Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday blues!

I, for one, have had a lot of time to kill today - a lot of friends called up and wished, team mates had bought a cake and made me cut it (although they couldn't make me eat it - I told 'em I was on a diet!; yes, you could go ahead and kill me for that!) and we took pics (which I shall upload shortly) and yeah, am now all set to go to the beach with a bunch of friends - more pics, I guess! So all in all, a pretty good birthday so far generally - but it is the worst birthday ever for me.

And here is why... Ever since I was a small girl, my mom and dad always made me feel like a princess (not just on my birthday); more so if it was my special day. I was their first daughter - a talkative, little, adorable thing that had made their life a heaven (until I started talking too much too early!) So now that I am living far away from my mom and sister and even farther away from my dad, I am feeling lonely (although I have awesome roomies and colleagues) and left out. It just didn't feel like it was my birthday...

But yeah, I guess I have to learn to live with it. I mean, a birthday is the day when the person needs maximum attention (I am an attention-seeker even otherwise) because he/she already worried about having to write age := age+1 in their algorithms and about the huge hole the birthday treat is gonna leave in their pockets. I wanna be happy - I haven't even treated my friends yet - but am not.

Guess it is the age factor!

As an update to the post(written after 2 days, in response to one of the comments), I'd like to mention here that I did get a few presents and a few hugs later in the day. My best friend actually took me to FabIndia and bought me an awesome dress! So yeah, kinda fighting on against the blues, I should say!


  1. Hey Happy B'day. I hope you had a great day.
    Came from IndiBlogger.

  2. @Adesh
    Thank u for dropping by! And thank u for ur wishes... :-)

  3. You??!!! On a diet!!! Like Gaya quotes...blow me down; whatever next. As for b'day blues, I think we all miss the pampering and the ooh's and aah's and the cartloads of presents that we have become used you say, it's just (age+1) and (on our own) and we have to deal with it, no matter what. So, don't get urself down and look forward to the next year....(atleast tell yourself that so you can chase the blues away)

  4. @Priyanka
    I wish I could.
    As an update to the post, I'd like to mention here that I did get a few presents and a few hugs later in the day. My best friend actually took me to FabIndia and bought me an awesome dress! So yeah, kinda fighting on against the blues, I should say!
    And as for the diet, yeah, am eating healthy food, avoiding junk - haven't reduced the intake quantity or anything - just switched to healthier food stuff! I mean, that is not wrong, is it?

  5. What a kinda collegues do u hv, do they just hugg ? did not really stand up to give u (_|_) ???

    hmm... as u say, its a day that u get maximum (sometimes that too is less), but at the end of the day, its just a reminder.. Life - 1 more year.


  6. @Dhinu
    Ohhhh shut up regardin' the good ol' b'day bumps!
    And yeah, this time was a lot worse as I am fast approaching the marriageable age (as they say), although not looks-wise!

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  8. Hey.. Came across your blog while surfing, and the strange coinci which made me realize that I share your sun-sign, had my birthday like 5 days before you did, and experienced similar feelings made me comment!! :) gud work :)

  9. @Iswarya
    Thnx for droppin by!
    Great to knw am not alone! Keep visiting!

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  11. @ Sandy,

    Dont forget your darling D, he too shares the same sun sign.. ;)

  12. @A K Ravi
    Thank u!!!

    U still remember him? There jus one thing that u hav gotten wrong! He's ur darling, not mine!!!

  13. Sounds like a fun day...though nothing when compared to what family can do. Reminds me of my bday celebrations in our native place with all the cousins..Still Fabindia is not a bad bargain :). Belated bday wishes

  14. @Nautankey
    Thnx for ur comments!!!
    Really, quality time with a best frnd and awesome time @ FabIndia made my day...
    For a few hours I didn't miss my family!

  15. Hey joker, did Rafa wish ya?


  16. @Nagu
    He of course wished me, duffer...
    He stays in my heart, remember??? ;-)

  17. And yes sorry I did not tell it before.. Belated wishes on your birthday too!! Do drop by my blog whenever you can :)

  18. frst f all bltd b'day wishes....nw i reely dont knw if u r talkative or a romantc gal bt one thing is fr sure, u r a gud programmer :-)
    this age algo(whch is created by god) is really funny though.

  19. Hi Sandy,

    Long since i caught up with you and your blog. And so belated b'day wishes MADAM. May God bless you buddy!!!

  20. @Mukesh
    Well, u have got it all wrong buddy...
    I am the worst programmer that ever was (am sure my PM would vouch for that!)
    And thank u so much for dropping by... And for wishes!!! Keep reading!

    Thanks for wishes buddy... I was wondering why u haven't been as responsive as before!! What happened?

  21. Hi Sandy,

    I have been kinda busy these days.. And i shifted over to Kodambakkam from Mylapore 2 weeks back, just got my internet connection at the new house two days back.. And had my college tour and i even tried working for an event management company last month, these things kept me really busy(nd i loved it)!! I would remain active from now on i guess but then again my exams are nearing :).


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