Friday, October 9, 2009

Enna koduma sir idhu...

The last two weeks have been most eventful. And I’m a lot wiser now. Really. Not buying it?

I have interacted more with managers in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years and learnt how to talk to them – the choice of words in an email, the tone of your voice in a telephonic conversation, to be persuasive in a subtle way – I am well on my way to become a manager myself. :-P But then God help those who become my subordinates! :-P

It is so funny when you go and stand in front of your manager and tell him,

Me: I just came to remind you that I’d be on leave next week.
Manager: Which days, Sandhya?
Me: Hmmm, three days and the other two weekdays are holidays.
Manager: What? The whole of next week?
Me: No, just three days.
Manager: But you won’t be at office throughout the next week?
Me: (Silly fellow, isn’t that obvious?) Hmmm, yes. I’m planning to go to my hometown, you see.
Manager: Why didn’t you inform me earlier?
Me: Actually, I did. I informed you three weeks back that I need three days leave and you actually approved the leaves.
Manager: I did?

It’s so funny when managers try to think hard, you know? The look on his face made me think that he badly wanted to answer nature’s call, but somehow nature wasn’t calling him as often as it has to. :-P And needless to say I was controlling my laughter and had to rush out of the ODC to a nearby conference room to laugh it off.

And then I headed to Coimbatore – to spend an awesome week there with Amma and Gaya and Paatti. As usual, the city was at its enchanting best - not very hot, not very cold, chilly wind and the slight drizzle and the magnificent hills surrounding the city - they are all still there. The city is just soooooooo beautiful. Since it was Navrathri time, we had visitors during all evenings to see the Golu. My cousin Nithya had come with her two daughters, aged 4 and 2 to see the Golu and the elder one – Harsha – sang devotional songs so beautifully (with actions) as her teacher (who was also my teacher when I was in school) and I couldn’t stop moving my hands in action just like her (although I stayed away from singing along for good).

For years, it has been me who stayed back while the others said ‘bye’ and left and come November I would be the one taking off – away from Chennai, away from my work, away from a lot of great friends I have made here, away from the beaches, away from my extremely patient roomies, away from a great team at work, just away from life as I have known it for 2 years now. And I do hope everything goes on well post my ‘bye bye’ from a city I have grown to love.

But of course, ‘Lighter Side…’ will still be alive and I will continue to post here – all the details about where life takes me and what it offers. And yeah, I will be available on Orkut, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. So, I don’t really think I would be missing the gang of friends I have made in the cyber world. :-)


  1. hmm... GoodBye n Welcome are words in tandom!

    Every goodbye is followed by a welcome and vice versa..!!


  2. @Sandy,

    What hapnd yaar????? Got a transfer somewhere???

  3. Greetings... my first visit here through Karthik...

    LOL@ the managers statements... they always do that :P

    take care and wish you the very best in life...


  4. all the best for your new job...but hey jus keep your posts rollin of the avid readers....

  5. Happy Journey and HAPPY DIWALI :-)

  6. You never thought of becoming a manager eh?
    Get into your manager's shoes and tell how would u react to the above situation. :P

  7. @Ramandeep
    I'm quitting Wipro!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! :-)

    No, I'm not moving to a new job! :-)

    Happy Diwali to u too!
    Are u a manager yourself? :-P

  8. Congrats on the quitting and the 'observations' abt managers had me rofl.....

    Do chk this out

  9. hehehe no... i am a 3rd yr btech student... want to become a successful manager!...

  10. @Priyanka
    Thanks, girl. Hope ur stint as a student is keeping u up and alive and also that you are keeping up ur good work at MY (ex) college.
    Neeraj's blog is a good read and I intend to finish reading all the posts today ;-) Heights of joblessness, u say? :-D

    Oh, not yet passed out of B.Tech and already chamchao-fying so much? Good good...

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  12. I have an interesting assignment in hand... in which I turn out to be the manager of a sale outlet for an MNC! :P (okie! I kno whats going on in ur mind, lolz!) 2 people are like under me! It is real tough to act very friendly with them because they might not listen to u, taking personal considerations in to mind! But I'm definitely not like the managers U r talking abt! :P

    Btw Sandy, quitting Wipro? Better offer?



  13. @Sriram
    See, managers have no way of knowing what their own faces look like when they are thinking hard. It applies to you too if you are in that role. Lolz...
    By the way, good jump in ur career, I can see. Good for you. Bad for your subordinates, though ;-)
    Quitting Wipro, yes! :-)

  14. @ Sandy
    I see my face in the mirror... :D and I never think hard! :P So it doesn't apply to moi! Good jump, u may call, but I'm not the man for the job I tell u. I'm underemployed :(
    Bad for my subordinates... ask them how happy they are to work with me! :P
    Why calling it quits?

  15. Congrats for all the good things that you are gonna have in your life and thanks for keeping your readers in mind. All the very best and GOD BLESS.


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