Friday, September 4, 2009

Alvida, Nitsy!

Come Monday and my roomie and one of my best friends will be a married lady. Feels like yesterday when we attended Engineering counseling at Amrita on the same day, same time slot, joined the same course, sat in the same (last) bench for four years, studied together for every semester, saw movies together, shared books and study materials, got placed in the same company, left Coimbatore on the same day, stayed in the same hostel for 6 months, moved to a 2BHK together and lived in the same house for almost 2 years. She has always been there to cheer me up, to wake me up from sleep and force me to have dinner, to offer a shoulder to cry on, to be an older sister I never had – all this despite the fact that I yak nonstop and she is patience and silence personified. I know all this is already written in the testimonials she has received. But I didn’t want to write this there – because I am not writing this for her, I am writing this for myself.

Tomorrow night I am leaving Chennai for Karaikudi - a small town in Southern Tamil Nadu - and from there to a small village around 20kms away. I know the place is going to be enchanting given the active monsoon at this time of the year and I will be meeting my best pals from college there, but still I feel like a part of my life is being torn off me to be given to another fantastically lucky person. Although there is some consolation that she would continue to live in Chennai and would continue to work in the same office as me, I feel like I am losing someone whose preciousness I was fool enough not to appreciate when she was with me.

To my dearest Nitsy,

Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed a friend – you have done everything from being a class mate (who made extra-ordinarily detailed notes) to a teacher (with too much patience) to a sister (who has truck loads of love to give away) to an amazing friend. You are simply the best of us all! I wish you a super-happy and successful married life. Take good care of yourself and your husband ;-) I love you so much!!!

To everyone else: Sorry I got a little too senti; but the thought that she is getting married is too overwhelming to control. I had to vent it out and as usual, this is my way of doing that.


  1. Friends never say matter which direction they travel, they're just a thought away and more importantly they'd be there for you no matter what.

    Wishes for your friend!

  2. @Chan
    I'd never let this one girl go! She is a true friend. :-)
    I'll pass on ur wishes to her!!!

  3. Just curious. Is your friend's name Umamaheswari?
    I'm asking this because, a friend of mine is getting married at a village near Karaikudi too.

  4. @Anonymous
    Her name is Nithya :-)

  5. Wish ur friend a very happy married life! My friend is getting married too this weekend. Seems to be a marriage season this September!

  6. Wishing ur friend all the health and happiness in this world on her wedding.

  7. Friendship never dies, if it is straight from the heart and I am sure yours too will not die!!

  8. @Swetha, VJ
    Thank you for ur wishes!I'll pass it on to Nitsy...
    Yeah, Sep is a marriage season - I had 3 weddings to attend on Sep 7 :-)

    Thank you!!!

  9. Nitsy, Wish u a very happy married life, I guess i can even search for you on our office email system, but the guy who is lazy to logg on with his name on a blog site, would be even lazier to find someone on the email system.

  10. @Anonymous
    I am sure Nitsy would read this when she gets back next week!!! Thank you!


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