Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad, Bad World...

I knew I said I wasn’t going to fill up this space for some time – I didn’t know why exactly I said that, I just felt I had lost it in me to write anything beyond boring official mails; but now I am back and have quite a few incidents in the past couple of weeks that have made me think and respect life and disrespect and loathe few people and to start writing again. I went through the recent posts in my blog and found that I have been doing nothing but cribbing and getting senti (I know it sucks…) for a while now and vowed to go easy on the cribbing part but I have now found that it is almost impossible for me not to complain and crib – don’t blame me, the world is so bad. You know that already, don’t you?

Well, last week was a tough one. I had problems with my friend, team mate and a lot of people on the road (If you are thinking, “who doesn’t?” Welcome to the club!) Now, without indulging into the causes of each of these tiffs, I would only write about the after-effects of these, thereby denying you the chance to judge me! (I am smart, you see ;-) )

I had a problem in respecting a friend of mine for a mean thing he did and therefore walked out on my group of friends while we were hanging out. It was already 9pm in the night and without thinking twice, I walked to the beach (Thiruvanmiyur beach, at that) and sat alone to think about what I did and whether it was worth the being-alone-late-night-at-unsafe-beach after all. I sat alone and watched the people there – a bunch of guys playing volley ball under the flood lights, a little girl sitting with her mother and playing in the sand, a girlfriend punching her boyfriend playfully and smiling, 3 girls talking and giggling, a father holding his little girl’s finger and walking, a husband walking with his pregnant wife – no one was alone. Wait, there was a dog there – he seemed to have no company, just like me! :-) I smiled at him thinking I am not the only lonely living thing there. Then the dog’s friend dog came and they both walked off together too. That day, I learnt to hide my feelings. I thought I’d never say this, but it would stand you in good stead if you learned to hide your emotions and sugar-coat your words and be the (sickeningly) ‘sweet’ person that everyone likes.

As if to reiterate it, I had a tiff with my team mate (I have got to remain confidential about this one, but what the heck…) who accused me of ‘manipulating’ him and urged me ‘not to play games’ with him and it was at that moment that I realized that my only mistake was that I had been cordial to the extent of being friendly towards him. Had I been not as warm and as friendly, his words wouldn’t probably have had the kind of effect on me as they actually did.

More than these two incidents, I had a never-before experience – I saw (from close quarters) an MTC ticket inspector grabbing a 13-14 year old guy’s wallet from his pocket and taking the money out of it after the boy and his friend threw the bus ticket after buying it. The little guy started crying and the following conversation took place:

Big Fat Ticket Inspector (BFTI): Give me your mother/father’s cell number.
Little guy gave the phone number and it was apparently switched off.
BFTI: (In a mocking tone) Enna thambi, the phone is switched off.
Little guy: Sir, my parents must be on the plane. They are coming back from Hyderabad today evening. That’s why…
BFTI: Flight-laya??? He he… Romba vevarama irukkaye... Give me your house key and go (and put his hands into the guy’s pocket and took out his house key).
Little guy: (Crying even more) Sir sir, sorry sir. Please give the house key sir.
BFTI: But you traveled without a ticket (like it was a gruesome crime). How much money do you have? Aaahh, look at this! You have a 50 rupee note in your wallet.
Little guy: Sir, that is all I have. I have to eat from outside. Please, sir.
BFTI: Are you going to eat for 50 rupees?
What the hell… Agreed, what the guys did (albeit playfully) was wrong, but does it justify the inspector’s act? What were even worse were his humiliatingly mocking tone and his words. I didn’t know what to do. I felt so bad for the young kid – now he would never have any respect for ticket inspectors (he would have fear, alright; but not respect) Will the Government officials stop misusing power? What should a common man do to stop getting ridiculed and mocked at? How do we show our protest? Before you answer that, would we all come forward and stand together and protest against such officials? So many questions to ask; nobody to answer.


  1. Well well, u said u wont crib, but started off with a crib!! however, this little kid of 14, poor soul, did not even watch the latest Jaago Re Tea Ad, Ab Khilana band karo and pilana shuru karo.!!

    Was there no one at all to help this poor chap? Had he been at mumbai, we'd also hv had JAI SINGH RATHOD aka RATS ki Maa protest in favour of the child (Jaane Tu ya jaane naa)

    Luv/ME - Dinesh

  2. WC back...U noe wat
    "Gud judgement comes from experience
    Experience comes from bad judgements"
    So dont worry abt wats happening...forgive n forget...Cheer up...

  3. Hmmm.. So, you're back again. Good! Looks like this incident is in your mind always. C'mon.. move on. It happens. Btw, may i here know what you did there? I trust you, but still... ;-)

  4. @Dhinu
    Seriously, I felt like spraying pepper powder into the BFTI's eyes! Sigh... Ami ki korbo?

    Thanks! :-) I'm just unable to forgive that guy. It is because of such people that we lose faith in our system.

