Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When the going gets tough

It has been a hectic day at work with my on-site folks demanding to know the status of tickets that are pending with me, and at the same time my offshore manager asking me to work on creating a knowledge base loading me with technical jargons like cloud computing, knowledge base (yeah, right!), Drupal and a bunch of other stuff that most certainly did not sound English. At the end of half an hour of hearing such words, he goes on to clearly mention that my on-site manager should not come back complaining that project activity is getting spoilt because of this internal work. The next few days are sure going to be tighter than the t-shirt that few of the girls at work wear.

Now, to those of you who ask what I do apart from cribbing about work – I don’t do anything much, I say. Effect of watching Quick Gun Murugan, you see. I thought the movie would be out and out funny – instead it turned out to be a very loud, repetitive affair, although there are a few funny moments; like the one scene where Mango Dolly (Rambha) says she failed to win a beauty contest, QGM responds, “It is not IAS. You can try again.” And if you consider that funny, God save you!

My room mate V came back from California after an 8 week stay there and told me the storyline (or the lack of it) of Bruno. Well, to most conservative girls (I know nobody is going to accept I am either conservative or a girl, sigh!) the movie sounded sick and she said she couldn’t understand why people were ROFL for such cheap comedy. She told more about how she saw so many people kissing in public – let me tell you that this was the same person who changes the channel during a kissing scene in any movie. Well, what can I say? Time changes, people change…

Good news from work – we have finally gotten our porcelain cups back at the pantry and done away with the paper cups that were brought in last month, in a bid to avoid the spread of swine flu. I wonder if swine flu is really gone (or is in its receding phase) or we all think it’s gone because the media is not creating frenzy over it these days. If latter is the case, haven’t we all become puppets in the hands of the media?


  1. cho sweet ......... little gal have to work so much daily and at last their r movie release which she never enjoy :( wait for sept. you gonna see dozens of such movie :D its business .

    So when is your turn for onsite yooo......u can have the live exp as ur roommate had and now as she is back u dont have problem of searching a new home rite ? ...

    we can hope some movie soon about swine flu in kollywood .. .. tc

  2. Girl, you seriously need a break in life at least to keep away from cribbing :) we don't know, you may even crib tat you don't have anything to do ;-0)

    Your friend is much better than me, I once jumped out of a moving electric train in Oakland, California just because I saw a couple who were in an "objectionable" state as per INDIAN culture ;0))

  3. Some more jargons you myt hv heard are being pro active, take more initiatives, bring value adds...the list goes on n on.

    Few yrs back, I was in a European city where the society was as free as our heroines in bikini...once i was in this tram and der were a young(rather very very young probably in their mid teens) couple with the girl sitting on the guy's lap and.....

    Poor me was sittin right next to them not sure whether to look or not....truly test for my self control...

  4. Hi.. I m a first timer here.. Jus blog hopped frm sumwhr.. liked ur style.. n ur blog.. U ll be seeing me around :)

  5. @Chunnu
    I don't wanna go anywhere outside India. I am not interested in having such experiences. I am happy where I am :-)
    Let's see, some movie would at least mention Swine Flu ;-)

    Oh yeah, I crib abt it when I have no work too :-) I am a specimen that ought to be kept at a museum! :-)
    Hmmm... thalayezhuthu seeing all this near u. But after a few days, we Indians too become indifferent to all this, right?

  6. @Chan
    Oh please don't start off with such technical jargon... What is the fear of technical jargon called? I've got that :-(
    Namma ooru aalunga ellathukkume indha maadiri oru experience-ah? Okay okay... By the way, I appreciate your self-control ;-)

    Welcome! Glad you liked my blog. See u around!


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