. yeah i can understand your position...thank god i didn't do the same mistake...but you just hang in there, something better and more interesting will surely come your way...think of the pay every time you think of these things...

  12. @Gayathri
    You think it is fair to do something you despise just for material gains? Well, I guess this little girl has rambled enough...

    I should just probably let life take me where it wants to instead of following my heart and consider it as a sacrifice I have made for letting my juniors know how bad it is to be stuck in the wrong job...

  13. hey watch this...


  14. hey there.., finally got a chance to comment on your blog, huh, so do you think a call centre job or a HR job would let you play carroms, take all the coffee breaks that you want and more than anything, your current job also lets you blogging (atleast the place where you can speak out)!!

    Guess what, its not your problem, we as human are never satisfied, even the RJ's crib about talking for a long long time and CC executives apart from talking also complains about the graveyard shifts!

  15. This is a very usual sound from the IT people.
    Nobody give salary without work.
    Taking good money,still crying foul. Non sense talk.

    Above all, No pain ;No gain

  16. @Dhinu
    Thanks for depicting me as someone who misuses the "perks" that our office provides. In case you didn't know, I play carroms after 6:30pm. And people complain only when they don't like the job they are doing. In my case, I wouldn't complain about having to talk for long long hours... I'd, in fact, enjoy that.

    Anyways, thanks for your comments...

    Nobody is asking for salary without doing work... The thing that I'm complaining about is that hard work goes unnoticed and we don;t get the hike we deserve.

    All I am saying is, there has been a lot of pain, but there has been no equivalent gain!!!

  17. Sandhya,

    There is a saying "How hard one may work,ones always falls shorts of PM's expectations".That too now it's IT Slowdown.Not a surprise that we get such kind of ratings.Keep the hopes alive and just march on.All the best.


  18. @Kiran
    It is not a surprise to me also, but I am disappointed. More than that I'm disgusted... Why should we suffer for something that is not our fault?


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