Thursday, August 7, 2008

B'lore and Chennai

Sorry, I did not write more posts last month. (Or were you expecting a sorry for the posts I have written so far?)

But anyways, I was a litlle held up wit work. I can see your raised eyebrows; but trust me I was working (by that I mean I came to office, played carrom board, took my daily tea/coffee break, played carrom board, then lunch break, played carrom board, then afternoon tea/coffee break and played carrom board again)

I spent the last 2 weeks at the Garden City - well, if you can call Electronic city a part of B'lore, that is. I had gone there for a training and I didn't get a chance to explroe the city as such because I was at office for 10 hrs a day 5 days a week... I had made plans to go for a movie with my friends there during a weekend; but I had to rush to Coimbatore on friday night because my mom was afraid after the bombs blasted on that fateful friday.

Nevertheless, I got to spend a few hours with 2 of my closest friends at Forum mall on the last day of my stay there. B'lore is a cool city. Every other person you meet is a IT/ITES professional. Made me feel like there is no "Aam aadmi" there. Part of me was enjoying the lifestyle there, how thw mall was abuzz with activity even beyond 10pm; but another part wanted to roam around the city and know how the others lived.

It is for this reason that I have fallen in love with Chennai (the city that is home now). This city is for everyone. You come here educated ot not, skilled or not, as a student or worker, rich or otherwise - the city would give you a life. It is unfortunate that the same can not be told of the other cities.

By now, most of my friends know that I am wierd in my own way. When I am bored on a weekend, I go to the bus depot, take a bus and get a ticket to the other terminus and upon reaching there, I go have tea with the conductor and driver and take the same bus back to my place. It is so much fun. It is possibly the cheapest way to enjoy 4 hours on a dull weekend. While in the bus, I talk to my co-passengers, listen to their comments about other passengers, it is even more fun if there is a gang of college guys/girls in the bus - listen to them talk and you wouldn't know how time flew by. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to travel in Bangalore that way. It was probably because I wouldn't understand what the local folks speak or because I didn't have the time. In any case, B'lore didn't tempt me to roam around without reasons.

Chennai is a whole lot of fun! There are thousands of people who say a million bad things about Chennai, but I love this place totally!!!


  1. Yes,Chennai is Chennai.Yes it is a Metro but still hasn't lost the touch of the conservativeness which we all would like to experience.

    Have a nice Weekend

  2. You've not experienced Mumbai, Probably you may even forget the C of chennai once you be at Mumbai, go there with a Mumbai spirit and not the chennai spirit. Leave your so called "Conservativeness" apart.

    rest is to be experienced that said.... only then they say.. "Yeh hai mumbai meri jaan...."

  3. "When I am bored, I take a bus....."

    Do you really do that? I have always wanted to do that....

    Nice blog you have. BTW, why cannot I cut-copy-paste into your comment box?


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