Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye bye, people!

No,I am not closing this blog down!

Everything around me is changing. The surroundings, the people, the weather (which has become a little pleasant in the past couple of days), the relationships I share, everything!

All was fine until June 24th (Wednesday) night. On 25th morning, my roomie announces that her marriage is fixed and the date ahs been finalized and the date is less than 2 months away from now. First shock! That same afternoon, another one of my roomies mails us that she has to report at California on Monday (29th) and she has to stay there for 2-3 months. Another one of my roomies says she might get transferred to Bangalore. That same night, the cute-guy-next-door says he has got a super offer from some company in Singapore and he’d move there in a month’s time! What the heck! Why the heck is all of this happening too soon? Why haven’t we been given some time to cherish the million memories we have?

It has been close to 2 years for us in that house and we have had so many nice experiences being there right from our owner who can’t hear to Brinda’s lip-smacking food to dirty paan-spitting neighbors to cute-guy to learning Bengali from the newly-wed girl next door, it has been an amazing ride. And it is getting over!

We all knew we had to part some day; that all the fun would finally come to an end one day when all of us have to go chasing our careers/married lives. We knew it right when we became roomies. But now that it is happening, it seems so hard to digest. And before we know, there will be farewell hugs and we would not be roomies anymore. God, I hate the thought of it.

P.S: My mom has finally permitted me to stay alone. When all my friends leave me (that sounds so senti, I know), I would have to find another (affordable) house for myself and stay there. It would be a new experience and I don’t know whether I would enjoy it or feel awfully lonely, but I want to give it a try. We will see that works out. So, finding an affordable house in the same area is a mighty task and I have to indulge in that routine for some time before I find a suitable house. I know this paragraph is a little too long to be a P.S. but bear with me because I feel really whiny and depressed now!

P.P.S: MJ passed away. Isn't there anything that can go right in my life??? (the way Ross whines in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)


  1. mmmmhmmmmmmm, so say bye bye roommates if ur not closing down blog :|,UR shocked N feeling depressed as your frds R leaving. But for your roommates and neighbour its goodness naa. As one is gonna get married , another will go to USA for work ...n so ...its a new rootage for them. Even they will miss you equally :).

    Rest about finding a affordable house in chennai its comparatively easy than other metro city and you know local language phir to no problem atall.

    Be gleeful,you will get frdly ppl ahead.

    TC :)

  2. @Akhil
    Actually, yes, I am happy for them because they are making progress in their lives/careers, but we could have had some more time to digest the facts/cherish our days together. It is all happening too fast.
    It is harder to find a decent, affordable apartment in Chennai than in other cities (trust me, I am experienced). It doesn't help even if you know the language.
    I hope I meet new friends coz life still has to go on. :-)

  3. Hey... This is one thing i hate about life.Leaving is always troublesome.I too faced a similar situation few years back while leaving my school.Finding people of your kind(like minded)is very tough.
    "Life is very Short".You don't even realize how quickly time has passed.This is one confusing or rather irritating aspect of life. Its easy to say that you need to move on,but it takes time...Time to adjust,time to meet new people and time to create an atmosphere similar to the previous one i.e a fun filled happy and a memorable one.Till then you need to keep yourself busy and avoid loneliness.

  4. Sorry if i sound like a personal counsellor :-(

  5. @Shankar
    I need something to keep myself busy. That is why I wanna stay alone so that taking care of the house/cleaning it/cooking food all by myself will distract me from feeling lonely. Or maybe I should choose the simpler path and get married... ;-)

  6. the first few steps seem to compared to the bigger last one :)

  7. @Vintez
    The first few steps are most crucial... :-)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. yeah like the stepping stones are they...

  10. Hehehe.. You can get married if you are really interested.But,I don't agree with your previous comment.Loneliness is something related to your mind or inner self to be precise.May be you can have some sort of time pass by cleaning ,cooking etc but you'll always feel that you are missing your close pals.
    Its better if you do something which you always love to do...Going home frequently,Singing,Gardening...You can try out new things..Develop new hobbies.This is just for a few days..Till u find new friends.More than keeping yourself busy,"Make sure that you are enjoying every moment".Life is very short if you are happy and it is very long if you are unhappy

  11. Ab life is fast naa, so everything will happen fast :P . just wish them best !!!

    I was living in chennai for 13 years and still my family is there . Its been 15 years for them, but we never had problem.

    And everytime we got new house it was best than better :), may be its bec my dad gets house allowance.

