Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have a bad news… I have to shift my work location from one office at Sholinganallur to another one (well, at Sholinganallur)… But I soooo don’t want to shift. This office is close to the bus/auto stand than the other one and I have just made some really good friends with the pantry/cleaning staff. Another shift, another routine of making new friends, another new system and desk – it is going to be tough. But as most of you are going to say, “Change is the essence of life”; anything and everything has to change some day or the other. I am someone who is open to change and pretty adaptive; but I prefer staying in one place to keep shifting like a nomad – specially to a place which is less accessible from the main road.

In other news, I, Sabal and Rejith had gone to Mahabalipuram last Sunday afternoon and had a whale of a time there. The pictures are up on my Orkut/FB profile. Do check them out if you have the time and patience! And after seeing the pictures, I am sure you would admit that I am stuck in a wrong job and ‘Modeling’ (not the modeling in IT terms) is what I should be doing. ;-) For people who disagree, I would like to inform you that you are eligible for the quota for the visually-challenged.


  1. Do u think, you had to change the title ??

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  3. Sandhya,

    Its good that you are moving to CDC 5 from CDC 2 as CDC 5 is much bigger and it has a lot more pantry /Cleaning staff as compared to CDC 2 so ,You can make many more new friends and moreover since there are more people in CDC 5,It would be a much more lively place.

    To sum up,Take it positively!!!

  4. @Ramandeep
    I never mentioned CDC2 and CDC5 in my post. How did u know that?
    And I went through your blog and that was some serious attack on Chennai and Tamil and Tamil people. Hated it!

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  6. Sandhya

    I am sorry that you think that I had attacked a community.

    I have not tried attacking anyone according to me.i have just brought forward some things that I feel ,just my style of writing is a bit blunt.

    I belong to diffrent part of the country ,And after coming to this part of country,Have had a Culture Shock that I had just presented with some words.

    I am again Sorry for anything you considered as rude.

    Regarding CDC 2 CDC 5 stuff, I came to know about that because CDC 2 is near to bus stand and CDC 5 is away from it (Simple!!!)

  7. @Ramandeep
    Hmmm... I have seen so many North Indians lashing out at Tamilians (given that it is the people from the north who have migrated here and not vice-versa).
    India being a vast country with varied cultures, not every place you go to is like home. So you have to be adaptive. Your blog made Tamil sound like some language which is a collection of swear words. It is certainly not so. As long as you are here, try to enjoy the place and pls don't try to find faults. The people here are one of a kind - open books, tell you what they feel right on your face, speak from the heart.
    Are you with Wipro too?

  8. HI Sandy
    Good to see a lot of changes in your life.I have seen your pics on FB.Quit this job and take up Modelling..heheh :-)

  9. Hmmm I haven't seen Ramandeep's blog yet.
    But my observations about tamilians are..

    Straight Forward,Commanding,Determined,Aggressive
    They are very careful regarding the aspects of Money.I like all the above traits of them
    But there are equal no. of negatives which make me feel sike.
    1.For them Tamilnadu is a country not a state in India.
    2.They speak only Tamil,even if they know other languages.This is good upto a certain limit.But when the other person's doesn't know Tamil???
    3.They don't accept Hindi or Hindi movies

    I accept that Northies have some hatred feeling for the tamilians.This kind of regional hatred gives a tough life for the settlers in the cities.

    Correct me if i am wrong regarding my views on this topic.

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  11. @Shankar
    Well, true... You should read about the protests that took place in Tamil Nadu when Hindi was imposed on Tamils. That was quite unfair.
    Tamilians (at least the people I know) stick to English when there is a person who doesn't understand Tamil around. It is the North Indians who speak only in Hindi/any regional language even when others are around (to show off a language which they think is superior to Tamil).
    We do watch Hindi movies (if only we understand Hindi, otherwise it makes no sense, you see).
    My point is "Learn Tamil, respect the land at least when you are in Tamil Nadu. It would make your life here easier." It is not like Tamils speak only in Tamil when they are in Delhi. They adapt. So should you when you are in Chennai...
    I'm sorry if I sound rude. My intention is not be come down heavily upon North Indians - it is just to make them a lil' sane! ;-)

