Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fell in Love - Part 2

It is the one place on earth that is close to my heart. It is a place that has seen it all – my happiness, my craziness, my sorrows, my confusions, my stupidity, my anguish, my fears, my adventures, everything. It is the place where I was born and brought up, the place that has taught me to be talkative, a place that has offered my solace when I was depressed, and confidence when I was confused. Coimbatore. I know I have written so many posts about MY city but still I can’t help but write more as I find myself loving it more and more by the day.

  • It is a place which is surrounded by mountains and is a treat to watch during the rainy season. And when it rains, it doesn’t rain like it does in Chennai where in November and December somebody from upstairs is pouring down buckets and buckets of water for over 3 days continuously resulting in flooding - rain water + sewage water + urine + spit mucous (ewwww). In Coimbatore, it drizzles ever so lightly, not even enough to get you wet. When it does rain heavily, it doesn’t last for more than 2hours, 4 at max. And some summer showers bring in small pieces of ice which we used to collect in jugs as children.
  • It is a place where people are so warm and friendly and treat you with respect. Oh and the language – it is so sweet to hear. No wonder I am a lot more talkative when at Coimbatore. I just talk so that the other person would respond in that wonderful slang and I would keep listening. I am just used to addressing my Amma in singular (without the ‘nga’ in after each verb, or in cases after each word), I address my neighbors with full respect – so it is not “Illa, aunty”; it is “Illeenga, aunty”. Otherwise, it is considered rude.
  • The city is a paradise to trekkers. It is at the foothills of the Western Ghats, what did you expect? There are a lot of different treks for trekkers of different stamina and skill.
  • The water in the city is among the tastiest in the world. The Siruvani river flows through the forests where a lot of Amla trees exist and since the water touches the roots of these trees while flowing, it tastes super-good. I have seen the water flowing in small streams and it is so pure that you can see the sand and pebbles underneath it very clearly. And that water tasted great.
  • The people of this city have unique, unmatchable sarcastic streak. The ‘Coimbatore Kusumbu’ and my talkative nature have combined together a lot of times and made me speak and gotten me into trouble big time. But I am proud of my kusumbu!!! :-)

All these reasons apart, Coimbatore is so good for me because it is HOME to me. That is what it is – HOME :-)


  1. I've never been to TN!!!! neenga solluradhu paatha oruvaati coimbatore-ku trip arrange pannanu polairukku!!!!

  2. will definitely do!! waiting for my exams to get over...

  3. Yenunga ammani ... siruvaani aaru namma voottu pakkangalaa ?? koyamuthoora patthi pesanum naa pesikitae irukalaamugo, adhu paasakaarangalum, rosakaarangalum vaazhara boomi, manusana manusan maruvaadhayaa kooptu pazhagara makkal irukara edamileengalaa ... ada adhu engalukkum kitta thatta sonda ooru maadhiri thaan ammani :)

  4. @VJ

    Adhu ennaganna sondha ooru maadhiri? Aana seriya sonneenga, ennaya maadhiri paasakarangalum, rosakaarangalum vaazhara boominu!!! :-D

  5. adhu onnum illeenga ammani, engaathu manni andha oor thaanungo :))) seringa ammani, neenga kaila edutha serupa kaal la maatikunga, paasakaara manusangalukku kovam aagaadhu ammani ... :)

  6. A nice read... and as they say, "home is where the heart is" :)

    P.S. I somehow managed to misplace the link to your blog a while ago. Thanks to IndiBlogger found it again :)

    Following you now...


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