Monday, January 25, 2010

I wanna be a...

When I listen to some songs, I feel I should have taken up singing more seriously and continued those Carnatic music classes. When I watch Shahid Kapur dancing (and not trying to be SRK), I feel should have taken those dancing classes that my sister used to take and have something to talk to Shahid when we meet (Sigh…). When I watch the Australian Open matches, I regret not having gone for those Tennis Coaching classes that few of my friends attended; now what the hell am I supposed to talk about to Rafael Nadal when we meet? Oh, I should learn Spanish first for that, you say? Okay; that I can start even now. Well, my point is, everyone is good at something or the other – some are athletes, some are singers, some are painters, and some are trivia-freaks – each one has his/her own hobby – something they have been good at or trained in right from childhood.

I am good at nothing – I sing well enough to wake people up from sleep (so much so that few are considering my songs as their Alarm Tunes), I dance as if I am having one of those epilepsy attacks, I just can’t paint (never have and never will), I can’t even beat my 35+ years old colleague up a flight of stairs. And I am doing something I hate for a living. Sigh… Each passing day makes me feel more like a loser and hopelessly pathetic. In Chandler’s words, could life be any worse?

I need to figure out what I am good at (no, I don’t take, “You are good at nothing” for an answer). I need to contact the right person to channelize my potential. I need to take it up seriously without giving way to my laziness like I did with singing. I need something that would keep me sane (if I have not already lost my sanity) and kill my boredom and make me a better person. I am sure I will be good at what I do if only I were doing something that makes me happy. To excel in something, I have got to enjoy it. I am also sure that there are so many of you out there, stuck up doing something you hate but sticking on to it because there is no other go, praying for relief from the monotony, unable to enjoy your work/chosen field of study – simply because it was chosen by someone else.

I guess that is enough ranting for now.

Sparing you from a boring long post (read: before you choose to kill me)…


  1. I think this piece of thinking is a lil too late and unfortunately we are not able to think like this when we wanted to, anyways lets not rewind the past and worry abt the future and miss the present. Whatever we do, if we do it with full commitment, automatically we will enjoy what we are doing currently. Ikkaraikku akkarai eppavume pachai ammani ... ungalukku teriyaadhadhu illa :)

  2. @Satish
    I have tried doing what I do with full commitment - but I couldn't because I didn't enjoy it.
    When I write something on my blog, I enjoy it and I keep writing in a flow. That kind of peace of mind is not achievable in my chosen field. That is what annoys me. :-(

  3. How can yu say "good for nothing" being not ok...Yenga thala Kaipulla solre maadhiri "Summa irukardhu" evlo kashtam teriyumaa. In the universe so many ppl have so many talents...not having any talent is such a unique talent too ;-P Nangellam appadi dhan!

    Irundhaalum neenga romba varuthapattu vazhkaila edavadhu sadhikanum nu aasapattu yenga kitte polambinadhunaalaa...edavadhu kathukittu eppadiyadhu per edungannu vaazhtharom!!! (Ufff ippovae kanna kattudhae)

    Ithana naala yaenda Nadal India pakkam vara mataengaranae nu parthaen...un velai dhanaa adhu!!!!

  4. @Chan
    Yenna boss... Edhavudhu nalla idea kudupel-nu paatha, ippidi Kaipulla range-ku kondu vandhutele. But unga approach ennaku romba pudichirukku - mind-la vechuruken!
    Nadal mattum India vandhaan... Theendhan! Naane Spain poi avanoda ammatta avana payyan kekalam-nu irundhen! ;-)

  5. Neenga ippadi prankaa pesardhuku thanks....

    Nadal kooda payana dhan pakkaraanaam ;-P Ava ammaku adhu dhan kavalayaevam !!

  6. @Chan
    Idhu too much... Paavam avanbaatukku tennis velaiyadindu irukkan. Avana yen izhukarel? Btw, he has an extremely hot gf already :-(

  7. hot GF aa ?? kazhudha ... thooki naalu naal fridge ulla potta, thaanaa aara pogudhu kutty. Namba Sandy ku illaadha Nadaalaa, sollunga ammani, australia poi thookiruvom andha cut baniyan potta saniyana ... ;))))

  8. Give writing a try,.... u seem to have the ability for it :)

  9. Can I copy the same stuff to my blog :P. Dont know about you. But it would it more than appropriate at my place.

  10. Content Writer? Marketing & Communication? HR-IT Resource Management? gues any field which requires creative communication or ideas. :)

  11. @Satish
    Ungala maadhiri theevira Sandy friends irukkaravaraikkum, enna yaaralayum asachukka mudiyadhu, asachukka mudiyadhu! :-D
    But enna irundhalum, 'avara' cut baniyan potta saniyan-nu sonnadhudhaan varuthama irukku...

    @Not Specified
    Yes, writing is something I love doing. But to be a professional writer, I have a long way to go :-)

    Glad you could relate to me! :-)

    Awww, I am creative, you say? Bedankt... :-D
    I should probably try out one of those - content writer/HR manager, etc... Hmmm...

  12. Cha cha ... oru korvayaa varatume nu thaannga appadi potutuen ... micha padi naanum Nadal oada AC thaan (fan is outdated you see) :D

  13. @Satish
    Great... Join the club! :-)

  14. You _____ loser... get a life.. ;)

  15. @Dhinu
    :P Get a life? You are asking me to get a life?
    Okay, I'm thinking hard about a way to get a life.

  16. Hey Sandy,

    Now I guess I can suggest something. Try this. Are you interested in sales? Talking to people and convincing them. It's fun if you really love it. I got this team leader who did his engineering and later realized that he can't do coding or program anymore and started working with sales and he is doing something he loves now. If you are interested I will put you on to him and see if you like it. We are in a team building spree and let me know your thoughts about it. :)

  17. @Raahul
    Sales, huh? Hmmm, sounds interesting - I like to talk and can be pretty convincing most of the times. Should probably give it a try. But not right now yaar... :-(

  18. @Sandy
    Agree that you have a long way to go, to become a professional writer.....
    but let that long way not remain a "long way" forever... it's exactly what your post talks about :)

    just start writing something.. its not like you have a dearth of ideas.. and writing is easy/convinient... all you need is the thoughts in your head.. not like other hobbies which require a lot of other things..

    well i'm just trying to help, without trying to sound imposing :)
    Finally it's all up to you..

    anyways keep blogging :)

  19. @Not Specified
    Oh no, don't you think I need to get some kind of training to write better?

  20. @Sandy, to get a life, you need life as a lifeful person, than being so unlively cribbing about everything. Grow up to appreciate Bangalore if not anything else...

  21. @Sandy, Yeah you can write! Really can! People like me are not coming in to blog is because we can't compete with Bloggers like you :P It requires thought process more than training! If you are able to come up with something, then we'll publish it... 75-25 share ok va? :P

  22. @Dhinu

    Business dealing-ah? Okay okay... I'll ping you!

  23. Yea yea... Ping me... soon enough would help me make some profits :P :P

  24. Talent - is what every individual has... and everybody has some unique talent... have got to identify that...

    Passion - Is wat you like to do... or wat will make u go crazy abt... or wat will bring in that enthusiasm ... or if people talk abt it.. u get excited.. this is passion..

    Your job should be in such a way.. which utilizes your talents to the max and gives you the passion ...


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