Thursday, April 2, 2009

One lousy programmer!!!

He who programmed us is having fun from above us. We are nothing but machines; pre-programmed (God is not a great programmer; all His programs have bugs!), helpless and vulnerable to attacks that other programs may cause us. And the programmer instead of working on fixing the bugs just sits up there and keeps writing new programs! I am alarmed to know that is no sign of User Acceptance Testing whatsoever.

The program environment is mind-boggling enough – so many interdependent programs, so many joins, so many mutually exclusive sets, so many undeclared variables, dangling pointers (enough, that is all the technical terms that I know!!!)

Whoever His PM is!!!

After reading about my analytical mind, am sure most of you think I am one of His programs, which was intended to be sent to the Recycle Bin/Enhancement phase, but by mistake was delivered to the world.

This post re-emphasizes the same thing – with an illustration of the bug. All of you who read about the complex flowcharts that my mind draws when faced with any kind of situation, here is something that tells you how much I hate being unprepared. To me all the situations that could happen should be prepared for well in advance. I noticed how I have reached the heights of this “being organized” thing.

I can’t ever put my mp3 player/mobile/winamp in ‘Shuffle’ mode. I HAVE to know what songs are going to be played and in what order. I can’t take it if a song that I don’t want to hear is playing – even if it is just going to be for 30 seconds before I change the song.

I also noticed that I always keep my mobile and my hair band above my head before sleeping. I can’t take it if I don’t find them in their respective places in the morning.

My folders in the PC at work should always be arranged in one particular manner. If I don’t find a file in its place, I get so very angry.

My clothes should always be arranged in a particular manner in my cupboard. Casuals on the left, skirts near them, salwars/chudidhars in one pile and stuff like that… If something is misplaced, I panic (yeah, I don’t just get angry, I panic)

Finally, now you tell me, why has He programmed me this way? Do any of you have such weird habits? Just curious to know if it just me or if I have company!!!


  1. uff...job said i have only posted the first comment :P
    Hurray....So when r ya treating me??

  2. @Anju
    Wow, so much for calling u once I wrote the post to enable u to achieve ur ambition in lyf (writing the 1st comment on at least 1 of my posts!)

  3. Ever herd of OCD?! Check out the symptoms.. if you panic for the above... !

  4. Hey but no offense meant.. ! I have been regularly following your blog.. You write well :) Take care !!

  5. @Thoorika
    Thnx a lot for dropping a comment...
    Will surely check out about OCD.
    It is great to knw there are ppl following stuff I write!

    Ppl, I have got some serious trouble here...

  6. Hey, u have company. I need to have a few crumpled clothes on my table where books are supposed to be kept,need my chappals first thing in the morning, have to snooze exactly 5 times b4 I am awake fully and can't put wrappers (as in chocolate/fast food) anywer but the dustbin to name very few....compulsive disorder i think it's called.

  7. @Priyanka
    Thank u so much for letting me know I am not alone!!!
    Anyways, belated birthday wishes!!!

  8. Hmm... This program needs "ONE TIGHT SLAP", the so called Maintenance, Thank god for creating such programs like me too.... :-)

    Sandy, Happy Anniversary.. We met a year ago

  9. @Dhinu
    I guess I have to disassociate myself from programs like u!!! By the way, even I have the "ONE TIGHT SLAP" module in me.

    Yeah, I am not sure if 'anniversary' is the right word, though...

  10. Sandy,

    Why not called it Anniv ? It marks a year of my LOUSY DAYS., if not a day in whole, FEW HOURS Initially and Now FEW MINUTES in a day.


  11. @Dhinu
    Spoiling my image on my own blog, huh Dhinu???
    Too bad...

  12. Happy to hear about one more whacky gal.

    My room is in utter chaos most of the time and i get wild if someone even attempts to straighten a book in it :)

  13. @Lacho
    Wow, am not alone at all...
    The world is full of whacky programs then. Thank you Mr.God!!!

  14. first of all,u're crazy...after showcasing ur mental incapacity u expect company as well, and you get it,dis world is full of weird ppl!!!

  15. @Gayathri
    U think too highly of urself.. Think harder and u might come up with a few habits of ur own which u have not understood earlier. Everyone has a weird part. The sane get in terms with their weirdness faster!!!

  16. u know more than dat abt me...i don't even think of myself,let alone think highly...d uncertainity of d next second is wat makes life interesting...y break your head abt silly stuff and go to d extent of panicking?? seriously,chk out dat OCD thing....

  17. @Gayathri
    I did... It was my way of being prepared - the what if the doc says I have OCD thing has already started running in my mind.
    OMG... What am I becoming?

  18. @sandy
    a fattu of the worst kind ;)

  19. @Vinod
    No I am not.
    By the way, has this got something to do with sun signs?
    In fact, my sister (, from whose blog you can figure out what a don't-care person she is, is a virgo!!!

  20. @ Gayathri lol at ur comments..

    @ Sandy, He has programmed you that way for ppl who know you hav fun.. U r a joker buddy...

  21. @Nagu
    Am a joker??? Wow... what a great compliment! Really?
    Anyways, few are telling me it is a psychological problem and u feel it is a joke! Am out of words to describe my feeling right now!

  22. Hi Sandhya Iyer. Great Blog. Keep Writing. Have time? Then drop into my blog.

  23. Hi Sandhhya,

    Nice blog there. And regarding those weird habits, u aint the only one, i'm widya. Keep blogging


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