    Thanks! I already told u not to ask me what I was doing there; but if u insist, I was waiting for a bus there. Ok? :-)

  5. Hello Sandhya, Juz happened to come across your blog... its wonderful.. direct... and honest -no mincing words here!
    But i felt awkward reading this particular post... more becoz u let the issue pass by [juz like most indians] than for the fact that it was a horrible thing to happen to a li'l kid.
    Personally i think people must react [especially the youth] and I guess I'd have gone up to the BFTI & asked him sternly to give back the kid's money & paid on his behalf & then taken a good look at his name tag & said "Mr. whatever! pray that u dont lose ur job soon!" and i'd get off the bus, take ma fone out & dial a no: as i walk away.
    It could be the no: of any random friend but that doesn't matter as long as u send a chill down the spine of the BFTI & if possible make him lose sleep for a couple 'o days :)

  6. @Aakash
    Thanks for visiting and commenting! :-)
    Hmmmmm, I'm yet to see someone who does what you told. I couldn't do it because of a few other circumstances that couldn't be mentioned here :-) Pls do come to Chennai and do it (there are a lotta officers who need a chill sent down their spine!)

  7. Hey nice post!
    I understood why you din't react.I too experienced a similar scene few years back :( but i was let off with 30 bucks :-).
    I agree that the attitude of these officers is disgusting and irritating.This can only change when the people raise their voice in unity.

  8. @Shankar
    Easier said than done! :-)

  9. Unity? Come on don kid me!
    Rather than playing the onlooker.I've been the boy who was the victim in one case.when I dint have my license and was driving a motor cycle.The inspector was asking for my Mobile.I told him sternly enough that U can take the vehicle. I'll pay the fine. Such people who play with power cannot be corrected.I like Mr.Aakash's comment though I guess it is very difficult for one to do such a thing! Only way we can fight against them is by not doing a mistake or by paying the fine he asks for and don't ever forget the receipt... cuz U give for India... instead of making the fat inspector fatter!

  10. hey Sandy!!!!....Good to hear from u again!!!!!
    I completely agree with Aakaash & Sriram...

  11. @Sriram
    Yes, once wen I was caught riding without license, I insisted I'd pay the fine of Rs.500 but the traffic inspector went on asking me to pay Rs.100 only (like in Teleshopping ads). What do we do if the officials are like this?

    Thanks! We should all do it then. If only 5-10 of us do it, we'd be fools and the system will not change.

  12. "If only 5-10 of us do it, we'd be fools and the system will not change."

    This is exactly the problem with we Indians. "If I change will the whole of the nation change?" This attitude has let us down totally. Though no one seems to be able to find a solution to this. Only way is being correct one self and expecting nothing in return!

    If he asks like that. A normal human is bound to think why waste the 400 rupees. But it is up to u to choose. I choose fine over Bribe! And demand for the receipt!

  13. @Sandy
    Forgot to mention... welcome back u were deeply missed!!

  14. @Sandy

    I am sorry for the little boy.I do not understand why bus conducters and auto drivers behave in this manner

    By the way a guy commented on my blog with super hatred comments

    Please see his blog

  15. hey sandy!
    i felt like reading one of the pages of my own diary. well if it would bring a smile, i too have had such days(in fact i continue to have such days.)u did the right thing, by writing a blog post on it.
    hmmm....i am constantly lost between "what is good and wats bad?". I hate when i am judged! but cant stop judging others...:P ..
    but its even more frustrating when such deep thots gets dissolved by lil traces of joy ....and when a bad time strikes agn , i just waste infinite time thinking over agn!
    keep writing.
    u are neva alone!:)

  16. @All
    Sorry for the late response, guys!

    I didn't know anyone would miss me (of all people). Thanks! I'm humbled.

    Unable to open wordpress frm work and my laptop is down with virus. So, will check ur blog once my lappy gets ok. Giving it to the doc today! ;-)

    Really, my initial intention was to make people more aware of such small incidents where we should all stand up for ourselves and destroy corruption in every form. I don't know how far it has been understood.
    We all rather "want" our deep and depressing thoughts to be dissolved by lil' traces of joy and you are complaining about it? I'm baffled. When life gives you lil' joy, grab it! Coz u never know, kal ho naa ho!
    Keep smiling! :-)

  17. Well U really were!!! Thats why I told tht! :-)

    The track of the comments section has changed from corruption to happiness!

  18. Are sandy,

    My blog is in bloger that is other guy's blog which is very intresting and you will be clear what kind of experiences i have had and am still having in chennai.Blog's address

    But still chennai rocks ,I learnt a lot about my country that i had not known.I do not want anyone to comment on ur blog or on my blog on this so Sane guys/gals Please DO NOT COMMENT !!!!

  19. @Raman
    You asked for it man... If you don't want anybody to post comments, why bother writing in a public forum? Use something called a 'diary' and a 'pen', perhaps?
    Plz be careful about what you write in a public forum. I've told you this earlier and I'm telling you this now. If you still choose to write this way, be prepared for facing flak. :-)

  20. @ sandy

    Are yaar,

    Leave it.I do not want to start an argument here too.

    By the way when is ur next post coming up???Am waiting for it/

  21. "Do not post comments!"

    @all- I think Im born for that! :P


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