Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What the heck...

I really need a break – a break from work and this away-from-family life. I want to go to Coimbatore and live a lazy life for one month. I just don’t want to think about work or anything related to it for one whole month. But after one month, I want to come back – to this same project, in the same company. Is it possible?

I want to leave my job, go to a small hill station and start working there (the job description does not matter) and live there in a tiny house with a fire place. That is it. I want to be away from all this pollution, tension, stress, heat, sweat and all the bad things that are in the city. As much as I love this fab city and the city life and the friends I have made here, I want peace of mind. Everyday when I get ready to go to work, I feel like I am getting ready for some kind of cruel rat-race that has no finishing point. I feel like I am being forced to run the race whilst I prefer sitting at home and watching TV – well, who doesn’t prefer that to work, you may ask. But shouldn’t we all be doing what we like to do? Shouldn’t we all enjoy what we are doing instead of cursing our managers for dumping us with work? If we were ‘passionate’ about the field we are working on (Oh my God, I wish I’d at least like my job) we wouldn’t be cribbing and cursing, would we?

How many of us are stuck in the wrong job – any job that you don’t like to do is a wrong job with respect to you. I am sure I am. I know I have already cribbed about this in my earlier posts, but hey, my manager just gave me another bunch of issues to resolve and I am still stuck at my stupid ol’ job. I promise, once I move out of this job and start doing what my heart desires, I’d stop writing such boring posts. Until then, you could find a job that suits me best (only if you have already read my earlier posts and know which field I belong to).

I know it has been really boring for you to read – it was just as boring for me to type it out, but I had to vent it out to someone and I chose you! ;-)

PS: Written in a very confused state of mind


  1. Sandy

    Take a break!!

    Go for a movie or something

  2. @Ramandeep
    I need a break that is longer than 3hrs... I wanna quit my job!

  3. so sandy..
    what exactly do you love doing?

  4. @Vaisakh
    As I have mentioned, sitting and watching TV would be just perfect.
    Jokes apart, I have already written in earlier posts what I have been better off doing - like talking/writing!

  5. Sandhya, we're all in the same boat...only difference is that you've felt it little too early in terms of your exp in this industry...

    "Hill station house with a fire place..." nice one....

  6. @Chan
    Not that I've had bad experiences in this industry. Just that I am done with all this. I want to pursue what my heart desires. It is like being married to a wonderful person when you are actually in love with another better-suited person. U know ur spouse is good, but u always know from within that your life could have been better with your lover.

  7. Sandhya, wat an example :P. So, should we infer tat you would never leave your wonderful husband for a better lover :-)

    I can understand wat you say...why don't you try something that your heart desires as a part time and then see if that can become your full time profession.

  8. Buddy, you seriously need some motivation here and not REST. If you want to do something your heart desires, please cross check with your heart if that will also take care of filling your tummy ;-). We can argue and give a stupid statement saying "Money is not life", but if you pinch yourself and come to reality, your heart will say "Yes, Money is the blood of life" unless or otherwise we have someone to feed us 3 course meal a day.

    Challenges are part of life, without that life would be nothing other than a dead pig. Enjoy the challenges your manager throws at you, prove him that you are the best resource in his armory. Every job is tough untill you master it. Even if it is just tearing a piece of paper.

    Good Luck dude, and no offense meant on you or your thoughts. IMHO (its my humble opinion)

  9. Sandy

    Even I was feeling the same a few days back


    But still life goes on


  10. @Chan
    I can't do what I want to do without a degree pertaining to that, can I? I can't support myself if I had to become a student again. Thank u for the idea though...

    You sound like my mom and I hate to agree that you are right. All I want to do is sit at home and enjoy reading my favourite books, watching my favourite TV shows, eating the food that mom prepares and sleep till whatever time I can... Lazy? Yes. Demotivated? Yes.
    The worst part is I don't want to be motivated. I just want to be lazy. :-(

  11. @Ramandeep
    Yeah, I had already read that.

