Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm such a loser!!!

Last week I lost my chain... The chain my mom got for me when I started going to high school. Although initially I didn't like it hanging around my neck (specially when I was wearing my school uniform, as chains just didn't go with it), slowly I started developing a kind of liking for it. It had a little pendant that had alela krishna's (baby krishna on a leaf) in it... That Krishna was so close to me that I always wore the pendant in such a way that people only get to see the back side of the pendant. I used tosay, "Krishna should see only me. That's why I'm wearing it like this."

And I lost it... I had kept it in a box on my shelf and it was not there when I checked the box next... I am feeling soooooooooo bad now!!!

And this morning, I couldn't find my watch. It was a Fastrack watch which had the dial on a zip... It was a birthday gift from Sabal last year. And I guess I lost that too. Where are all my stuff going? I mean, why am I so careless??? Why am I such a "loser"???


  1. Hey Sandy keep cool, i suppose you will get it back, its just that you are in some mental tension now that you don't really remember where you actually placed them. You will surely get them back, just hunt your room really well and you will find it!

  2. is that the chain that u r showcasing in ur profile pic? dnt worry. everyone are careless, only that many are lucky!

  3. @Rahul

    I searched everywhere in my home and didn't find them... :-(


    Yes, it is the chain that I'm sporting in that pic. I have been so careless and unlucky at the same time.

  4. dnt worry, u wud get it wen u r not searchin for it.. it always happens like that! u wud get things wen u least expect :-)

  5. somtimes things are misplaced they are not usually lost sit in a clam place and recap and close your eyes ur instincts will help you to get it..!
    pls dont remove things like gold chains.:)keep it wearing always:)

  6. @sawan
    I really hope I get it. In fact, I have stopped searching for it. So if I'm lucky, I shiould get it when time comes...

    I tried everything out yaar. I really shouldn't have removed it at all. Well, what is the use of rambling now? What's gone is gone.

  7. hey sandy... read ur blogs! dey are very nice!!

    hope u ve got back ur lost pieces... just a small help for u... in case u want to chillax and cool urself down... why dont u vist this is new networking site!! it's lovely...
    it would surely freshen you up!!


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