Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Life still goes on.......

Today is a great day - it is christmas eve and it has already gotten me contemplating my new year's resolution, talking of which I can't help but think about the episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where each one takes up a resolution and find that resolutions are not for them...

Another good thing about today is that I'm going home for a long weekend. I'll get to spend 4 days there. I have already called up my mom and told her what I want for breakfast tomorrow. I get to go home once in a month and because of that I get to be treated like royalty whenever I go there. My mom makes all my favourite dishes, my sister and I hang out (it is like a rare thing to happen because she generally likes to hang out only with her friends) and the best part is my grandma never scolds me... That's like the best thing.

Let me paint a picture of my grandma here... My grandma is almost 87 years old now and she is still the most energetic person I have ever met. She can't be lazy at all. Being lazy is something she has never understood. Even when she is down with fever, she wakes up not later than 6:30 in the morning in the cold COimbatore climate and goes out for what we call "rounds" - during these "rounds" she plucks flowers from all the trees in the neighbourhood and gives them to the Pillayar temple near our home. Then she comes back and starts washing the dishes and the clothes, though my mom keeps shouting at her, asking her not to stand in water and aggrevate her fever. She is sooooooooooooo active and I have gotten thrashed by my mom because of this. She says, "Look at paatti, even at this age, she is so active and brisk. You shameless, sleeping till 10am. Learn from her!!!" That was enough reason for me to hate her.

Ever since my mom and dad were married, till today, my grandma has lived with us. She likes my sister so much and she hates me the most. Whenever me and my sister have a fight (we still fight over small and silly stuff), my grandma invariably would support her, without even knowing what the fight is about or who is right and who is wrong. She just adored my sister (the nasty pain in the neck)... And that gave me an even better reason to hate her.

But being so far away from her now, I have come to realize that I love her and I miss fighting and arguing with her over silly reasons. Ans she is now pouring all her love towards me. She picks up the phone and asks, "Sandhya, saaptaya? Nanna saapdu. Nanna velai paaru, nalla per vaanganam." I mean, she has never ever wished so much for me... Ever...

But now I miss my mom, my sister and my paatti so much. I wish I could go back to living with them and fight over trivial things. I miss that life where I didn't have to handle any money over 500 bucks at a time. I wish I could still be the wild child of the family and the most talkative yet 'padakoo' girl in the class and the short, thin girl with the big voice. I feel like I have migrated too far from being all those things now. But life goes on, doesn't it?


  1. Hey Sandy this reminds me of my hostel days, i spent an year at hostel and i missed everyone at my house. There used to be times when i felt really lonely and all the best times i had with my parents and brother would come to my mind and again i feel even more lonely. And grandma's are known to scold, but the more they scold you the more they love and the more you mean to them. You will probably know this when you have grand children lol :P .
    And still you can try being that same girl who couldn't handle more than 500 bucks, i would be more than happy if you could transfer the rest of your salary leaving behind that 500 Rs. This should really help you (and definitely me). Do think over it Sandy!!

    Keep Blogging!!

  2. @Rahul
    I don't even have a marriage planned and you are talking about me having grandchildren? Way too much man... And if it takes a marriage and children and all that headache, I don't wanna know which grandchild is close to my heart.

    And yeah, I'd be more than happy to transfer all my money to your account (i don't even need the 500 bucks), if you can take care of my education loan repayment, LIC policy premium, my house rent and give some money to my mom and give me Rs.500 every week for commuting to office. What say?

  3. @Sandy
    Go ask your granny if she hasn't planned your marriage and stuff, she would have imagined of it a 100 times i assure. It does take a lot of headache madam. lol
    I would be more than happy to receive the money as well, let us have a round table conference over these expenses. But good to know that you got an investment in the form of an LIC. Keep it up!

  4. sandy,, girlie, merry Christmas..
    you are going home.. hey, so 4 days u r gona work on your weight:) i am sure you are gona look different by monday :P
    have a wonderful vacation.. take care..

  5. @Rahul
    I know for sure my granny doesn't want me to get married anytime soon. She wants me to concentrate on my career and take care of my health, that's all. Pretty different grandma, she is...

    Merry christmas to you too... And am not looking any different from what I looked like on Wednesday.

  6. sandy,

    good one..



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