Monday, July 20, 2009


It has been a really long time since I wrote something in this space. It was simply because nothing was “happening” in my life. I simply had nothing to tell the world because I have been away – away from this world, at heaven. Yes, I had taken a week-long break from work to be with my family at a time when they needed me by their side. Also got to meet Yals and Shivasu – we hung out at a place Ammar had suggested (Man, Am I getting in touch with my college mates or what!!!)

Coimbatore was a beauty. She is still the same laid back, small, enchanting city but is getting closer and closer to heart with each passing day and I miss her so much now (Love and distance between yourself and your beloved is always inversely proportional). The hills surrounding the city, the sweet Siruvani water, the friendly people (my regular auto-driver anna asked me to eat well and take care of myself after he dropped me at the Railway Station) – huh, I just can’t get enough of it. But hey, I am back to Chennai and guess what, Chennai has gotten herself a nice weather too – not too hot, not much rain and plenty of wind – Chennai has never been this perfect!

As for work, it is going great guns (I don’t know if I have the rights to say this after being absent for a week while my team mate had to manage all the work alone), but work is going rather well. My last night at Chennai before I went to Coimbatore was spent at the hospital – yours truly was down with “Acute Gastroenteritis”/ gotten food poisoning or something – which meant 2 days of Rasam saadham and Thayir saadham even when I was at Coimbatore.

My house at Chennai has only 3 of us living there now (A got transferred to Hyderabad) and will not return and we are confused as to whether we should shift to a PG Accommodation or to a cheaper, smaller house or to add more roomies in the same house. As they say, time will tell and I hope it does soon…


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  2. CBE is always a great place, more than the city, I luv those ppl, so kind, so caring. But being a proper chennaite, I luv chennai as well. I have been following your blog since last week, and its a pleasure to read your posts.


  3. Your blog about your native place Coimbatore (incidentally that happens to be my native place too) reminded me of that John Denver's timeless classic COUNTRY ROADS TAKE ME HOME. But one small correction, if permitted. In my opinion, Coimbatore cannot rate as a city, but a very big town! I can visualize hordes of coimbatoreans hurling stones at me, but frankly, it is my opinion.

  4. @Satish
    Thank u for ur comments. Keep visiting!
    I love both Chennai and Coimbatore too!

    Coimbatore is a laid-back, lazy city (it is considered a city, so...) I am not hurling stones at u :)

  5. Ah, I forgot to tell you, I have been following you on twitter as well, as minorkunju :) Keep writing and keep rocking dude ...

  6. @Satish
    Thank u, will keep writing.. I have nothing better to do anyway ;)

  7. Sandhya,

    Quite often I get to read that you are on a Vaccation.Really,I should have joined your Company not just that but also under your PM too.Seems nice chap,grants leave at the drop of a hat.Lucky.Btw on which platform you work,well......if you don't mind me asking you.

    Have a nice weekend,

  8. @Kiran
    My PM is a really nice chap to work with. He always appreciates us when we do a good job (which is very encouraging) and we try not to let him down. It is a very healthy relationship.
    I work in Oracle/Unix...

  9. what do I think?? i think that your blog is too good.. somehow while browsing i opened ur blog page. that was about one n half hour back.. still going thru ur blog... wht makes me to keep on reading this.. there r many reasons... keep writing girl... jst wnted to write a token of appreciation.... go on..

  10. @Sandeep
    Thank u... Appreciations always encourage me. Am flattered to say the least :-D


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