Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear diary...

Now, I am making this blog my diary...

I am feeling very dull and depressed and totally not in the mood to work (as usual..) today... There is no exact reason why I am not my usual funny self and I have no clue as to why everything is so colorless today.

The day actually started off well (I woke up late, had a good sleep, no bad dreams), had a nice, long bath (yes, I did), had an okay breakfast and came to office without any hitch anywhere. But after coming here, I feel something is not right, I feel something is different, don't know what is wrong or if it is just my feeling.

I just chatted with Yals (my bessssssssst friend) and she asked if I was okay, I have no clue how she sensed that... She asked if I had any misunderstanding with anyone(I never have any misunderstandings with anyone, only others have problems with me), I don't know... I feel like i have lost control over my life today. I feel I am following something that I had vowed I'd never follow... Let life take you where it wants to. I mean, if you let life take you wherever, then what are you for??? Anyways, keeping all my stupidities to myself, I feel the day is gloomy and I feel lonely. Maybe that is the reason...

I hate loneliness. I always prefer staying with a group of friends around me, laughing and cracking jokes, pulling each others' legs and all that (I miss Dinesh now...) I just hate this part where I have to sit in front of my computer and just stare at it, without having anyone to chat with (just for company)... I feel I am not Sandhya today!!!


  1. sandy.. sometimes its just good to feel different. you got a chance to realize what you really are. you got a chance to watch at you as a third person! now, how many get a chance like that?
    well, one problem cud be that you have NO work :-) did u see the dollar recession on tv? it jus fell below 49rupee per dollar.. not a gud news for who ever is working in IT! the idea is that there are hell lot of bad news floating around.. luk at them , smile and be happy that u r not the CEO of any dooming banks :-)

  2. and u dnt have to think u are alone.. u have the entire blogger community with u :-) cheers..

  3. @sawan

    Thanks for cheering me up (you just brought a broad smile on my face!!!, my first since morning)... I'm feeling much better now!!!

    Anyways, I am really thankful to God for not making me a CEO of any bank, neither am I happy for making me struggle as one among the more than 10 million IT professionals (ha ha) in India, but yeah, life could be worse, I am happy it is not...

    Thank you...

  4. good that u smiled :-)

    why would someone call an ocean an "ocean" if it had no waves? IT is affected cos the financial backbone is affected. be happy that u got a chance to cry with the big shots of this world - including the financial gurus and presidents of different nations.. u have all the BIG people working day and night sweating out just to keep your bank account un affected :-)

  5. hmm yeah so ahem ahemm..... uh...


    yeah this is the first time am visiting..ur blog.
    perhaps i could say something meaningfull..



  6. Oops!!., thats strange., weren't u DELIGHTED by someone ?

  7. @padma (vemuri)

    Sorry that you had to read my stupid post.I guess my blog wasn't all that welcoming after I wrote that post. But I couldn't help it when I was depressed. I promise I'll write something good and funny, keep visiting!!!


    Can you please stop DELIGHTing me anymore? I was a good girl, saying that I am missing you and stuff and you dumb a**, you deserve a whack on your empty head...

  8. hey first time visit to your blog..seems good.. will check back once again n read the full !!

  9. @ Mr.Quill

    Thnx for visiting and hope u enjoy reading the posts.

    I welcome your comments on the posts!


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