Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smooth sailing!

It was on Thursday last week when I was traveling to work by a share-auto from Thiruvanmiyur to Sholinganallur (which is about 12 kms) that I started thinking about how we completely fail to notice the simple things that would make us smile. Whether we are too held up with work or we are too busy getting played around by life or we are just plain lazy or we are just the kind that takes things for granted – I am not sure. But it has got to be one of these – different reasons on different days, perhaps.

This is why I thought like that: The share-auto driver anna (Tamil for brother) was a man in his late thirties (or so he looked), tall, with a big, round belly, curly unkempt hair that had started graying, looked like he hadn’t shaved his face for nearly a week – he was very cheerful (whether it was just on that particular day or if he was like that on all days, I don’t know). As usual, I had the headset of my music player plugged to my ears and was listening to Khabali hai khabali. The auto driver started playing some song loudly on his own music system (!!) and I removed the headset and had no choice but to listen to “Pethu eduthava dhaan ennaiyum thathu koduthuputta” (an old sober Tamil song) which was like the perfect opposite to what I wanted to hear. But anyways, what followed it was simply too good. He started singing along and even started swaying his (huge) body around in his seat. I was amazed by how little he cared about what the others would think of him and prayed to God to give me an attitude like that. He was simply happy and singing and dancing – I mean, I am sure he has his share of problems, but still he found happiness in such trivial things.

Then I started noticing small things that gave me joy – a couple of young dogs playfully fighting with each other over a rubber ball, the bright yellow flowers that have bloomed just to make the place more colorful, a group of school boys who’s shoes had so much dust deposited on them even before they reached school, a cow feeding her calf, school teachers walking with a wooden scale hidden in between the pages of their books, an IT guy carrying “Ponniyin Selvan” to office, a father buying a kulfi for his son – so many things that make both the involved and the onlooker happy; but still we don’t notice these things.

Life is beautiful and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and what you see is what makes you. Please do take a moment to appreciate these simple, small (maybe even silly, to a few) and joyous things around. Keep Smiling!

By the way, I saw ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and found that the movie doesn’t make you root for Jai-Meera the way we rooted for Geet-Aditya. The Veer-Harleen track seemed to have more life than the Jai-Meera track and I feel Deepika can’t act to save her lives (wasn’t she better in OSO, although it was her debut?) The Brazilian model who has played young Harleen breathed more life into her character than Deepika (that too without any dialogues, just with her eyes and expressions). And one more time I hear an older man in the movie tell the hero to “Go and get her” /”Follow your heart” I am going to go on a hunger strike!

All in all, it was a nice week!!!


  1. Well... U can be a poet I guess... just change the phrases to rhythmic sentences...:P

  2. Sandy

    I also watched Love AAj KAl on Sunday night but I was not knowing if Harleen was brazilian,She looked more like a punjabi gal to me ( i can easily say that as I am also a punjabi) Well,I feel your blog is informative too.

    By the way,my experience for love aaj kal is on my blog,

  3. Btw when did Khalbali become Khabali :P Autokaaran influenza?

  4. Hmm..

    Dont tell me you were being another little Genelia (Santhosh Subramaniyam) and wanted to dance N sing with our autokaran anna...

    Well well..., Great that you noticed happiness in small things! We as human fail to do such small and simple things because we aim too big!! Simplicity is has befriended losers.., to be frank.

    Probably you should read your post after 10 years, if at all you have a feeling that you aren't as silly, you're in good hands!!

    Lots of luv,

  5. @Sriram
    That was a typo, dude.

    Well, she looked every bit the Punjabi kudi. I came to know abt her later only.

    You and ur crazy ways... No, I didn't dance with that auto anna. I was so cheerful that day. And it made me notice small, beautiful things in life.

  6. Hi....Just going through ur blog....Its good, Keep writting frnd.


  7. @Vivek
    Thnx for dropping by!!

  8. Yet another Nice blog..

  9. Sandhya,

    "I was amazed by how little he cared about what the others would think of him and prayed to God to give me an attitude like that."

    Even I wish to.Nice post.

  10. Hey.. i wish everyone of us had the attitude of the auto driver.. we wouldnt be so much bounded by what thy neighbor thinks..

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  11. @Anonymous
    Thank u!

    Another Sandy, wow! Of course, I'll keep writing!

    Yeah, we all worry so much about what others would say/think. To hell with all that... When are we gonna start living for ourselves?

    Exactly! At least, I wish I have half of that attitude!

  12. Good post! Thanks for reminding us that life is full of little happiness if we care to open our eyes and notice.


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