Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My 100th post

This is my 100th post and it has taken me 2 years to come to this point. Looking back at the time I started writing in this space – I was a fresher in a big, tough world called ‘I.T.’ fighting it all by myself, armed with only my power to talk and nothing else. I was on bench which gave me ample time to write as much as I could. I had no readers. But this space grew in content and so did I and the number of readers. And now I am at this place where I feel like an old lady already. A lot of people know me (by ‘knowing’ I mean knowing my emotions, my actions, the changes in my life, what makes me laugh – everything there is to know about me) through this space and it makes me proud of myself to have achieved it in 2 years.

This started off as a personal blog – kind of like an online diary where I would scribble, crib and pour out anything that came to my mind (which used to be a lot). This was mainly because nobody used to read it. Later on, as people started reading my posts, I had to filter out a lot of what I thought, simply because it would scandalize a few of them – I had to keep readers’ feelings in mind before I put down anything that I felt/experienced. A few of my friends told me that I was losing my freedom as the number of readers increased; but I had a moral responsibility. I stayed away from a lot of hot topics for fear of being considered rude or judgmental.

Now I have learnt to strike a balance between what I want to write and what the readers may want to read. I wrote my first short story (for which I received a few bouquets and a lot of brickbats). In between, I got the courage to start with my first novel (which is still in its infancy due to my laziness). It is amazing how there is a learning process in everything we undertake. Blogging is something I started for personal satisfaction and now I have learnt so much about a whole new world, made a few awesome friends – friends who are ready to guide and help and appreciate me.

Blogging gave me an address – a door to a soul that was unknown to the rest of the world. It made me popular. Being an Arian and a girl, I enjoyed all the attention I got (and am still getting). Now I have an online diary of the past two years of my life – how much my little world has changed and how much I have changed! But one thing remains – I still go about doing my work (yes, I do work sometimes) and living my life (the happy and the not-so-happy moments) with a broad smile pasted across my face; that hasn’t changed and I hope it won’t ever.

I hope I get to the 200th post very soon. It will happen when I have interesting things going on in my life. And the next one year looks like it will easily become the interesting year of my life! It includes foreign travel, change in work (not the company, though), a wedding (perhaps?) – looks very promising and exciting. Need your blessings and wishes!


  1. Hey Sandy.. Great to see your 100th post.. I started reading your post since 2nd half of 2009. Mostly got into reading yours becoz of Coimbatore reference and Chennai Kadhal of urs :) You have kind of followed me.. Kovai to Chennai to Bangalore..

    Good to see your next year plans.. I hope and pray God Almighty that you are cherished with more happiness with foreign travels, work and a good man to your life and also a man / boy to your family.

  2. Congrats for the 100th and best wishes for your 200th post!
    Keep up the good works.

  3. Sounds like a fairytale indeed!!
    I must mention here that not everyone can captivate the audience on a regular basis. guess uve been able to do that consistently.

    All da best for your future endeavors and thnx for the entertainment..

  4. Great milestone!! I remember when I wrote my 100th. Its a great feeling. Anyways congrats and best of luck on your future endeavors, personal and professional.

    Hey I am Arian too :)


  5. Congrats on the 100th post... Keep'em coming :)
    Good Luck for whatever you do in the coming year!!

  6. @All
    Thank you for all the support and encouragement over the last two years!
    Will try to keep this space as interesting as possible :)

  7. I have been reading your blog for the past 2 yrs now and it has always been wonderful and interesting. Wishing you all the very best and good luck for all the joyous occasions that are waiting to happen in your life


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