  12. Sandhya, It depends on your interest. Half of the IT folks are in same frame of mind, remaining even worse. They dont even know wats ryt for them.

    neways, Keep writing, ur posts are nice...

  13. hahaha - well well well, don worry there would be times in everyones life for everything, and you too would fulfill this dream of sitting just idle and do all that you wanted to do. Patience is the key now :)

  14. Hey Sandy,

    The other day i was about to tweet you asking about your job and stuffs and i have the answer here. This rat-race is never ending very true mate :). You should probably take your time out and think what you wanna do next rather than working there hating whatever you do and hating it even more the next day. That life is really not advisable, but i guess you should stay back and go with this at least till this so called recession wave ceases. Take care :), and yeah till then am ready to read such posts lol. :)

    Keep Blogging! :)

  15. Hey so you bored and tire dof your dull job eh??
    Hmmm Nice...Why don't you try for some variety in your work?I know its easy to say :)
    Quit your job and get into some Govt.Service..Limited job hrs and happy vacations :)
    Or elzz take a break and visit places,if you feel this feeling of yours is just temporary..Recharge yourself
    Another alternative is to quit the job and choose a career of your dream , may be writing or Modelling? :P

  16. sandhya, You are a piece of crap, how many times would u hit on the same stuff ? and tell u what., Start living in reality..

    you suck...!

  17. Sandy,
    Quitting job is not the ultimate solution. you need to give yourself some more time and rethink on this.
    Is it the monotonousness (i mean ur work) that is killing you?
    If yes then go and talk with ur manager to give u some other interesting project which u'd like to work. You won't get anything until you demand for it.

    but yes, you definitely need a break! I know how difficult it is to be away from the home. take a momentary pause from your work, give a vist to ur native, spend time with ur family, do whatever (books, movies, music, games or anything) that gives you joy. At least to some extent it will make you feel good.

    Or you miss someone very badly (i know it's too personal) like saif in Love aaj kal (err...crap movie btw)??

    cumon rafa fan, hey u know he has reached quarter-finals of the ATP Montreal Masters, cheer for him. I'm expecting Roddick Rafa clash in the semis:)

    hey cumon, at least having read all ur blogs i can make out that this is not ur personality, you can easily get over any of such situations;)

    I started only recently to follow your blogs. I like the way u narrate and put things across. Ur vocab is awsome. keep blogging:)

  18. hey.. wat u hve written here.. its exactly in my mind!!! u kno wat.. i m a guy who left chennai in search of the so called peace and serenity.. and was in munnar.. where u get these stuffs in the most perfect state.. but was caught in a wrong job.. and decided my fied is important and i m back in chennai.. (btw.. i m a film maker but teachin film making nw) but again i m havin a re thinkin.. started to hate this city!!! for its mad rush.. but wat can v do??? this race. race against time will never end.. after all that makes the "CITY" a city!!!

  19. why dont u write anything about the flu that has taken away our freedom away on independence day.. Love to read your version of flu as well :--) eagerly awaiting on that ...

  20. @Chan
    U r right... I only hope I am not one among the worst ;-)

    I should probably take a break and do stuff I like to do. :-)

    It's all written - what I wanna do will not help me afford this life @ Chennai :-( Can't help it dude!

    Govt jobs are not that easy to get into. It's not as if the Govt. offices are waiting in a queue to recruit me, boss! U think I haven't already given that a thought?? I am tired of thinking all possible ways of escape!

  21. @Dhinu
    Thank u for letting me know I suck... But, I am soooooooo cute! Next time find the guts to write comments from ur ID instead of posting an anonymous comment.

    On the contrary, I love my project. A very cool manager, understanding teammates, not very hectic - it's a dream project, in fact.
    Yes, I miss my mom so much. I should take a week or two of work and take some rest.
    Rafa rules!!! Am following the Montreal Masters too.
    Thank u for visiting my blog! Keep visiting and commenting. Keeps me going!

