Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The past weekend was one that made me extremely happy – a weekend filled with hugs and kisses from my family – mom, sister, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents – it made me very happy to meet so many relatives after a long time. I had a great time – cousins pulling my legs, talking about everything from movies to cricket to hot gossips! It was the perfect weekend…

When everything is going great guns in my life, there were a few moments which made me go “What’s wrong with me?” All such moments were because of my work place practices. It amazed me to know how much it has changed the real Me.

Things to prove I am an ITMARK (IT equivalent of AGMARK) software engineer.

1. I was at the ‘Sadabhishekam’ of my grandparents and there was so much smoke coming from the homa-gundam; I started wondering why the smoke-detectors work only during fire evacuation drills.
2. The other day, when I returned home from work, instead of inserting the key into the key-hole and turning it, I reached for my ID card to swipe it to open the door and wondered where the swipe machine went.
3. I stay far away from my mom and always talk to her over phone. Now she is in Chennai and for calling out to her when she was in the kitchen, I shouted “hello amma” instead of “amma”.
4. I write “Pls do let me know if there are further concerns” in personal mails.
5. My idea of flirting has become, “Which technology did you say you are working on?” (No wonder the cute guy next door runs like crazy in the opposite direction when he sees me walking towards him)
6. I am in a Production Support project wherein we resolve any ‘ticket’ raised by the user when they face any issue with the data in the database/in the application. It made me nervous when my friend said, “I have ‘tickets’ for the concert”. I started thinking about how to resolve it.
7. My roomie was looking for one of her DVDs and asked all of us to search for it and I said, “I’ll google it right away” without thinking. I was glared at by all of them.

God help me!!!


  1. Hmm.. You're proving that you're absent minded (I already knew you were one).

    I used to purposefully google asking for "My Wife", "How rich will i get", and sometimes, even "HAPPINESS" when most needed (http://dineshdiwakar.blogspot.com/2008/09/search-for-happiness.html).

    all of these just prove over and over, how stupid you are..!!!

    BTW, what is Sadabhishekam ? and i wonder, why did you have this ceremony in one of the office (that is the only place in india that i found smoke detectors.)

  2. U know what, blue is my fav color, and this background is stunning and i guess, you are too flattered by your new crush, the telugu guy and his team of deccan chargers...

  3. @Dhinu
    Absent-minded? Not really... It is just that my work has an influence on me.

    Sadabhishekam is a celebration which marks the 80th birthday of a man who still has his wife along with him for support. It is also a celebration of their long marriage and their life together.

    And thanks for ur positive comments abt my new layout. It was to impress the cute guy, alright; just that he doesn't even knw I blog!

  4. Lol I totally agree with your idea of flirting..and thank god i am not influenced so much as you are except for the mailing part..I find words like please, concern, request as integral part of any mail... most importantly ctl+alt+del and shift+del is one habit which i can't come out of... Can you imagine, i read the daily newspaper online even when am at home :(

    On a more personal note, am so mad at you for changing the layout i made for you.. You crushed a budding designer who aspired to reach heights and you are gonna regret terribly for tha girl.. roar ;)

  5. You have told clearly the happenings of today, albeit in a funny manner, proving once again that you do have a way with words.

    True, computer and internet has not only changed our world and life but also our English.

  6. Fun post! The word 'ticket' you mentioned reminds me of something pretty important I need to look into right away. brb :D

  7. @Yals
    Good for u if u are not this bad (yet)... Reading daily newspaper on the net while at home is too much! Adha konjam control pannu...

    I am so sorry abt having to change the layout, Yals... I just thought I'd keep changing it once in a while

    @C R Venkatesh
    Thank u for ur encouraging comment. Keep visiting!

    Ha ha... Talk abt funnier comments!

  8. Lol it was a traffic ticket I had gotten last year. Have another couple weeks to deal with it. Had totally forgotten all about it until I read your post.

  9. @Arvind
    That is a totally different kinda 'ticket' and glad my post reminded u of that!!!

  10. I liked the last lines “I’ll google it right away”...:D

    too funny..:) i thought it only happens with me:(

  11. @Gautam
    Ohhh no, lot of us are just like u. U are not alone in this madness!

  12. Recently, I saw a tweet which said - "When one of my friends said a joke, I said LOL. I did not laugh out loud, I said L-O-L." !! :P

  13. You are "married" to your work... hence this "work-life" imbalance... ;)

  14. @Ishu
    See, I am not alone! :-)

    If you say I am married to work, you oughtta see my colleagues who keep their heads glued to the monitor.

  15. " hello amma " was the best part of this sandhya !!!
    cool one.. really a nice blog.. Hats off !! Keep Going..

  16. @ddcp
    Thank you! Will keep writing. I have nothing better to do anyway!

  17. Point number 6 is very good. Unakku nalla sense of humour irukku nu prove pannite!!
    Whatever you have said are very true. Happens to me too. Bcoz nanum adhe kuttai le oorre matta dhane!

  18. LOL!! :D
    Damn interesting expression!! Liked all the ITMARKs but could relate to 2, 4 (I do that too :p) and 7!! :D


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