Friday, October 23, 2009

Miss me, won't you?

You would miss me. Miss me big time. I am sure!

Wouldn’t you miss me when you over-sleep and reach work late because you don’t have me waking you up every morning?
Wouldn’t you miss me when you walk through the same roads we walked on everyday without my hands to hold?
Wouldn’t all those small road-side tea/juice shops remind you of the times we had coffees when it was raining?
Wouldn’t you miss me when you have no one to talk to or when you are alone at home?
Wouldn’t you miss me whenever you see the stray dogs I used to pat when we went on our late night walks?
Wouldn’t you miss me when you go to the beach?
Wouldn’t the Baba Mandir remind you of me?
Wouldn’t you miss all the heated arguments we have about everything and nothing in the world?
Wouldn’t you miss holding me and saying ‘Good Night’ every night before going to sleep?
Wouldn’t you miss shouting at me asking me to get inside the house to stop me from getting drenched in the Chennai rain?
Wouldn’t you miss having hot lunch prepared by me?
Wouldn’t you miss sending me off at and picking me up from Central station once in a month?
Wouldn’t you miss me when you see people walking hand-in-hand anywhere?
Wouldn’t you miss all the good and not-so-good times we have shared?

Please don’t let me go because I sure should not ask you to come with me where I am going.

I know you would miss me like crazy. Please do NOT move on. No, I can never grant you freedom and I can never let you move on.


  1. @celebrate ur freedom
    Thanks! :-)

    Aama, konjam over sentiyathaan irukku :-D

  2. hi.. I saw your link on the site. do you know your blog is linked there? as is mine. It was news to me ...

  3. Sandy, If a guy were to reply to your above questions, We'd reply... " NO.. MOVE ON MAN.."

  4. good one... he ll miss u 4 sure.. he has to let you go for you to move up the ladder!!!!!!!!!! after all you knew all this b4 you made the decision... Al d very best

    -- nagu

  5. i will really miss u Kutty pagal...using kutty because of ur size..age me to tum meri dadi ho shayad...


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