Friday, January 8, 2010

Idiots... All of us!

How many idiots! I went to watch 3 idiots (no, not in a multiplex that would have drilled a big hole in my purse) and it was worse than what I had expected. Before you conclude that I am a moron not to have liked the biggest hit movie of last year, wait till you hear more – not that it is going to change your perception about my being a moron, but at least, it will be postponed ;-) Talk about living in constant hopes! ;-)

I had shelled out 150 bucks (per ticket) in a single screen theatre (don’t tell anyone, I bought it in ‘black’) and it was after we entered the theatre that we came to know that our seats were in the very first row of the theatre. First row! And apart from a really smelly guy in the next seat, I also had to battle neck pain and oh yeah, bugs in the seat! Was the movie worth all this? There seems to be a lot of talk about the movie in the media. But if it was a promotional stunt for the movie, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani and Chetan Bhagat are better actors than Aamir Khan, Maddy and Sharman Joshi and we are bigger idiots than anyone associated with the movie for falling for this nonsense.

All of a sudden Andhra Pradesh is getting all the media attention with KCR’s fasts and bandhs and students turning mobsters and the inimitable Tiwari-ji. Don’t be shocked if more than 20 other girls come out in the open and claim that they had been with Tiwari-ji; that is what happened to the ultimate role-model sportsperson of the last decade – Mr. Woods. Talking about Sports, Justine Henin-Hardenne is making an awesome comeback, just like compatriot Kim Klijsters did last year. Way to go!

Just a few minutes ago, I saw a very disturbing video of something that would haunt me at least for the next couple of days. A sub-inspector of Police bleeding and begging for help as the Ministers of Tamil Nadu keep watching, without even getting out of the comfort of their cars – possibly irritated that their journey is getting delayed. And whatever is the f’in problem with the media personnel who were more interested in shooting the entire episode to make ‘sensational headlines’ than in saving a uniformed officer at duty, forget that, a fellow human-being! The whole time I was watching it (it was only a 2 minute video clip, but it felt like it was forever), all I could think was about the family of the officer – his children, wife, mother… They all would have seen the video and saw their loved one begging for his life – how worse can it get? I feel sick in my stomach; imagine the plight of his family. If a video (most part of it blurred out because it was on a national news channel) had so much impact on me, the impact it made on the on-lookers over there must have been exponentially high. Despite that they failed to help him. Why are we so insensitive?

As usual I have poured my mind here.


  1. Thank GOD I did not see that video and probably I wouldn't have had my dinner as well. It is really painful to even read what you have written here. I wish the inspector's family get all the courage and strength to move on in their lives. GOD is more cruel at times :(

  2. I read the post just after booking the tickets :( .....anyways hope its better in a multiplex. Will post back with my review.

    More than insensitivity, its the fear of helping that holds ppl back. U help d person and u r caught for helping. U have to go to the police station, 'n' times to the court and the case is still pending, u cannot go out of city w/o their permission n all other crap. Cant really blame anyone.

  3. Thankfully I am not the Idiot

    Will watch it on DVD only

    Last nigh News came as shock to me, when I saw hacked police man crying and no one came forward to help him, and now all TV channel are making issue of it..

    BUT no one asked them, Ok, if minsters didn't help them but what was wrong with camera man who was shooting it with all angels??

    Just to increase TRP??
    or what

    That's a real shame
    A real shame as a human

    But such is life...............

  4. the reason for blurring- the cop had lost 3/4th of his leg...i was jus trying to get the video out of my mind when i happened to read your post....

    anyways, its amazing how ur able to word ur thoughts so precisely..guess the blog is exactly ur thinking system in english language.
    more often i feel pretty much the same, but to think of representing the same in words leaves a big void..

    Ur blessed with the unique talent!!!

  5. APATHY..Sheer APATHY wat else can u say. If 2 ministers n a collector with the convoy of cars cudn't help a man in dire need, wat wud they do 2 people.

  6. Hi Sandhya cud u pls share here the URL(if any) of the video u r referring to. And 3 Idiots!!! Oh u didn't like the movie? I guess u must have had lot of disturbance in the theatre in which u watched the movie or else u wudn't have said that. I think this the first negative talk about the movie I've ever listened till now.

  7. @Satish
    Aaha, varuga varuga… Ungala paathu romba naal aachu!
    I hope his soul rests in peace and God forgives all the wrong-doers. Che… I am no saint. I want his soul to haunt everyone who didn’t help him.

    Sure, I didn’t do a complete review of 3 idiots; would love to read your perspective!
    Hey, going to the police station and court ‘n’ number of times are all for ordinary people like you and me who want to help. In this case, the on-lookers were ministers and a collector. Look what kind of people we have elected to power. And don’t even get me started on the moronic media-wale.

    In that case, I request you to please wait for the original home DVD to be released. Let’s try and avoid video piracy. Good movie or bad movie – pirated videos shouldn’t be viewed. Sorry for being preachy!
    Exactly! I can’t agree more with you. Our media people are so interested in TRPs and sensationalism that they have lost all common sense and should be punished for negligence and insensitivity.

  8. @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Thank you! If you think it is a gift, I am flattered. But I don’t think in English – I think in my mother tongue – Tamil. When I watched the video and prayed for his soul, I did so in Tamil. May be I have a good Tamil-English translator up in my head. Thanks for your encouraging words.

    We should wake up and protest against such insane creatures – not vote them to power, destroy the video cameras that were capturing this mockery at humanity and make those media fools understand mankind is much bigger than his TRPs. Praying for the lost soul.

    Why would you want to watch a gruesome video? You wouldn’t be able to put it out of your head; as Sathish had mentioned in his comment – you wouldn’t be able to have food. But if you still want to watch it, go ahead


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