    Waise if u have problem in searching house in chennai , agents r their. But they charge u a month or 2 months rent.

    First think your gonna change D location or gonna search house in same place.

    THe Hindu newspaper ....etc will help u out :)

    aur agar if u dont find any house lol :P than tell ur mom to search a guy for u , so u can settle down like ur roommates oops again.


  12. Change, The spice of cannot avoid it....and it is always sudden and has the domino effect...

    But you will enjoy this different life as well, and crib when another change is forced on you after another couple of years!


  13. @Vintez
    Stepping stones, yes!

    Now you sound like a counselor. Really, it is not THAT bad (yet!)

    People whose dads get house allowance are not allowed to make such comments. Ask ppl like us who are made to pay the price just because we are IT professionals (like that's a crime) how tough it is to find affordable decent places to rent...

    I hope I enjoy this life coz. I am really not a very I-like-to-be-alone kind of person. I am most happy when I am surrounded by (at least half a dozen) friends. But yeah, I'll have to try this one out too!

  14. hmmmmmmmmmm .... haan but i have seen my frds who worked with me in call center n others .. so i commented :( , waise decent places hain naa chennai main , like ashok nagar , kk nagar n west mam...... or shift to gals hostel till ur frds come back . N about gaining weight :P , eat more rice n daal, aur sleep a lot after having it. :)

  15. Hmm... as i always say... "Changes are constant in life.." and i believe you are a s/w engg with a s/w giant. "Adaptability" is the key.

  16. :) your blog got a smile on my face!! writing from the heart is a skill not all have, you are good at it!! :)
    A well thought out blog i should say :)

  17. @Akhil
    Well, I can't move to places like Ashok Nagar, KK Nagar, W. Mambalam, etc. coz they are quite far from my work place. And the places I look for are pretty costly. :-(

    Adaptability - yes! I should probably try and work on that. :-)

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Glad you liked it. Keep visiting! :-)

  18. Beta change is the essence of life. Who knows, the change in your dwelling place may get you more interesting friends, more interesting experiences which you may share with us through your blog with your brand mark humour. May God bless you a long life for you make many people happy with your blog.

  19. And as far as your idea of getting married to drive away loneliness, mera advance mubarkan beta. I pray to God that the ' lucky guy ' shares your sense of humour.

  20. @Venkatesh
    Thank you for your wishes. But on second thoughts, it is highly stupid if I wanna get married just to drive away loneliness. Because, love and not loneliness should be the foundation for a happy marriage. :-) Wow, I am talking like I have matured.

  21. Sandy..You weren't this let down when i left Chennai...Grrr!! I HATE YOU :|
    You didnt even write a single word for me here!!

  22. Hey Sandy,

    These are the occasions which makes us really say 'This is life'. At the end of the day it is our life and we will have to stand alone.
    Staying alone must be an experience, all the very best for it :).

    Keep Blogging!! :)

  23. @Anjana
    You had no idea how I felt when you left. After you left on that dreadful day, you must ask Sabal how much I cried. I was so let down that I didn't have it in me to put my feelings to words on my blog. So, please don't hate me. HATE is too strong a word. :-)

    I have stayed alone in the past (at least mentally, with no support from anyone) and I hated every minute of it. So I am not very keen on being alone. May be I will find a couple of roomies.

  24. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    I know... we all (well, most of us) pass through this experience sometime or the other, in our lives. So, chill!

    Enjoy till it lasts... as they say: "To part and to meet is the hope of life; To meet and to part is the fate of life"...

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  25. Believe me... Staying alone drains u down... I've been alone for say 3 months in Chennai... And I know how it feels when a roomie leaves ya... But the way my roomie let me down was another issue by itself... not worth writing about... but the last few days when I found the Like Minded people... as they so call it... it got better...

    P.S. Sorry I m late on the comments

  26. @Sriram
    My roomies n I have been living together for 2 yrs now. We have known each other since college and I have never been let down. So it is hard to let go :-(

  27. Well I know how much of a tough job it is to stay alone!! and not with any of ur loved ones!! Atleast be happy that U ve friends around... but there is always a parting in Life!! it makes us a Human being on how we are able to take it and move on with Life!!! :) So happy Journeyin the tour called Life

    PS. Too much philosophy isn't it :P

  28. @Sriram
    It is... For a guy ur age, specially...

  29. Well I m way beyond my age alright!! Only by thoughts!!! :)


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