Tuesday, November 15, 2011


They say there is a first time to everything - anything great or trivial has to start from somewhere. And when I was chosen for an assignment that required me to travel quite often, I thought I have to start traveling without complaining, start packing by myself (else it has always been Amma/Sabal packing my bags for me - and I had to admit, I had a minor "Up In The Air" George Clooney feeling), start meeting new people with new cultures and different languages - it all gave me a whiff of excitement. But the negative thing was that is what it was - a whiff. If you have to survive in a different place for 12 or 14 weeks, a whiff is generally not enough.

But this assignment filled my life up with a lot of firsts - my first traveling job, my first assignment with a French team lead, my first month-long visit to Mumbai, my first long stay in an hotel - with so many exciting firsts, I also had a first that virtually my butt kicked by my mom.

I missed my flight – a first. It was the first time I had missed a bus or train or flight and it came at the most critical time ever. I am supposed to report at work at 8:30am tomorrow and my flight is rescheduled for 9:35pm from here – I would probably reach my hotel by midnight, if I am lucky. Phew!

Bad timing. But I have to hand it to myself – I have been most calm and positive through the whole thing. A far cry from my usual “analytical mind” that worries about everything and gets all worked up when things don’t go the way as planned. That was a first too (but it was probably because I wanted to show to my mom and others that I was in control of the situation to escape the aforementioned butt-kicking). Or maybe, just maybe, I am growing up and becoming more mature person, or something!

So, off to some awesome vada-pav at the awesome Mumbai!

PS: This post was written while waiting for the gates to open for boarding @ Bangalore airport and posted later.


  1. Rendu vada pav paaaarcel......

  2. @Chan
    Kandippa :-D
    I was amazed to see the variety in vada paav here. Namma oorla dosa maari inga vada paav variety variety-ah irukku.

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  4. hope you have a good stay in Mumbai, and time to visit loads of interesting places.. hoping to read a blog post from a Non-Mumbaikar point of view..

    i wouldnt call myself a mumbai kar.. aana rendu varsham inge irunthaachi, so sonna thappilanu nenaikiran...

    - Sathish

  5. thank God, you didn't have to do a "Terminal".

    Wonderful post, cool 'n breezy writing. Will come back for more..when you do too. ;-)

  6. @Sathish
    Well, please read my next post and you will understand my stint at Mumbai. Loved what I saw of the city. Loved the people. But the stay was too short. :-(

    @A circle called life
    Thank you

    Thank you! Please keep reading and encouraging :-)


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