Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pondering Pointlessly

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We all have heard that a million times, especially from our parents, more especially if you were as lazy as yours truly. Like how the “best bad massage award” would be called ‘The Monica” (you don’t watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S? You should!), the “laziest person award” would be (and should be) called “The Sandhya”. I can visualize my mom nodding her head twice faster at this. That is me. The best thing to do, for me, is just sit and laze around and stare at the ceiling. Or may be read a book or watch a movie – but those things are to be done only when I am really really bored of well… staring at the ceiling.

And when I don’t have any book to read or movie to watch, and am still bored after my tiring stint at staring at the ceiling, like anyone else, I think. No, don’t laugh. I do have the necessary apparatus up inside my head and believe it or not, it is in perfectly good, working condition. And if you had read about my Analytical Mind, you would know how it works. I mean, how good it works.

A gazillion thoughts within seconds all inter-connected (or so I think) in some peculiar way which is totally back-traceable. No? Lost me somewhere in the middle. It happens. It happens to me, for crying out loud. There is so much I think about – should I have a cup of coffee now or half an hour later? Gosh, the weather is so good; I should ask paati to make bajji or bonda. This Paulo Coelho book is so boring; I have to finish this one soon and start “Atlas Shrugged”. I should never have left Chennai; I feel so cold and lost here. Wow Chennai, what a city! Those were the best days of my life – beach, Blur, Inox, Wipro, bajji at the beach… Hmmm, bajji… “Paati, sooda bajji pottu thaayen.”

You get the drift. From a casual coffee thought to bored to remorse to memories to well, coffee (and bajji) again – all within seconds of each other. These thoughts make me. And now I am sure you don’t find me lazy given the amount of thinking (?!) I do. Tell my mom so!!! Meanwhile, I am going to think about New Year and how ridiculous these ‘New Year Resolutions’ are. HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks!!! :)


  1. Ippadi idhellam yosikara nerathula rendu bajji n cfy romba yosikadheenga, vadivelu maadhiri summa irukardhu evlo kashtam..adhellam makkalukku puriyaadhu.

  2. @Chan
    Aamam aamam, summa irukkardhu nemba kastamdhaanugna... Aana, inga velai bendu nimutharaanga. Pesama Chennai-laye irundhurkalam. Sigh...

  3. Greetings from California, USA
    Sandy, your English is wonderful and you seem a delightful chatterbox indeed. Picked you up on your mention of Atlas Shrugged. May I say I think the correct word is "Idle mind ..." instead of "Ideal" (unless you are making a witty joke.
    I know exactly what A Monica is and once got one from a desperately bad Shiztu person and was too timid to stop it in the middle. It was a nightmare.
    Hope you enjoy Atlas. We have a saying "You can only read Atlas Shrugged once for the first time in your life."
    John Donohue
    Pasadena, CA

    P.S. Mom, she is not lazy I can tell.

  4. @John
    Ohhh thanks for visiting and commenting and pointing out the typo. I've corrected it! :-)
    I hope to read 'Atlas Shrugged' and I also hope it is as good as 'The Fountainhead'.
    I also hope my mom is reading your comments. I will ask her to!
    Keep visiting my blog!!! :-)

  5. hehehe... nice! i can so much relate to you in this sounds as if someone has written this about me! Every weekend my mom tells me..."What are you doing lying on the bed the entire day?" And I reply, "I am thinking." :)

    The inter-connected chain of thoughts never seem to end. And I never seem to get enough of these thoughts either.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  6. y u so obsessed abt bajji????

  7. @Mamta
    Awww, thank you for time and again reminding me that I am normal. :-)
    And what is it with moms who always seem so keen on interrupting our 'thought-process'? Sigh...

    Happy new year, buddy!!!

    Coz, I like bajji... I don't think there could be a better reason :-)

  8. hi fst happy new year.
    secnd it cms tht u hv wrtng sumtng..(wt it all?)
    thrd s if u knw to read tamil plz vist my blog & post ur coment..
    in anticipation ....

  9. you write well! :)

    Write more often!!

  10. Hi Sandhya Nice Blog!!! I was browsing through many blogs in Indiblogger and in that attempt found urs. U can visit my blog(if u wish)by clicking on my name here. And I would be delighted if u do that.Happy New Year and Happy Blogging....

  11. heard u mentioning Atlas Shrugged!!probably the most celebrated book of the contemporary times written a "Super Star" Author...

    let me tell u, its absolute bullcrap! progressing beyond the first 100 pages wud be a horrendous taks if you spot the hypocrisy or the falseness (is that a legitimate word?) of the characters.

    Ayn Rand seems to have this quality of propogandizing or even thrusting her ideas on the readers, who most probably end up getting hypnotised!!

    The book was a big disappointment for me (not tht i expected much after Fountain Head)..

  12. @Annamalaiyan
    Hi, I do read Tamil - otherwise, how would I be able to know your name? ;-) Will visit your blog soon.

    I hope to keep writing too :-)Thanks for your encouragement!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting! Will visit your blog soon :-)

    @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Well well, I haven't had the time (during last week) to read much of 'Atlas Shrugged', but my expectations are high too - after 'The Fountainhead'.
    I feel there is no wrong in an author trying to thrust his/her ideas on the readers; his/her success lies in the percentage of people who fall for it :-) In that sense, Ayn Rand is a sure winner. :-)

  13. You're right by saying tht Ayn Rand is a winner by your definition..but i aint falling for it!
    my instinct says u wudnt like the book..anyways happy reading!!

  14. @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Let me finish it and then I will let you know if you guessed it right or wrong! :-)


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