Monday, April 18, 2011

Daydream On!!!

When you are bugged out of your wits sitting alone at home all day while the husband snores off to glory, and the IPL matches don’t evoke the interest the World Cup did (oh, you want to argue with me about that? Nobody I know watches all those mid-numbing IPL matches except maybe Sidhu), and the cooking and the eating of it is over and a couple of coffees have been drunk and with all the caffeine in your system, dozing off is not an option, what would you do? Well, here is what I did. No, I didn’t watch a movie or read a book – that’s what I do every other day. I didn’t want to spend yet another Sunday evening doing just that.

So if you don’t want to do the normal stuff, here is what you could try.

  • Spin a coin on the glass table and heard the chime. What? You haven’t done that? It has a strangely tranquilizing effect that puts those Chinese chimes to shame. Well, that is at least what I thought after the first few spins. After that it gets irritating. So irritating that at one stage, I actually preferred listening to the husband’s snores. Trust me.
  • Drink a lot of water. That it is summer now is all the more reason you should. (Well, why a fruit juice didn’t work for me is because I had just had a couple of coffees and I didn’t want to mix them up. Water is always the safer bet. The elixir of life, after all.) Wait for some time. Spin the coin meanwhile, maybe. Go pee. Come back and repeat the process.
  • Take photos of sleeping husband; especially when the sleeping position resembles that of a drunken frog. It might be useful in the future for blackmailing purposes.
  • Go out of the house (only if it is after 17.00hours unless you want to get roasted, grilled and fried in the Sun) and have paani puri and come back.

I know I could have done whackier things – like play a prank on a friend or update a status on FaceBook or a tweet on Twitter that would start a wave of responses (ok, that is not so whacky), or simply invent newer ways to wake that sleeping husband up (pouring water on his face or singing to him have already been done to death – the death of the husband’s sleep, that is). Also life could have been much simpler if I had read a book or watched a movie or a friend to catch up with. I had the option of doing all the three of them. But they looked like boring options. Just for a change, I refused to do the obvious and the ordinary and did something different (errr, that different was the mokkai-est anything can be is another story). But I did invent the coin-on-glass chime.

Apart from the mokkai things I did, I also day-dreamt a lot (that being my favourite pass-time and all) – about participating in the Amazing Race, about playing with snakes (which is possible only in my dreams), about butchering a zoozoo (Zoozoo lovers, please don’t forgive me because I am not apologizing), about shaking hands with Sachin Tendulkar, about finally having the guts to give up what I am doing now and start doing what I want to do, about FREEDOM. But then the husband woke up and asked for a status update on the Dosa and Pudina Chutney. Off I went, relieved at the break from my boring evening, appalled by how much I had begun to enjoy it – so much so that I felt bad at having to get up and do some work.

God, my life will never be the same again – when afternoons were filled with fights with my sister, asking paati to make this or that, going for “rounds” on my bicycle around the neighbourhood – I wish I had never grown up. I know it is such a cliché, but can’t help it.

By the way, any better ways to spend a boring Sunday afternoon (apart from doing the usual stuff - like reading a book or watching a movie) are welcome!!! :-)


  1. really really nice notes/words sandhya.....



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