Friday, April 17, 2009

Nonstop nonsense (as always...)

These are some of the random thoughts/incidents that have happened over the last week.

1. I was traveling by Cheran Express from Chennai to Coimbatore on April 9th night for a 5 day weekend which included Vishu. I was allotted side lower berth (a berth which I hate – I mean, I always hate lower berths, I prefer sleeping up high above the rest) and the comfort-seeking me approached the guy who had that upper berth and asked him if he could switch his upper berth for my lower one and he readily accepted (he was a young chap and could have easily climbed up there). I smelled something fishy right then. But then I said to myself, “Ha, I’ve got the berth I wanted and nothing else matters.” Later, I took my laptop bag, my handbag and another one of my travel bags to the upper berth and lied down and I really smelled something fishy (I mean, in the literal sense!). I turned around and saw a bunch of 3 (rotten… yuck) bananas which had become a jam and I almost puked because of the smell. (Photo of the rotten banana to be uploaded soon). I asked the TTR to get it cleaned (no, I didn’t shout like Anniyan Ambi to call him); but he said it was highly impossible because the train is already moving and that the next station would come only at 11:30 in the night and that the train would stop there for a mere two minutes! Poor me!!! Then I climbed down and had to share a side lower berth (like in the case of RAC tickets with one of my oh-so-gracious friends till we reached Salem… phew!!!). It is high time Indian Railways began keeping their trains clean!
2. One of my best friends did NOT wish me on my birthday because his girlfriend doesn’t like him talking to me. Ufff…. What is with these people??? That is why I said special people have special rules!!!
3. I met up with a schoolmate of mine when I was at Coimbatore. Now, this guy is with the Air Force and was telling us stories of how life there is and what his role is and how he is expecting a transfer to Leh (yeah, the one with the snow-capped mountains at the background) and how much politics happens in there. As fascinating as it was, I felt I could never imagine being a defense personnel (yeah, I know I wouldn’t even pass the physical test, but hey, just in case…) – I silently thanked God for making me smart enough (??!!?) to pass engineering and be in a job that is safe (no, am not talking about job security – from that perspective, his job is more secure than mine, it being with the Govt. of India; I am talking about the safety of our lives)
4. I finished reading the book “PS, I love you” by Cecile Ahern and yeah, I cried (think all you want, I am emotional), although certain conversations in the book sounded fake. But otherwise it was a nice read and I finished the book in a day. It made me feel great because I had already reached a conclusion that my reading speed is not even half of what it was when I was back at college and now “I am back!!!”
5. For some people nice things just happen and for some (unlucky ones like me) things don’t seem to happen no matter how hard we try. Why this partiality? Or is this all a part of Chaos Theory (in the sense that someone else screwed something somewhere some time back and we are paying the price for that) or Karma (our past actions having a say on our future). Whatever it is, I don’t think I have done anything good ever (that explains why my appraisals have been so bad forever); but hey I am proud of myself and I think I am the best and ultimately that is what matters, isn’t it?
6. Well, there was more to write that I can’t seem to remember (old age brings with it a bad package that includes loss of memory; dude, I am 23!!!). Also, there is a limit to boring my readers and I know where to draw the line!!! Hee hee…


  1. Ha a varitey post! Liked it!

  2. @Meera
    Thanks a lot for dropping by...
    I actually wrote this post just because I had to get a lot out of system. I was thinking so much; I had to tell it to someone and who better than my blog readers?

  3. @@ Sandy,

    God knows what the hell brought me to your blog at 12.23 am, Swear, I shud hv been under my blankets by now... Thanks for making me go mad @ you, and probably i shud toosofy those rotten bananas in your mouth.

  4. @Dinesh
    It was sheer love for my writing that brought you to my blog at that time of the night :-)

    I know I am thinking too much of myself, but please don't even remind me of those rotten bananas...

  5. gud god!! do i need to post comment for all ur non-sensical thoughts..he he jst jokin arnd..haa i liked d frst one..i swear..othrwise its a guy thing to always adjst..mst say intelligent chap :-))

    for PS: I luv u, i fl like more fortunate as the day i ws expctin to start d novel i gt d movie and i save rest 22 hours..


  6. ya, u should've listened to me before reading dat PS,I love you..also,don't complain about not sleeping on d more than made up for it by sleeping here like a dog...anyways,keep up your non-stop nonsense...there are ppl like me who don't have any other job than to read all this;)

  7. Which out much content u have made it interesting :).. Nice one..

  8. oops!!! Error there. "With out"

  9. u feeel better now? :) how wus vishu? back at work? indian railway definitely needs to be cleaner, but i love salem station, its the only one station where i have atually seen people cleaning the train :)

  10. @Mukesh
    Seriously, that guy was only too happy to give up his coveted upper berth and I was a fool not to have seen it coming! Anyways, as Gayathri has mentioned, I made up for it totally by sleeping through the following day! :-)

    I admit I slept through the following day (like a dog?) I didn't expect that one!!!

    Thank you for your encouragement!!!

  11. @sawan
    I have actually seen people cleaning the trains in Coimbatore as well as Central stations, but then we can't always blame the people in charge of cleaning. We have the passengers to blame as well... Whoever would keep bananas in the pouch attached to keep newspapers and stuff!!! Just because he/she bought a ticket, it doesn't mean they can leave the place to stink... Am I wrong?

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