Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just not my day…

The alarm in my cell phone rang and I woke up at 5am (I work in morning shift, why else would I wake up in the middle of the night?) and I tried to stop it from ringing because my roomies were sleeping in the same room and I didn’t want to wake anyone else up (I am an absolute angel, aren’t I?). As I reached for my cell phone in the dark (yeah, my eyes were unwilling to open up, yet) it accidentally fell down from the bed and I had to search for it (it was hard enough to open my eyes, leave alone making it adjust to the darkness of the room) – and found that it was lying in three parts – the battery had come out and I had to put it back into the phone and switch it on to see what time it was and yeah, the whole process took a good 5 minutes and I had to hurry.

After brushing (no, don’t raise your eyebrows at this) I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and found that our refrigerator had gone into “defrost” mode sometime during the night and there was a pond of water in the middle of the kitchen and yeah, I stepped on it and almost fell.

I came into office on time (thanks to an amazing MTC bus driver) and logged in to see that I had a very important task to be completed. And I had little doubts about proceeding with it. I called up the person-who-knows-everything to get them clarified. The person-who-knows-everything started blasting me for not having practiced it beforehand. I didn’t speak a word (after being in the project for over 3 months, I have learnt to be passive to the “archanai” I get from people-who-know-everything) However, the task was completed successfully, but I have my regrets – it is not just about today, not just about this task or even this job.

Is it really worth it to be in a job that is not very motivating, not something you want to do with your life and something you are stuck on to only for the money it gives? Here I am working in a job I despise, skipping my breakfast to get the task done (I never skip breakfast otherwise, I am a health freak! Trust me!!!), trying to be as sincere to my work as possible and someone shouting at me over no mistake of mine??? What the hell…

P.S.: I don’t care!!!


  1. Everybody finds themselves in this position at some point of time in their life when they look back and feel that they've done absolutely nothing that they're happy or proud of...but it's just a bad phase and will pass soon...But u must've had your good times too...make a list of all the fun times you've had after getting this job(i'm sure there'll be many)...that ought to cheer you up a bit....

  2. Sandhya,

    "Financial Independence",that is what matters now a days.Moreover,you can follow the things that you are passionate about,provided you have money.Sounds Round Robin ? :-).

    Have a nice day,

  3. I agree with both Gaya and Kiran, everybody goes thru this 'questioning the point of life' phase, but I guess urs came a bit early...
    And its just a question of priorities. A choice between following your heart and being well-off. And usually being well-off only works in this world....
    So stick it out, U, of all ppl, WILL get thru.

  4. So, a bad day with a bundle of blunders!!:D

    P.S:I'm just a passerby who happned to drop by...
    revelation:Yeah! blogspot throws up interesting results for a-random-search-with-your-own-nickname,indeed![:)]

  5. it is a cycle... soon you will be a 'who-knows-everything' shouting at others :)

  6. @Gayathri
    I hope this phase passes soon too... It was just one day, but yeah, it was an awful day!

    Seriously, I feel tied down coz of my monetary commitments. But yeah, I'll come out and come out successful.

    Well, you can't always follow what ur heart desires; there'll be a bundle of situations where in u have to let go of ur passion and do a job that doesn't stimulate ur intellect.

    Wow, my friends call me Sandy too!!! Anyways, thanks for dropping by; keep visiting!

    Really, Inder? No matter how much I "know", I wouldn't shout at people-who-don't-know-much...


  7. @@ Sandy,

    As you said, not just your day, U know what, we youngsters (oops) want everything quick & fast.

    Probably, our parents didn't get things so quick, hence they are much more patient and understanding. They've got much more positive approach towards life.

    On the other hand, I think you should keep your ears not too bad from a wind tunnel....!!

    Just go all that air that comes from the so called "person-who-knows-everything". You never know, that person's spouse would hv let him sleep without dinner last night... :P

  8. I quit a full-time job two years ago for exactly the same reasons. Now I am freelancing. No regrets, not even on the financial front.

    You write well, so you should be able to do it too. Explore Associated Contents, HubPages, and Squidoo. And register with Adsense.

    Who knows a few months from you could be on your own!

  9. It happens wid me too, the best thing is to forgive and forget n wait for the dawn of happiness.

  10. Nice reading you..

    Sounds good when people are expressing their distrust in working w/o any gain...

    Chennai is a gud place to be.. I was in peringudi 3 months back with a job in TCS..

    find me @

  11. Hey
    I am going through something similar at my job, but I suppose you have to just go along and try and have a smile at the end of everyday and take life as it comes, for a while atleast till you have the money or the job- whatever gives you satisfaction...
    After the job reading and writing blogs is the best thing to do...

  12. good that you don't care, some people just shout. It's a part of them. call it concern or frustration, as long as you took it light, things are great! and yea, at least you managed to wake up in the middle of the night. I can't without my alarm being snoozed a minimum of 4-5 times!
    nice descriptions.

  13. hey sandy,
    In d myriads of all ths blndrs i bet u fl so delightful reachin office on time: regards dat amazing MTC bus driver. dis is wat we cal: every cloud has a silver lining :-))

    btwn, dont mind bt "d ha ha called life.." was more appealin.It shows more of ur LIGHTER SIDE thn dis obvious title

  14. @Dhinu
    I really don't think that was the case, anyway!
    :-) But I really hope I develop that I-don't-care attitude soon.

    Yep,I did register with AC and squidoo as per ur suggestion! Thanks for ur visit and ur comment!

    Happiness doesn't seem to be dawning any time soon man!!! :-(

    Thanks for visiting!
    Yeah, I have NO complaints about Chennai. I love the place!

    Sure, blogging is like the oasis after a long and dry journey through a hopeless desert!

    God has really gifted me with the ability to wake up right after the minutest noise my alarm makes. I have been practicing it since school.

    Really? That MTC bus driver was my silver lining? True, coz had I been late to office, there'd have been another big problem.

    And "The ha ha called lyf" was better than this? I guess I'll have to change it back, then!


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