    My heart lies in writing... No, don't ask me to write programs! What to do? Life is cruel at times... :-(

    One on Flu coming right up. Maybe on Monday from office! ;-)

  22. Sandhya,

    All I say is "No other Go,we have to learn to live with that".


  23. Well... I don belong to the industry U r talking about but me being a 19 yr old.. am working 10 to 12 hours a day... Just to be lectured about on a small error... which requires a thorough reading of a damn book-700 pages mind you!- called the Income Tax Act. It getting too hectic and would U guys believe I worked on Independence day! So called- for me! What do I do? I m more dejected and as bored with life than all the above! I know it sucks totally! I even thought of shifting my articles under an auditor who offers dummy articleship ( a part of CA by which U enroll for work under a qualified CA but don actually work)... but my darned luck... all transfers are not permitted! I've not used any swear words here!(Sign of the patience I ve developed by this articleship) I don wanna whine on! Stop here! One thing that keeps me going is my drive... I want to be successful! And I take things in the Bright sense and move on! THings will change and there will be better times! In which I ll feel satisfied that I survived all the high tides and crossed the ocean! That is where I m fighting to reach

    P.S. Sry for boring u ppl!!

  24. And btw Sandy U don keep tellin that U don have fun after the visit to Yelagiri! ;)

  25. @Kiran
    Sad, but true :-(

    Some rant, that! Lol... Anyways, all that matters is that drive that you have, the motivation to strive hard - that is the thing that I don't have. In fact, my job is not as gruelling as yours - I have got a good team, a great boss, nice pay - there is just no interest/motivation!
    I hope I acheive that soon :-(

  26. Well you will... thanks for that! Yea I felt tht too...some rant! :P Nice pay? What is that! Rs.1250?? :-( You ll get that drive! And btw your blog gave me the perfect setup to vent it out! and what you wrote matches my thoughts totally! So I gave it a 5!!!

  27. why don’t you make yourself capable of moving to the stream you love to be in. it would be tough but I guess it wud be better than not trying! Find part time/ distance education cources available. Something like this: http://www.aiimas.com/index.html dont think of leaving your current job cos you never know how the new stream is going to welcome you.

  28. Have you seen the movie "Office Space". It just sums up our life ... !

    The guy in the movie quotes, "Human life is not meant to be spent in a cubicle staring at the computer screen"!

  29. I am a new friend to you and may not know you well. I could feel the frustration you are experiencing. Dont let down your spirits. Develop a positive frame of mind and fighting spirit. Whatever you do make sure that you love it. Every activities has certain values associated with it and work experience which you inculcate in your daily routine would help you to grow to a pinnacle in a short term prospective. May be your current job must not be aligning in your area of interest or may be the boss whom under which you are working is not making you feel comfortable. Sit comfortably and explore what are you interested at??? Keep on updating your knowledge in your area of interest and try to switch your career to your field of interest. When there is an opportunity your preparations should make sure that you grab it. Think twice before rendering your resignation. What you require currently is the patience and love?? Be attached with family and never let yourself down. Positive mindset and confidence in your mindset would make sure that success is at your door steps in the upcoming days. I wish you all the best for the future.

  30. Hey.. everyone needs a break once in while..

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  31. @Ganapathy
    Some advice here! :-) By the way, do remember which post you commented on ;-)
    My boss is one of the best and my project too is great. Just that I am too lazy to appreciate all of this and I just realized that a vacation/break would only serve to make me lazier. :-) I'll see what works out!

    As I have said, a vacation would only me lazier. :-)

  32. I suggest you watch a movie 'Travellers and magicians' (Bhutanese) directed by a Buddhist monk. You can see a lovely village over a hill and perceive life in a different angle.

  33. @Seems
    Will watch it if somebody gives me the movie! I'll ask Bala. I'd love to live in a place like that!


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