Monday, February 1, 2010

Nothing in particluar

Well well, the only thing I took seriously after I wrote my previous post was to learn Spanish (in hopes of meeting Rafael Nadal someday and him falling hopelessly in love with me ). Sigh… And I am being taught Spanish by Google as well as a few native speakers. And I must say it is a very nice language to learn. By now, it is no secret that I am a huge chatter-box and can’t stop talking and I also love learning new languages. So the next language on my hit-list was Spanish (maamiyaar, maamanaar-ah impress panna vendam? Not just that – Rafa is also Peter-la weak) and I am so excited by the opportunity I am being given to learn a new language which sounds great. But bad news is that Rafa is injured (yet again) in his right knee (yet again) and has pulled out of the Australian Open – I was hoping to see him defend his title and reclaim his #1 spot. Oh my God, I am really in love with him!!!

Ippolaam ennavo theriyala, I am beginning to enjoy Kuthu Songs – from Nakka Mukka to En peru Meenakumari to Aathichoodi – full time I am singing these songs and this irritates everyone around me. Obviously, I have come a long way from my Bhajan and Bhagwad Geeta Chanting to this and it really makes my family angry. They still expect me to be that little girl who was innocent (hey, nejamma… believe me, I used to be innocent – once upon a time) and the problem is I have grown up and they haven’t! Indha ammakkale ippididhaan pola…

My sister has gone to Mumbai with her friends – Industrial Visit-am. Engalukku theriyaadhu, indha I.V.-la enna pannuvaanganu? All ore kuttai-la oorina mattais dhaane? With her around it is easier to handle maamis who want to marry me off like it is the purpose of their birth – at least I had someone to laugh it off with. It will be really nice if gets married first and no one seems to agree with me on that. Enna vaazhkayada!


  1. Pooh for the ppl around you! and thank goodness someone whom u love is down n out... ;)

    Rgds/A Protestor!

  2. Espanyol, Mamiyar/Mamanar, Kuthu Songs, Innocent...Rombaaaaa toooo tooooo tooooooo much!!!

  3. @Dhinu
    Protestor, is it? Poda!!!

    Aama, ezhidhinadha padicha paatha apparamdhaan theriyyudhu, idhu tooooo much-nu.

  4. yenunga ammani ... andha pallu theikaama vazha vazhaa ... kozha kozhaa nu pesuvaangale ... adhu thaane spanish ?? aiyaaaa ... vaai ulla kamarkattu vechukittu persaaa maadhiri oru mannum puriyaadhe namakku. Seri seri ... MIL / FIL la impress pannanum naa, idhelaam padichu thaan aaganum ....

    Aamaan, innocent nu eadho oru ketta vaartha paarthaa maadhiri irundhuchu unga blog la, may be you wud have done a typo there, so pls correct pannidunga ammani ... naa appo utharavu vaangikarenungo ... :)

  5. @Satish
    Ennangna ippidi solli poteengo! Naan sonna moaadhiri, problem is not just with MIL/FIL - namma aale Peter-la appeete aayiruvaare... But seriously speaking, Spanish is a really nice language.
    I am innocent. Aye, naanum innocent-dhaan, innocent-dhaan... Ellarum nalla ketukidunga. :-)

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  7. Me too die hard fan of rafa... pona thadava AUS Openla aanaana patta federerave azha vachavarache..Hope thala will come and conquer the court again...Nice would be more attractive if you added the pictures...keep writing..

  8. @Ivan Sivan
    Appidi podunga! Paravallaye, enakku support-ku oru aalavudhu irukeengale :-)
    I myself noticed that my blog looks like a text book without any pictures - boring! I will include more pics in the future.

  9. Rafa Nadal... no more NUMERO UNO for you, it belongs to only one player! He is ROGER FEDERER!
    Spanish- Oh my! I want to learn it too, I want to go to Barcelona and watch EL CLASSICO Derby :P Super language only, impress the Mama and Mami! All the pestu!
    IV- Industrial Visit- Ullasa Payanam! :D :P


  10. @Sriram
    Oh Blimey!!! Roger is a great player, no doubt... Rafa accepts that. But I love Rafa (adha dhaan avan accept panna maatraan!) Spanish is a super-cool language...
    Ask my sis for further details about her I.V. ;-)

  11. Oh... Grand slam illa prachana... idhu vaazhka prachanai ya :D May God Bless u with Rafa :P :P

    About IV, All details I know! :D

  12. dont bother learning the language...
    try learning Una Palama blanca and sing it to him (or his parents...)!!

    btw u need to acknowledge the fact tht nadal's game is too physical and just like any other athlete of his nature(shane bond/shaun tait) his career ought to be short lived..hope uve also noticed his on-court weird habits (or is it superstition?)

  13. @Sriram
    Obviously, that's what I have been saying. Idhu vaazhkai prachanai. ;-)

    @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Inga pesaradhe kashtama irukku, idhula paatu veraya?
    I support him because I think he is talented and of course to be a world-class player, one should be athletic and powerful. But it is unfortunate that he is down with injuries. No comments about his on-court weird habits. When he was asked about the same, he said it was just a habit and he is trying to get rid of it. :-D

  14. I hope he gets back! As a Roger Federer Fan, we need competition! :P

  15. @Sriram
    I am sure he will bounce back and be a great player. Get well soon, Rafa!!!

  16. trust me...padradhu easy, that too in a mix of english and spanish will make it sound more natural...;-)

    dont we all love to live in a fictious world!!

    in case of rafa, i believe even after he recovers from his injury, he'd find it very difficult to get past the likes of davydenko, murray and soderling more than the king himself...if u noticed off late RF has not been at his best finding it very hard to get past quality opponents...

  17. Edho onnu padavendiyadhu thaanae... it'll like singing "Maria- Un Douze Treize... Ricky Martin", we don't understand a thing, though we sing it quite easily! :D

    Rafa Nadal will have to work his shoes off to get past these players. Because his confidence will be on a low. Any player for that case, any game, it takes them some match time and confidence boosting play to get them back to the same level. As a proper tennis fan, we wouldn't want to lose a player like Rafa. The World of Tennis needs more matches from him. :-)

  18. @celebrate ur FREEdom and @Sriram
    Come on yaar, my singing itself is unbearable and you want me to sing in Spanish. That's not happening!
    Of course, the competition is tough (pls leave out Soderling's name from the list; include del Potro's)... But Rafa will bounce back and challenge Fedex again. I am sure all of us want to see that again. The best of Rafa vs The best of Fedex.

  19. Kanna, kalakkariye! enna oru nagaichuvai! enna oru flow of thoughts! ennoda stress busterey unnoda blog dhaan. ella languageleyum pugundhu purappatu vara nee, spanishleyum vetri pera vaazthukkal. adhuvum lokkal bhashaila MANORAMAva ninaivu paduthhara. Vaazga nin blog! Valarga nin thamizh/english mozhi thondu! GOD BLESS YOU.

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