Thursday, May 28, 2009


I caught a severe cold from my friend and have been making strange noises (read: like a frog during mating season) for almost a week now and no amount of milk with turmeric powder and pepper has made it any better. I have become the butt of so many jokes that my room mates are planning to publish a collection of such instances.

The house I stay in is a big one divided into 6 portions – 3 in the ground floor, 2 in the first floor and 1 in the 2nd floor. I and my friends live in the ground floor. One of the other houses in the ground floor is occupied by 6 Telugu-speaking guys (hereafter referred to as the “guys”) and the other ground floor house has a Bengali husband and wife (21 yr old girl, just married, can speak only Bengali, no English, butler Hindi). The house owner stays in one of the first floor portions. The motor switch is inside the owner’s house and my owner aunty has a big problem with her hearing (she has a hearing-aid, but I have never seen her using it).

Now, our house and the guys’ house are separated by only a thin wall and we can hear whatever they are singing (which is not very pleasant to hear, trust me). During the IPL, they were staunch supporters of the Deccan Chargers while we were supporting Chennai Super Kings. On the day of the first semi-final – between the Deccan Chargers and the Delhi Daredevils (in which Gilchrist showed no mercy on any of the DD bowlers), I had a chat with one of the guys. He was obviously very happy about Gilchrist’s form and told me DC will win the cup. I was super confident about Dhoni and Co. that I told him, “No way, CSK are gonna win. Last time we came so close. This time we are not leaving without the cup.” Sigh!!!! We didn’t even make it to the Finals. The next day (after Chennai lost to Bangalore) when we met again, he gave me a sarcastic smirk. I should have been furious, but I didn’t coz, let’s face it, the guy was cute!!! ;-)

My room mate is travelling to the U.S. for a couple of months and we wanted to make her feel how much we were going to miss her, so we decided to treat her and let her pay the bill (ok, I can hear that “idhellam oru pozhappah?”)… We decided to keep it simple (month-end, you see) and agreed upon ordering pizza. I was given the task of calling up Pizza Hut and placing the order.

Pizza Hut Guy (PHG): Hello, Pizza Hut. I am Nixon, how can I help you?
Me: Hello! I am Sandhya. I am calling from Tiruvanmiyur. I wanna order pizza for four people.
PHG: Could you please repeat your name again?
Me: He can’t even get my name right. OMG, how am I gonna tell him what Pizza, what toppings and everything? I am Sandhya.
PHG: Ms. Sandhya, can you please give the phone to someone else (veetla periyavanga yaaru kittayavudhu phone-ah kudu paappa)
Me: ?!??!??!?

:-( :-( :-(


  1. why bother giving the name...
    and yay DC won...

  2. @Vintez
    Shouldn't have bothered to give my name! Learnt it the hard way, didn't I?
    I guess yayy, DC won too (I support the cute guy's team!)

  3. IPL has proved it is what i mean...

  4. Sandy, you have a way with words. You know how to tell a tale.

  5. it'ld have been so embarrassing if u had a even bet on the elections and ordered biryani....

  6. @Chitappa
    Thank you!!! Coming from you, it's flattering!

    Oh yeah, I can't even think abt tht!!!

  7. Beta, nice way you handle your english. Keep it up. By the way, if you are wondering who i am, i chanced upon your blog when i was visiting my nephew Bharat's blog.

  8. even I have a similar roomies....irritating...and noiseful.....

    hehhe..part of life...

    Love the humour in post....They made me giggle


  9. omg, the pizza hut huy actually said that!! :P lol

    hearty condolence for the loss of CSK and yeyy for hyd deccans [thought I am non – telugu, I stay in hyd for the past 3 yrs and I dnt have a team from kerala to support] :)

  10. @kadwa sach
    Thank u, keep visiting and encouraging me!!! :-)

    @The Daydreamer
    I gave my phone to my roomie who took the call forward. :-( My roomies are real darlings!

    Glad it made u smile...

    Yep, he actually said tht. Yeah, DC were the strongest team anyway. And I now have a better reason to support them (remember, the cute guy...)

  11. Are you sure the 'Pizza Hut' guy was not a DC supporter (or a CSK hater...) ? :p

  12. though u look a pappa, ur mature ,arent u? :P

  13. @Shobhit
    I don't know about that. But could have been so. It was probably humiliate-all-CSK-fans kinda thingie...

    Oh yeah, now where did my looks come into the picture here?

  14. I was thinking about some incident with the bong lady.., however, the cutie did not appear the rest of ur blog...,

    I luv 2 luv married women... :P

    abt the pizza.., Hmm... what if u were an call centre employee ??

  15. LOL!!

    the world hovers over name over and again so much ....!!

    "khair, naam me kya rakha he!!"[:)]

  16. @Dhinu
    Tu kabhi nahi sudharega... besharam!!!
    I am silently thankin God for not making me a call center employee!!!

    Exactly, naam mein kya rakha hai :-)

  17. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny!!!

    Re: CSK... better luck next time... :)

  18. @Roshmi
    Thanks, it is nice to know that I have a new reader to my blog. Welcome!!!

  19. I am not a new visitor/reader... to your blog. I have been reading it regularly and have commented before... too!!!


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