Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I know I wrote a post just yesterday. But I had to write another one now to tell this...


Here is wishing u success in the next 5 French Open tournaments!!! You are a champion and will always remain one! :-)


  1. seems like you write post for all the legends, dont forget 13th nov.

  2. Why only the French Open? Why not the other Grand Slam tournaments?

  3. Both u looney-abt-nadal sisters do remember that he lost ryt?? Tha's LOST in all caps:p Having said that, i wish him a very Happy B'Day(but only coz he's passably cute)...

  4. @Dhinu
    No, I won't.

    Of course, I mentioned only French Open coz. he is the 'King of Clay'.

    Well, yeah we are looney-abt-Nadal (at least I am). Rafa is a champion no matter whether he wins or loses. And he is cuter than just 'passably'.

  5. though not a big fan..great player none the less...and hes opening an academy in rural Andhra pradesh...thats some good work other than tennis hes doing... way to go Rafa...

  6. @Vintez
    How I wish I were born in rural Andhra!!! I love Rafa...

  7. It must be his worst b'day even...
    He is not the king of clay anymore :(

  8. @Yals
    OMG Yals; he is still the King of Clay... No doubt. :-)
    And no matter what, he's the King of my heart!

  9. Rafa is the best. End of story.

  10. @gaya
    So true, gal... :-)
    I love Rafa!

  11. yeah he is a chyaamp - sad dat fedex doesnt have to earn his 1st french open - moi being a fedex fan wud ve loved him beating rafa

  12. Rafa maybe the best but Federer is the Champion... Look at the Madrid Masters... Hw convincingly did Rafa win over Nojo... Rafa is nowhere near Federer's class... Fedex may ve lost in the Finals but he made it to all the Finals except one and a Grandslam... Last yr.. this yr one final and one GS... He'll take control of the Grassy plains agn this year no doubt...

    PS... Not tht I hate Nadal... I love Fedex more!!!

  13. @Sriram
    I don't deny that Fedex is one of the best players of all times. But Rafa is giving him tough competition and I just choose to love Rafa more than Fedex. I am not taking away Fedex's achievements.

  14. I hate this guy... Federer is Best and He is the champ... Watch out for Wimbeldon..

  15. there goes another Rafa fan :)


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