Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last week, I got viral fever. I still don't understand where I got it from.... Oh... yeah, my room mate had it and I was unlucky (not exactly unlucky, the word is weak :-)) to contact it from her. And suffer, I did...

My mother, fortunately, was in the city and once the doctor told me it was a viral fever and it will persist for another 2-3 days, I went to Coimbatore along with my mother. I had everything from temperature soaring to a 104.6 degrees to joint pain to rashes on the face that scared the shit out of me to vomiting... Phew... It aches to just type so much! On the brighter side of it (yes, it did have one) I got so much attention from my mom. She took leave for 3 days from her office and sat beside all day and fed me food and made me eat all the tablets and gave me fruit juices and what not (to make me "ready" to be back at work next monday)...

All this happened at the time when "students" (I'm not sure if I can call them that anymore) were brutally almost killing each other, media personnel trying to capture every cruel blow on tape (no, they worry neither about the students who were being beaten right in front of their cameras, nor about the mental condition of the viewers - after all, they were bringing in hot news for their respective channels, what was more important than that???) and above all there were a few people clad in khakhi clothes (yeah, similar to the ones who catch us to check our driving licenses during peak hours) near white cars (the ones with "Police" written in the front) watching the entire thing like it were a circus show... Where is our country heading?

All this was going on when I got a call from one of my colleagues who asked me if I could book a couple of tickets for "Vaaranam Aayiram" at Sathyam for him and his girlfriend.

I really didn't know what to say...


  1. Hey Sandy i know where he fever has come from, my last post!!!
    What did you do to get fever, so that you could get back home with your mom and get all her care?? Very cunning lol ;)
    Hope you are fine now, and what about the virus??? It should be having a very bad time on you!!! :P

  2. Wow, genius... All my relatives told the exact same thing... That I wanted to be with my mom and that is why I have got fever (like fever was available in the nearest market)...

    But yeah, I got to bunk 3 days of office and be with mom.

    Well, you should really read the virus' blog to know how it felt to be a part of my fever!

  3. @sawan

    Am totally fine now. Recovered in record time!!! Now back to work... This is the bad part.

  4. Isnt it satyam? or is it south indianised just like my friend goutham and dhivya! :)
    Get well soon though...you sounded terrible there!

    Scribblers Inc.

  5. It is Sathyam... The multiplex is in Chennai, for crying out loud. It is bound to be south-indianised.

    Yeah, I'm hale and healthy now. Back at work...


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