Monday, December 8, 2008

It just doesn't get outta my mind...

I know how much harder it should be for the people of Bombay... Let me tell you why.
Everyday, on my way back from work, I get down at the bus stop that is like 1km from my home (and not the nearest bus stop which is less than 0.5km) - the main idea behind it being walking and yeah, I call up my mom and talk to her till I reach home. Last Friday, I couldn't talk to my mom while walking because she was walking at our native place too and she couldn't talk while walking - old age, you see... (Sorry, amma)

So that evening, as I was walking, all I could think of was "What would I do if the terrorists came here and started firing indiscriminately? Where would I go and hide?" And that night, I dreamt about the guy 'Kasab' firing at my grandma and my sister at my native place... I can surely imagine how traumatised the people of Bombay would be.

That 'Kasab' guy was born in 1987 - he is younger than me and most of you reading this. He has such a baby-like face. One can not link his face with such a gross attack. Appearances are sooooooooooooo deceptive! It hurts to see a youngster who has been brain-washed so much and made to take up such an "assignment" where he has to kill people before losing his own life.

And why are they doing it in the name of Islam? I am sure Islam doesn't preach anything but love and brotherhood. These terrorists - whatever religion they belong to, whatever country they belong to, whatever language they speak, they have absolutely no rights to take away the lives of so many innocent civilians!!!

I hadn't written anything about the Bombay attacks for like 10 days since it happened, I thought I'd not write about it because as it is, so much is being written about it. But I couldn't stand it when my mind started imagining things and I started having nightmares, I had to pour it out!!!


  1. Sandy, I could comprehend your emotions dear but think of this. This paranoia that you are facing is exactly what the terrorists wanted. They wanted Indian to feel insecure. They wanted us to believe that any ass**** could walk into our country and shoot us dead any moment. They wanted to spread fear. Trust me, they have failed miserably. Words of the victims and their relatives are proof for that. Many business magnets who were held hostages said they would definitely come back to India. Cafe Leopold were the shootout happened was open for business soon after the encounter and was filled with guests. Taj is planing to re-open by the end of this month. A NSG commando who was part of the operation told like this : "if they are shameless and decide to walk back to india we would keep on fighting them and we would keep on killing them. They could only enter India alive, they would never leave our country alive".

    Forget your fears dear.. Its time to be brave. Its time to show those f*****g terrorists that we are INDIANS. Its time to showcase our will power. Its our time not theirs.

  2. @sawan
    Wow... That gave me a lot of courage. Sure we should be brave at this point of time and I really hope we do remain so. These attacks highlight the loopholes in our defense force. That is very disppointing. What is even more disappointing is the disgustingly insensitive attitude of our politicians. It destroyed even the little hope we had of bouncing back.

    It is time for us to destroy the corrupt leaders and abolish the terror within our country's borders... Only then can we stand strong and united against such attacks.

  3. Polititions s****. And there is a reason for that. In developed countries, people with a high grade of education comes into politics. they are PRESENTABLE! they know how and when to talk. in our country its not the same situation. I say there should be a rule which makes sure that the candidate should have a minimum of post graduate degree in arts/commerces/science/management or a bachelors degree in technology.

    as for the loop holes in security, sandy, trust me.. every country got theirs. its only how they manage to keep it out of reach of media or public that decides how developed those countries are! :-)

  4. Sandy as Sawan has said these terrorists want to highlight India as an insecure nation, insecure in all aspects but we have overcome them(for now) and they are sure to try their hand at this again and again unless we completely wipe them off this planet. Even i heard many foreigners saying that they would return to India, thats always a good sign, it says that we are not alone in this fight.

    Your views on Indian politicians in very true. In India people with a criminal background and the uneducated clunkers go for politics and that has cost dear for this nation. There needs to be this basic qualification for politicians as you said, they should all be specialized in what they do.

    Jai Hind

  5. @Rahul

    I think educated youth like us should take to politics as we would make very good leaders and are equipped to handle such emergency situations with more sensitivity and are better organized.

    The problem with us is, we are too selfish... We want to live a decent/luxurious life and want to make our parents/family happy and hence leave the dirty politics to people who are inefficient and incompetant. That is one of the major causes for the sorry state of our country post 26/11...


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