  12. Hmm good.."When You are in Madras,be like a Madrasi"....hehe :-)

  13. I am from Hyderabad...A perfect Southie :-)

  14. Hey Sandy, its not north indian's vs south indian's pa, its there even within south indian's. Malayali hates a tamiliyan, kannada folks hate tamilians to the core (since i live in blore i am telling you this), telugu ppl hate malayalis ... so i think this is something which is there as a poisonous root on every indian and i dont think we can do anything about it, the best way to handle all these non-sense is to ignore those ppl and be calm.

    Modeling ?????? At least your profile photo that you have put in here makes me to think that, you should first EAT well and then go to that profession :))))

  15. I think that all type of people exist in all places. It can be true that you are surrounded by people who speak in english when north indians are around. But you wont believe me i have my team meetings, status calls in tamil. I agree to Shankar's point that tamilians are stingy in money matters and they consider tamil as a country. If a person knows tamil he is a king otherwise he is like stray ox on streets. Although people from north have migrated here it does not mean that they cannot make chennai a better place. If chennaites think broadly they will come to know that their upliftment similar to Banglorians and Hyderabadis can only happen if they welcome people from other states with open arms. Moreover it is not we who should learn tamil (a regional language ) but it is all tamilians who should learn hindi (national language ) if they proud to be indians. Sorry for being rude.

  16. @Shankar
    Be a madrasi when in madras - well said!

    Yeah, I generally ignore such ppl coz I am comfortable with all south indian languages and hindi. Not a problem for me...
    Yeah, I have to eat well. I'll try...

    Wooohhhh, calm down dude! Now, as long as you keep heaping blame on the native people of a place you have migrated to, you are not gonna get any respect here.
    Sure learning a new language is fun and good, but so is it for you. And please don't startup with the National Language thing - people in the Parliament don't make a fuss out of it.
    So try to stop finding faults and take as an experience and learn something out of it.

  17. Sandy, wel said,bt learning tamil is tough and i hav nt sucdd til nw,koshish jari he

  18. @ Satish
    Hey there isn't such hatred feeling among telugu ppl towards mallus..May be it was your perception about the people of Andhra.
    The only reason why most ppl hate Tamilians is they are over aggressive.You can see it from the funds allocated to their state.They almost grab the whole of the South Indian share.AP,Karnataka and Kerala politicians do nothing for their state in terms of getting benefits from the central govt.

    @ Ramandeep
    You are right...
    Hindi is our National Language.Tamilians should accept it at least now.

    What a terrific post :-)
    The comments are more interesting than the post.Gr8 Going :-)

  19. @Sandhya:
    I tried to catch up your blog n just latest Tweet updates to catch up on some words about Coimbatore n Chennai which always has cheered me up. This post kind of upset as some based on their ill-conceived perception ripping ppl of TN like animals.

    Sometimes you have to accept Vadivelu acting in Senti scenes :)

    @Shankar: "Perception" that is what making somebody post so called blunt words in their blog. One thing all you guys is to learn not to stereotype people based on such parameters.

    PS: Since I dont have user profile, I have selected Anonymous as I am bit lazy to create one just to post this comment :)

  20. @Anonymous

    No one is stereotyping anyone.

    Before writing this comment have you visited my blog????
    Have you tried looking at the post that Sandhya says has made an attack on tamilians?

    How can you say that We have treated you as animals?

    @ Sandy
    Please for god sake do not make a perception that North Indian HATE Tamilians.Please notify me if i had posted the word HATE anywhere.HATE is a very big word.Life is too small for hating.

    I have just tried to explain what I feel when in Chennai.There is nothing anti-Tamilian in that.

    I have just written according to my eyeview and i do not know if anyone will agree to that or not.

  21. Sandy,

    You brought up the little monster in you and drove these innocent little kids into a debate about Tamils.

