Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Crush...

The day I saw you first, I was amazed by the color of your eyes. They were a clear bottle green. It was then that I remembered that I had not listened to your name correctly. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t want anyone to know that I had a crush on you and I didn’t ask for your name again. I had never been like that before I met you. Though we were classmates, I had to bring up every ounce of courage inside me to even look up to you in the eye. The toughest part of it was to hide it from others; mainly you. I fell for you again when you smiled – although it was not at me. What a kind smile you had! I fell for you totally – from the color of your eyes to the color of the clothes you were wearing. When I came to know that you needed help in understanding a few lessons, I volunteered to share my notes with you. When I knew that you hadn’t completed your laboratory record, I volunteered to write it for you. When I knew that you lacked attendance, I spoke to the professor (being the teachers’ pet) to set this alright for you. But still all this was overlooked by you. I was furious when I saw you chatting up to a pretty girl and exchanged numbers.

After those initial days of adoration where I was bowled over by your personality and your eyes and your smile, I started observing you much more. It was then that I realized that you were human too and not flawless. I noticed that you had a Himesh-like nasal tone to your voice, a little too short to my dream-guy (not that I am tall or anything, but you did not match up to my expectation), your green eyes were in fact fake (you wore contact lenses), lacked the IQ that I wanted my guy to have, a little too slow in grasping things, no knowledge whatsoever of the books I was referring to – all in all hopeless to have a future with. But still my heart wouldn’t listen. Whenever I saw you, there was that familiar drum-roll in the place of the heartbeat, that involuntary smile popping up on my lips, that tiny corner of my heart wanting you to come and talk to me, to hold your hands, the jealousy when you spoke to other girls – all that was still there, only for a moment though. Because the very next moment, when my brain started giving out instructions, it started emphasizing on the flaws in you and I saw you as someone not worth all my attention.

Now all that is gone, it has been a long 5 years since that first day. I don’t think about you every day now. I have grown out of being that silly teen into a busy professional. I simply don’t have the time to reminisce about the past or to feel bad about having missed your company for so long. You are not on my Orkut/FaceBook/Twitter friends’ list. But I still do visit your page and think about how different it would have been if you and I had indeed gotten together. The very reason I am writing this post is with the hope that you would visit my blog just the way I visit your pages and know that I still think about you and even now for a moment my heart beats twice as fast. But as you can see, I am very happy with my life and you are nothing but an occasional, distant, drunk thought. Nevertheless, you are my first crush and will always be special to me.

Oh, how confused I am! One minute I say I still want to be with you and the very next I say you are like one of my pets that I grew when I was younger. I guess that is just me or are all first crushes like this? I would never know. But I am not worried about it. I am happy with what I have and the occasional visit to your pages that remind me that you are alive in some part of the world.


This post has been published for a great contest called My first crush! organized by pringooand blogadda.


  1. Interesting.. As usual your writing skill is more evident than your feelings :) Ovvuru Ponnukkum Ovvuru Feeling.

    A Crush is Crush unless that one is crushed by one who you have crush or the ones who have crush on you.

    Life moves on but teen crush is not going to disappear altogether :)

  2. @Chan - Thank you!!! :)

    @Anns - True, teen crushes never disappear altogether.

  3. Woww, that was a very different post and bloody you tempted me to write one of mine, but as you know my D-day is nearing, I better not pen that :)
    (aduthavangala tempt pannaradhula enna kola veri)

    But somehow I like this post the most, with the little I have read on your blog.

    "Rounding circlessssssssssss" (i mean flashback)

    Hey - cool template btw

  4. @Satish - Thank you! So it was true what my friend/guide/philosopher told me - I am a bundle of energy and my energy inspires people. :P
    Over-ah pesittennu nenaikaren.

  5. Damn!! i miss my first crush/almost-girlfriend now!!!
    oh..been almost 3 years..but still how i miss her!! but life goes on.. :(

    nice always......

    Btw why the theme/template change..anyways this ones good too :)

  6. @Not Specified
    Yes, life goes on. But the first crush can never be forgotten.
    Just thought I should give my blog a new look. That's all. Pink is not my fav color, though.

  7. Sandy,

    That person, if at all happens to read it, would have been thinking, Damn..! Had i even looked and smiled at her, She would hv never been a proud of this post.. ;)

    BTW, he missed the slaughter.. ;)

  8. @Dhinu - Yes, in a way it has been good for me and him :)

  9. ur first crush quiet interesting like everybody's had their crush in college days

  10. sandy... the new look is not nice... pls change it... and the post was nice... reminded me of so many gals... cud not think abt the first crush though, was too young then, you see...

  11. @Avinash - I know you, playboy! Too young to remember your first crush. Was it your first standard English teacher?
    I will change the look in a day or two. :)

  12. "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. "

    hmm ...first crush apdinu yaravuthu sonna intha quotes thaan neyabahathuku varuthu...

    Nice post :)

  13. You are not the only one who does that page-visit thing. *winks*

    Very Nicely written.A first crush well described.
    Following your blog from now :)

  14. @Anonymous
    Very true indeed!


    Didn't quite understand what you meant abt the page-visit thing. Dumb me!
    Thank you for visiting, commenting and following!!! :)

  15. very well written..
    I nobody can forget his/her first crush,

  16. heya..nice seemed too it was background of some late 90's hollywood flick...but i njoyed readin it...

  17. Cool ... really great and wonderful ... i can feel as if you are talking when i read this... lovable and so on. . . but one thing, did you 'first crush' read this, ???!!!!


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