Monday, November 7, 2011


Disclaimer: This post is written in a state of heavy hangover caused due to my release from Philips. Although I had decided quite a while ago that I have to leave, now that it has happened I am unable to cope up with it. But like everything else, this too shall pass.

Things change and how quickly. It feels like yesterday that I stepped into Bangalore, knowing nothing about the city (not that I know anything substantial now), got into a new job, in a new office, with a new team. Two years have just run by. Two beautiful years – the years that saw me grow up (not physically, no), get married and all…

I have learnt a lot of things, had a whale of a time with a great team of colleagues, and now all that is part of my past. I have moved back to Atos, away from my team, away from Philips, all set to move to Mumbai on an assignment (although it is only for a few months).

A wise man once told me that when many years pass by and you wake up one morning and think about your past, you remember only the small things that gave you momentary happiness. Those are the memories you cherish, the memories that are part of your sub-conscious,the memories that will be with you always.

I am sure my stint at Philips is one of that sort – when I think about the last two years, I can see my team sitting at the cafeteria, laughing out loud amidst a lot of glares from the people in the other tables. I can see all of us pulling Krishna’s legs, asking about his (non-existent) girlfriend to his would-be wife. I can see all of us having coffee in the break-out area, laughing at what someone said. I can see all of us huddling at one of our desks trying to resolve an issue; I can see us walking around the campus with not a thing to worry about. Sigh, HOW things change!!!

It is very difficult now to sit and think about a new team, new people, new city, and new project. I wish I were with Philips still. Below is my rather philosophical good-bye email that I wrote on my last day.

"Permanency makes me uncomfortable. Change keeps me excited. Time has come for a change in my work.

So, today is my last day here in Philips. The last two years here have taught me a lot of things – in the technical area and in not-so-technical area.

It has been a fun experience being here in Philips – my sincere thanks to my team which has been very supportive and co-operative. Thanks to Krishna, Naveen, Vishnu, Lokesh, Raktim and Amit for making my time here easy and enjoyable.

My sincere thanks to Jack van Nistelrooij, Niek Schelhaas, Adrie Aertse, Ganesh Joshi & Rajkumar Jain – the senior managers I worked with – I have learnt a lot from each one of you.

Special thanks to Richard Ijzenbrandt, Maarten van der Poll, Ruben Zwetsloot, John Bastiaansen & the rest of the technical team – for being very patient with us when we asked them a million (dumb) questions.

Thanks to Sabareesh Kurup, Narayanan Sundaresan, Devendra Prasad Bolusani, Deepak Gidwani, Reetha & Srinivas Ganesan for providing all the support for the Atos team here.
I have made a large group of friends in PIC, I will miss them – Vijay Yogimath, Yogesh Babu, Deepti Rokde, Sapna Jain, Farah Shaikh, Balachandar, the list seems endless.

I am moving back to my parent organization (Atos) to start a new career with Lean Management – something far from the technical work I have done so far in my career.

It has been a tough decision because Philips was such a cozy nest. But if I stay on enjoying the warmth, I might never learn to fly."

That was what Philips was – a cozy nest. But I have decided to fly and I am out in the open – it is cold and my wings ache. But I will fly. Ok, this has become too philosophical now.If I talk any more philosophy, I run the risk of being considered drunk.


  1. "Stagnation is not my fate"
    Best of luck for your new future!

  2. All the best with your new role.. Like your Blog, let the new assignment be interesting as well..

    PS: Atos, if its one in Godrej complec, Vikhroli.. we practically become neighbors.. not that i want to meet up, but if we do, it would be a great honor.. :)

  3. @lumuhuku
    Thank you!!!

    @Circus Man
    Thank you for your wishes and your compliments!
    Can you send me an email so I can get some questions abt Mumbai clarified?

  4. Great post once again. Best wishes in your new job and position. Advanced Happy New year and christmas!! have a great 2012.

  5. @Giri
    Thank you for your wishes!

    Ippo appidiye Chennai-la oru velai kedaicha odiye vandhuruven. :-D

  6. Yes,I can't agree with you more.Sometimes the atmosphere at the Client's place itself will make us feel more at home.

    So,with a new role you will be more or less living a life in a Suitcase :-) with more and more travelling on the cards.It's winter and if you are scheduled to go to Delhi,please be prepared for Flight delays and be ready for a role play of an Airline staff.I did when a flight from Delhi scehduled for 6.30PM in the evening was delayed for 18 hours due to fog.That will also be a nice experience :-) Enjoy.

    All the best,


  7. sorry for the delayed response, i was in Bangalore for a Official visit and didnt check my mail.. have sent you a FB message with my contact details.. please feel free to contact in case u need help.. :)

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