    You are all blood sucking parasites...!! Thankfully, I hate only people who writes and reads in english, including the blog owner and hopefully the blogowner has to same feeling towards me.

    Chill guys, Be and indian first and a tamilian/northie later..

    spread the word of luv (i love gals)


  22. @all- It's the choices that make us who we
    are and we can always choose to do what is right.
    Think locally but act globally...
    Sandy rocks..!!

  23. @All
    I am really sad that my blog being the place where people of my country are lashing out at each other and I am ashamed of myself to have been a part of it.

    I respect all the readers and their views. My point was very simple - try to adapt yourself to a new place instead of making the natives change to suit your convenience. There is no point in fighting over such silly things. I was trying to make the North Indian friends realize that cribbing won't work and that as long as they are in a place which is not their native (no matter which place it is) they have to concentrate on the positive aspects of the place and the people and not keep finding faults.

    And whatever it is, Ramandeep does not the rights to insult any human being based on his/her skin color - it is called 'Racism'... That part of his blog is wrong - no two ways about it. No one has the right to say that girls of Tamil Nadu are "black girls (who have a lot of facial hair)." That is totally unforgivable.

    Please be more careful about your words when you write in a public forum.

    Don't even get me started on you. I am trying to spread the word of love - I am not to be blamed if there's nobody to hear me out!

    @All (again)
    I am really upset about the whole debate that is going on here. Let us please comment only on the content of the post and talk about nicer things.

  24. Sandy,

    I am sorry will edit the post.

  25. @Ramandeep
    Thank you, Ramandeep. :-)

  26. Sandy,


    You should have commented on my post and I must have done the changes Yestarday itself.

  27. @Ramandeep
    It didn't strike me at that time. :-)

  28. Hmmm.. Peace at last.. Good to see :-)

  29. @Shankar
    War was never on my agenda anyways... ;-)

  30. @Sandy

    Yeah...Expect the Unexpected! :-)

  31. Change is the essence of life-> Whoever said that , would like to send him to Afghanistan and let him enjoy the change...
    "Kaduppai kelappukirar, My lord" :)

  32. @Vinod
    Neenga sollardhu correct dhaan... But it was a comment that I had received on a previous post of mine.

  33. Hi Folks,

    All I say is "It is not the Language or Nativity or Region but a person's attitude and adaptablity to a situation that makes a difference".

    Have a nice weekend,

  34. Well what has happened here.. from Mahabalipuram to language fights.. oopsie.. Anywats first on the post... Saw the pics on FB... the place looks awesome... and somebody gimme a proper definition of modelling... :P

    And about this... I would like to say.. stop thinkin abt being northie southie or wateva... First the thing is we are Indians.. and we should respect that first... Of course there are always concerns due to Language strains but it tests a person ability to take in the environment and adapt to it... (like Bourne.. the chameleon...) So take it in the bright sense and move on...

  35. @Sriram
    Thnx for ur comments on the pics. Modeling can be of different types - data modeling, functional modeling, physical modeling and I am not gonna get into the details of these (coz I don't know) ;-)
    What a clarity of thoughts, sirji!

  36. Thanks ka... clarity of thoughts!!! well that is something I need to start a new blog... haven't been able to write at all!!!

  37. Oh i hate the process of making friends all over again...

    U ve got a very nice blog.. Very honest..

    Make website india

  38. Alagu Vignesh MohanAugust 23, 2009 at 11:56 AM

    @Ramandeep & Shankar

    Sorry to get the language issue started again, but i really have to post this...

    when a tamil has to learn an Indo-Aryan language while the north indian does not have to know even a single word of any other regional language(esp. Dravidian ones), now that naturally makes that North Indian a privileged person.

    Where is the fairness in this? She does not have to know any other language while the Tamil has to communicate to her by learning her language. That makes the North Indians royal and Tamils second class.

    They say our constitution deems us all to be equal. Primus Inter Pares i guess

  39. @Alagu

    You have a problem and ur blog and ur comments show that.See a Psychatrist


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